The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Mr. Aonuma Gameplay Demonstration

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Mr. Aonuma Gameplay Demonstration

Get an introduction to Link’s new abilities in this gameplay demonstration of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presented by series producer, Eiji Aonuma.

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39 Responses

  1. Overly Sarcastic Productions says:

    I can hear every other open-world game dev crying bitter tears about how hard it’s gonna be to steal that fusion mechanic -R

    • lazer dx says:

      I hope not, it’s not any different than the ways you’d implement equipment on a character.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      @Bit Universe and also elden ring took inspiration from it

    • Christopher Stark says:

      @Kay Nintendo are one of the if not the best game “developers” in the world. The craft of game development does involve graphics and such. But, moreso, it involves novel ideas. Nintendo just has such a creative team working for them. With beautiful ideas and the appropriate amount of polish. As someone who works in the industry its beautiful to see.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      @Bruno Castelar do u ever played skyrim zelda botw and skyrim has zero similarities

    • UTUBE BOY• YT says:

      Minecraft wins straight 😍

  2. Kate Dp says:

    Honestly I really want to listen to the entire main theme because the snippets we’ve heard from the trailers is so good.

  3. Vickie Norgrove says:

    This fusion mechanic has me laughing my head off, especially comically long fork, but this is actually brilliant and a huge step up from BOTW!! I’m so excited to play this game, and to watch how other people play to get even more amazing trick shots and speed run strategies.

    • Mad Society20294 says:

      Really ya.looks cool the fuse mechanic but nothing that makes me want to buy this game same boring music for one and two where are the dungeons and nothing about the story this looks like Breath of the wild 1.5 and not an actual sequel more of a beefed up dlc for Breath of the wild.

    • Fatbus05 says:

      I hope that they have some kinda bind on the weapon, because I think the fact that it was legit just two thing next to each other looked goofy

    • Nautilus says:

      “Only a forkful”

    • Porkoid says:

      ​@Toadette Gamer 2 (Toad and Toadette Gamer’s child) Lowest effort bait imaginable

    • pbg2025 says:

      The amount of goofy memes this game will be good for us going be unsurpassed

  4. naras says:

    I’m so shocked and happy. This game is everything I’ve ever dreamt of as a kid and I’m so happy the people at Nintendo worked so hard to put this together for people.

    • naras says:

      @Shandy Staggs 6 years for building this game – I can’t even be mad tbh! Game studios are widely known for doing things too fast and working people to the bones, exhausting their love and creativity for games that are supposed to make people have fun and feel delight. I’m just glad I get to play it soon.

    • Aviator says:

      @Jason D sucks for you I guess.

    • Jason D says:

      meanwhile it may be the first console zelda I skip for a long time or maybe ever, as I doubt it has real dungeons since they haven’t said it by now. Most people loved the series for the dungeons, so it’s not even the same series without them. I stopped playing botw not even a tenth of the way through.

    • Shandy Staggs says:

      I still can’t believe they had to work on it for 6 years. At least all that time and passion is finally paying off in a month!

    • Shandy Staggs says:

      😀 I know!

  5. Rockford Reck says:

    The fuse function is a GENIUS improvement from the previous game. Many times, a lot of items collected from enemies and general exploration accumulated in my inventory. This is a solution and another way to make you get creative and ration out your items while exploring the new Hyrule.

    They’ve built upon the shoulder of BoTW and done it in ways I genuinely didn’t even think of. This is amazing

    • unremarkable says:

      @Toadette Gamer 2 (Toad and Toadette Gamer’s child) short comment, shorter pebus.

    • Toadette Gamer 2 (Toad and Toadette Gamer's child) says:

      Long comment not reading

    • Alex Arellano says:

      Yup. Monster parts were just accumulating in my inventory in BotW as I never made elixirs, this is an amazing way of give them another useful purpose, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. If BotW, even today, is a gallery of crazy things the fans do, I can’t even imagine the limits of TotK.

    • Inspired Caterpie says:

      Yeah. I never really found myself making that many elixirs and cooked food, so this should be a good use of them

  6. Crossing Crafts says:

    So many things to craft!! Congratulations on completing the development Zelda team!

  7. ZackScottGames says:

    It doesn’t feel real that this game is only a a month and a half away!

  8. Astralye says:

    I feel like the fuse ability really opens up the game to everyone’s playstyle. It turned less of a typical ‘get strong weapon from enemy’ to a Gmod sandbox, ‘ok make your own tools’

  9. Pyro says:

    Link picking up a random stick while hiking is the most realistic mechanic ever in a video game.

  10. Zachary Mancini says:

    The fuse and ultrahand abilities are insane! So much skill crafting in this game!

    • Shandy Staggs says:

      @Toadette Gamer 2 (Toad and Toadette Gamer’s child)yeah but only because *Minecraft* is more *popular* than this masterpiece pfft

    • Toadette Gamer 2 (Toad and Toadette Gamer's child) says:

      minecraft has better crafting

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