the littlest roar

the littlest roar

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20 Responses

  1. Ben Egan says:

    ‘Lion King: The Live Action’ confirmed?

  2. Sufi Soul says:

    Hakuna Matata!

  3. SquirrelAbuse says:

    I am a little lion and i find this offensive!

  4. Trainingtobeat Goku says:

    anyone remember the lion king game and Simba’s move was roar and jump on

  5. Kenny Williams says:

    Lion toddler emphysema is the worst

  6. D3C3n50r says:

    Where’s that dentist when you need one.

  7. FCKundo says:

    i melting right now! Need help!

  8. Carol Michael says:

    Aaaaaaooooowwwww he is so so so so cute little baby

  9. _ XD-PaRtY-pAnCaKeS _ says:

    372k views 1day! Great!

  10. AugustaJ says:

    A tiny lion doesn’t just wonder alone – that call is to connect to its Lion

  11. Juli K says:

    “I am a fearsome predator ! Fear me!”

  12. Darren Ball says:

    This is fucking gay -_-

    Pathetic video, shows no intent towards human development or anything I
    care about

    This should be deleted and thrown into the fire of Mordor. Fucking stupid

  13. ermistan says:

    reminded me of the exact moment when Simba’s squeak turned into a full out
    roar and everyone freaked the fuck out … soon little cub ….soon

  14. Randall Stevens says:

    Awww, who’s cute? Yes you are! little tiger :)

  15. Bionic Whistle says:

    I think his belly is too full for a good roar.

  16. Firstname Lastname says:


  17. gordyvision says:

    Why is this categorized under Gaming? >.< confused

  18. Travis Miller says:

    This is one of the cubs that were recently born at Denver zoo. My
    girlfriend helped raise their father Sango.

  19. HEIRHEAD says:

    Sheenzi Banzai and Ed better watch out cause he’ll leave a permanent #Scar
    of their faces!

  20. Geometry dash Jobro says:

    King of the Jungle!!!!