The Lighthouse | Official Trailer HD | A24

The Lighthouse | Official Trailer HD | A24


There is enchantment in the light. From Robert Eggers, acclaimed director of ‘The Witch,’ and starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. THE LIGHTHOUSE — In Theaters October 18

RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2019
DIRECTOR: Robert Eggers
CAST: Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson

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Coming Soon: The Lighthouse, In Fabric, Uncut Gems

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95 Responses

  1. Rodrigo says:

    YOOOOO HOLY SHIT FINALLY. This looks fantastic and weird and insane absolutely loved the witch cant wait for this

  2. Tom Guf says:

    This looks absolutely stunning. Like a reimagination of Nosferatu or Dr Caligari! Can’t wait to see this A24 beauty!

    • Jake Ram says:

      funny enough the same director is doing a nosferatu remake

    • Emma Bauer says:

      Someone who saw it in Cannes compared it to The Odd Couple meets The Shining.

    • Michael Strong says:

      @Jake Ram I could definitely see Robert Eggers doing Nosferatu. Between the creepy vibes from The VVitch and the old school filmmaking style of The Lighthouse, he’d be perfect.

    • Kevin Molony says:

      This is very similar to Grémillon’s 1929 Les Gardiens de Phare I’d be surprised if Eggars hadn’t seen it

  3. Food Forethought says:

    I’m ready for October 18th
    I hope you guys give this thing a decent release

    • Adam Tatti says:

      Food Forethought It’s coming out the same day as (*checks notes*) Maleficent 2, Zombieland 2, and Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit. It’s doomed.

    • Aman M S says:

      @Adam Tatti I hope they change the release date

    • ???? ?? ?????? says:

      Christian Benedetti
      That ones making quite a bit of money per theatre so Im sure it’ll get an expansion. Great movie too

    • MrElaughman says:

      Adam Tatti ?? Sounds like a pretty Meh weekend.

    • Aman M S says:

      @MrElaughman I agree. But the competition is very stiff. I have no interest in maleficent 2 but it will definitely make a lot of money. Jo Jo rabbit looks pretty good. The lighthouse will get completely overshadowed by maleficent and zombieland

  4. CPD98 says:

    Looks like a movie from 1920, this is a must see without doubt.

    • Jennifer Wagner-Jones says:

      CPD98 It feels like a Twilight zone episode to me!

    • RUhere4the TRIGGERING says:

      @Jennifer Wagner-Jones I could see that.

    • UnbelievabIeMontages says:

      I agree that it isn’t completely 1920 as that was still the silent era and they had the text pops up and stuff. Also edited films way back differently and you can tell this film by the composition of the trailer was done completely inside a digital editing software. The 35mm stock they used also did not exist till 1959. I however do think people can confuse with this film as possibly something made in the 1920s. The look of it is a pretty good imitation. Say you played this film on old projectors and you had a stock extremely perfectly made like what a 1920s stock would be. Would you think it would fool some people who lived in the 1920s?

    • Cierra E says:

      @RUhere4the TRIGGERING Did you just call me stupid?

    • Joe DAgostino says:

      Even the audio clips and cracks in all the right ways

  5. Blacksmithorange says:

    Finally! Been waiting for this for a long time and just assumed A24 forgot. Never underestimate the A24! I feel like this is probably going to be about the 2 guys going crazy/hallucinating and turning against each other, given that one of them asks how long they’ve been there. Either way; this feels like something Edgar Allan Poe would write and I am excited!

  6. Hugo Webster says:

    So good to see Pattinson get a chance at showing his incredible acting in the spotlight again, the film looks incredible. As always, thank you A24.

  7. Praveen Chandrasekaran says:

    Been waiting months for the official trailer. Looks brilliant. Hoping for a riveting psychological thriller

  8. Mankind Film says:

    Oh yes, this period piece looks furious and I am here for it.

  9. Alex Lee says:

    Robert Pattinson deserved an Oscar for Good Time. He then did great work in High Life. Here, he looks utterly phenomenal.

  10. Punta Rahadi says:

    This is a huge slap to those who underestimating Pattinson when they know he will be the next Batman. Some of his previous movies are also a slap. But this trailer alone is a huge slap.

  11. Darth Obito says:

    looks and feels lovecraftian and arthouse as fak

    best filmé of 2019

  12. Horror Italia says:

    A24 is spoiling me and I’m totally here for it. This looks incredible!

  13. renzo lamas says:

    Another Willem Dafoe indie banger? I’m in!

  14. moviefan says:

    I’m glad every year there’s an auteur that casts Willem Dafoe in another impressive role.

  15. regularName73 says:

    show this to the people saying Robert Pattinson can’t play the Batman

  16. SuperShah201 says:

    #1 most anticipated film of the year for me.

  17. Goodshag Productions says:

    Listening to the Ari Aster & Robert Eggers discussion on the A24 podcast right as this pops up in my notifications. This looks so incredible. I can’t wait.

  18. Derek Kudjer says:

    A24 film in black and white? Take all my money

  19. Václav Fanta says:

    The Irishman and this are my most anticipated movies, looks amazing.

    • Aman M S says:

      What about once upon a time in hollywood

    • Václav Fanta says:

      Oh I am excited for that too of course, but I think these two will be far superior, we’ll see though. I am patiently waiting to see it, once it releases here.

    • Michael Strong says:

      I’m excited for both those films too. Scorsese is one of my favorite directors and Robert Eggers is really starting to become another favorite of mine.

    • Václav Fanta says:

      Oh yeah, I agree. My favorite director working today though is David Fincher, close behind is Denis Villenueve, Scorsese is third. But I am especially excited for the Irishman, because of the sheer monumentality the picture seems to have.

  20. Aaron E says:

    Midsommar: Bright colours
    The Lighthouse: Black and white
    A24 covering all colours of horror…

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