The Little Plane War

The Little Plane War

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Animation by Josh Sherrington (
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Joe Cieplinski (

E175 footage courtesy PDX Aviation
Boeing footage courtesy Boeing
Airbus footage courtesy Airbus
Bombardier footage courtesy Bombardier

Music: “Wake Up” by Kai Engel and “Bass Vibes Rollin at 5” by Kevin Macleod

Big thanks to Patreon supporters: Kevin Song,
Kevin Song, David Cichowski, Andy Tran, Victor Zimmer, Paul Jihoon Choi, Dylan Benson, M van Kasbergen, Etienne Dechamps, Adil Abdulla, Arunabh Chattopadhyay, Ieng Chi Hin, Ken Rutabana, John Johnston, Connor J Smith, Rob Harvey, Arkadiy Kulev, Hagai Bloch Gadot, Aitan Magence, Eyal Matsliah, Sihien Goh, Joseph Bull, Marcelo Alves Vieira, Hank Green, Plinio Correa, Brady Bellini

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78 Responses

  1. Zero. 0 says:

    A plane video? Not my proudest fap

  2. Zero. 0 says:

    You love planes so much, do you live in the National Air and Space Museum?

  3. Robin Kristiansen says:

    can you make similar videos on ships and the shipping industry??

  4. Nice meme says:

    Boeing sound like scumbags in this situation

    • Rehan Zainul Abdeen says:

      You have the same profile pic as commenter

    • Halal Milksheikh says:

      The fuck? This is Bombardier’s fault for dumping subsidized planes. If they had priced it fairly, no one would have complained.

    • basherofnoggins says:

      Unless, you know, it’s a US subsidy *cough* cotton *cough*

    • zjjca says:

      JamEngulfer I don’t think that’s true. From the video, he said Boeing doesn’t have any plane in the same size as C series, that’s why there is no harm for them. If use your supermarket example, it is like saying local market sell fish at higher price while Walmart comes in sell meat at low price and locals market complains about the price. What Boeing trying to do is stop a small company getting in the us market at all which I don’t think its reasonable.

  5. Charlie Clumsy says:

    Toyota Corolla

  6. Shawn Hayward says:

    Boeing: “if we don’t make it, you’re not allowed to buy one from anyone else”
    US Gov’t: hey, lets fuck over our next door neighbours, our largest trading partner”

    • dunnowy123 says:

      Shawn Hayward

      It’s undeniably an influence of the Trump admin. No way is a 300% tariff justified. It’s bullying, plain and simple.

  7. Fitch93 says:

    Actually, Boeing tried with the 737-600 and failed, to say that Boeing “marketed” the 717 is laughable. Boeing, essentially, did what Airbus has just done, merged with another manufacturer, McDonnell Douglas in this case, to get an already developed aircraft, in this case the C-17. In addition it also found itself saddled with another already completed aircraft, the MD-95, which had enough orders that they couldn’t just cancel them. Their problem was it was also competing directly with their 737-600 and -700’s. So they changed it’s name to 717-200 and agreed to fulfill the orders, and gave it some token advertising. The vast majority of the 717’s built were either already ordered as the MD-95 or were options on the same orders. This is the whole reason Delta went with the C-Series, there are only so many 717’s and Boeing refuses to build more. So they had to find something in that size category.

    So basically, ALL of what you talked about with Boeing, is indeed it’s own fault. They took a plane that would be dominating the so-called “regional market” and ran it into the ground out of pure spite, now that a worthy successor to that plane has shown up, they try to use their influence to get it locked out of the US market and it has backfired spectacularly.

  8. Skyfighter64 says:

    Crony capitalism in action. For Shame, Boeing.

    But I tend to prefer Douglas designs anywho. Give me a DC-9 any day of the week for a small jet.

  9. Aden Lamb says:

    DO MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!!! Maybe the Demise of the British plane industry?

    • Declan Newton-Maharaj says:

      The British *civilian* aviation industry died when it started to partner up in the original Airbus consortium but didn’t want to merge and became this quasi-independent satellite of Airbus.

    • MaxAmSax says:

      Declan Newton-Maharaj basically the British story as of late cq brexit

  10. The Dude says:

    WTF? Just because an aircraft manufacturer asks, why should the US government create a super high tax on bombardier planes? We should ban boeings in Europe, just because airbus asks. (I live in the UK)

    • Michael Scott says:

      The Dude British Government is considering not allowing Boeing to bid for military contracts because their actions were likely to cost a lot of jobs at the Bombardier factory in Belfast.

  11. Skyace 95 says:

    Nice job Boeing, you screwed yourself with a plane you can’t even compete with. GG WP

    • M Mutch says:

      They probably also screwed themselves out of an order for fighter aircraft by the Canadian Government. As a Canadian, I couldn’t think of a better outcome.

  12. Cinnamanster A says:

    That kind of hurts. Canada really could have used the aerospace jobs.

    • AirShark95 says:

      The CSeries will continue to be built in Canada and sold internationally (Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc…), but all US bound airplanes will be built by Airbus in Alabama. So essentially no jobs were lost, just no extra jobs were created.

    • John Daly says:

      yea Bombardier is very popular in South East Asia, coz of Our geographical situation with lots of mountains and thousands of small islands, smaller planes like bombardier are more desirable.

    • Adrian Mc says:

      The wings are made in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    • VoidSurf says:

      Cinnamanster A – No, this is a great development for Canadian jobs. Bombardier will still be pulling in a significant portion of the revenue of the American C-series. Without that, they would have likely been at an impasse, and would have to downsize. The fact Airbus is involved means plenty more sales internationally… backed by a consortium that knows how to sell. This means plenty of money flowing into Canada. This is good, don’t fret. I’m actually relieved Airbus stepped in. What a massive blunder by Boeing. Serves them right.

  13. WhiteWalkerPepe says:

    *0 planes in this video how is it possible?*

  14. Shuqri Shaifuddin says:

    boeing is your classmate who like to sabotage you.
    the department of commerce is your teacher, who hates you.
    airbus is like your best bro.

    • Disrespectful Madman says:

      Shuqri Shaifuddin
      So true.

    • mipmipmipmipmip says:

      airbus just took half of your homework without paying you a dime, and then convinced you you’re better off like this. If that is your best bro you don’t even need enemies 😉

    • AdrianAtGaming says:

      mipmipmipmipmip nah you gave him voluntarily

    • Mat Gaming says:

      Bombardier is better off like that though. Without Airbus, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. Both parties are earning something from the deal. Only one losing here is Boeing.

    • Roman Baranovichi says:

      Airbus took Bombardier’s homework, in return, Airbus protects him from the class bully, and Bomba doesn’t have to give up his lunch money

  15. Tiari says:

    Boeing is really a bitchy company.. They have accused Airbus several times of getting subsidised… Glas houses Boeing… Glas houses…

  16. Africa Africa says:

    I know you’re not from South Amercia, but man, Bombardier allways produced planes slight better then Embraer, BUT NOT NOW. The brazilians took over the market. Not only the EJets but the luxury private planes of Embraer are way better.
    Don’t know if this was suposed to sound as a Bombardier campaign (C’amon, the 3/4 of the video was about Bombardier and how it’s great and everybody tries to stop it bla bla bla).
    The south amercian market, the european marker, the east asia market are flooded with Embraer’s, on this video your research was too regional, way too nationalism.
    Your viewers aren’t only from North America. We realise when it turns into a masked regional campaign.

    • Adam Zey says:

      Embraer doesn’t make anything that competes with the C-Series, though, which the video was about… I’m not a huge fan of Bombardier’s CRJ (too cramped), but their Q400 turboprop is a great aircraft in that segment.

    • Arcturus Sirius says:

      EMBRAER FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!! Republic airlines has so many embraer aircraft

    • Arcturus Sirius says:

      Honestly, the embraer is the regional jet i see most often

    • veritybanks says:

      Then make your own video about the South American, European, or east Asian markets and all the great stuff that Embraer does. If it’s compelling enough, I’m sure that I and a lot of other people would be willing to watch it.
      People tell stories from their perspective about the things they know. If they’re North American, maybe they’ll focus on North American things. That doesn’t mean it’s the complete story; maybe it’s not reasonable to expect to hear the entire story from one source/channel?

    • Snowlion says:

      Of course not. There’s no such thing as a reengine that requires to project the wings again from scratch, implement new avionics and so on. They do look similar at a distance but I believe the E2 generation is a step foward that took airbus and boeing decades in their 737 and A320 programs.

  17. TNT MADNESS says:

    300% Tariff WTF US?

    • Lionel Messi says:

      It’s not making the product yet in America, only if the deal closes in 2018 and even then, it will be a Canada made product, with final assembly in Alabama.

    • benjamin talbot says:

      Perhaps, but the American government would no doubt protest if the EU (for example) placed such a tariff on american goods. America engaged in a tariff war with the rest of the world once before (to support local producers yada yada) and it led to the great depression. America has been imposing free trade across the world to benefit american companies and it stinks of hypocrisy that america then turns their back on it whenever it sees fit. Whatever few jobs such an action could bring is dangerous as it could well lead to other countries placing such tariffs on american companies and killing america’s export sector, leading to greater job loss in the long run

    • navigator ofnone says:

      TNT MADNESS its called economic sanction.

    • CSDragon says:


  18. Navieoli Cringeworthy says:

    I love both of these companies, don’t rip each others necks…

    btw I also like Embraer, and Airbus

  19. This Little Critic says:

    I always thought Boeing was only for Emirates airlines for a while.

  20. thegreatcalvinio says:

    If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t goin’…

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