The Leidenfrost Effect: How to Make a Liquid Levitate

The Leidenfrost Effect: How to Make a Liquid Levitate

In this video Michael Aranda explains what the Leidenfrost Effect is, and how it can cause liquid to ‘levitate’.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. James Ovenden says:

    Wtf?!? I literally just started doing my physics coursework about this when
    I saw you uploaded this video! :D

  2. Ivan Brekalo says:

    Leidenfrost more like Leidenhot! No? Okay :)

  3. Ziggy Mankini says:

    This is what happens when you stick your hand into liquid nitrogen.

  4. omer shaik says:


  5. amr mahmoud says:

    your voice, tone, phrasing is so correct, they helped me concentrate :)

  6. xyzNexus says:

    What if we had the water in lower than atmospheric pressure? Than the hot
    surface wouldn’t need to be so hot. I guess it doesn’t work like that but
    who knows.

  7. Erk Terk says:

    Where is the normal guy? It isn’t the same with this dude with half frosted
    Please change 

  8. banndsand says:

    Nice to have an explanation for what liquid nitrogen was doing when we
    poured small amounts on a room-temperature surface. :)

  9. Nikolaj Lepka says:

    the irony of this, is that the guy was called LeidenFROST…

  10. Paul Alvarez says:

    does this work only with water?

  11. Faye Mitchell says:

    2 former University of Bath undergraduates contributed to this (1:08)…
    proud to be a Bath student :)

  12. David Kehrer says:

    There just had to be a Starwarsreference in the intro ._. there is always a
    bigger fish

  13. Amos Backstrom says:

    Because of the Leidenfrost effect you can dunk your hand in liquid nitrogen
    and it won’t freeze. You can even drink it!

  14. roguedogx says:

    that maze is so freaking cool! so does this mean I could make a hot stunt
    course for water?

  15. Capt777harris says:

    Interesting. Does this happen with other elements in liquid form?

  16. Rave Tech says:

    YouTube survey really fuck YouTube I’m done

  17. Matthew Jenkinson says:

    If only you made this a couple of years ago, I could’ve used it in my
    presentation. (You have bonus points for pronunciation)

  18. augustosj says:

    cant they just use something else than water? like liquid nitrogen or
    helium and then a room temperature surface? or maybe some molecule that has
    the boiling point of 30 degrees C. like pentan or maybe something else
    thats a little more stable, and none flamable xD

  19. Oliver Lane says:

    Has this experiment been attempted with liquid gasses? Or other such
    liquids that boil at a very low temp?

  20. William Tannery says: