‘The Long Episode’ | Game of Zones S7E3

‘The Long Episode’ | Game of Zones S7E3

LeBron vs. MJ. The Realm vs. the Dream Team. Kyrie vs. the Mediadel. The Long Night is here. Watch the extended third episode of the #GameOfZones four-part series finale. (@StateFarm)

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46 Responses

  1. Ty Fene says:

    Kobe: you must continue to move the game forward King James!

    Word on marble.

  2. Brandon Johnson says:

    “I’ll come up with some wily bullshit that’ll get them technical fouls” – Sir Chris Paul at his Sir Chris Paul-iest

  3. Deshawn Cleghorn says:

    When Skip Bayless saved stephen A i FELT that

  4. Thomas Hester II says:

    “You are my legacy, those knights in there are your legacy”
    Got emotional when Kob showed up
    Rest in Peace Mamba

  5. Sajeel Gopalan says:

    We weren’t ready for that Kobe scene until he said “Shave your head”😂

  6. Jack Thwart says:

    “Men, our enemy doesn’t tire. They don’t MANAGE THEIR LOADS.”
    The shade on Kawhi coming from Doc Rivers stings different

  7. David Chen says:

    After the Suns and Kings are defeated
    “Well there goes 8 easy wins”

  8. Sosa Zulu says:

    How accurate was Kobe’s speech bout leBrons insecurities with his hair

  9. Saggy Oss says:

    Kyrie: We share a common enemy
    Jimmy: KAT
    Carmelo: Playing Defense
    Draymond: Balls
    Russel: Kevin Durant

  10. Collin Chiaro says:

    Bah, hes going to a brothel.

    Harden: “SNITCH”

  11. LightningFastStudios says:

    I love how Curry has the bow, rather than a sword, to symbolize his range. Nice touch.
    Also the symbolism of Kobe lighting the torch for LeBron.

  12. Dye Kage says:

    “We could go small” *Mike D’antoni put Steph Curry on Patrick Ewing* 💀💀💀

  13. Jonathan Palfy says:

    This was one of the best episodes of the whole series. There was just so many different things they tied together perfectly.

  14. Dan Zinder says:

    “I heard it was made when the Gods smashed two universes together” = GOZ and NBA basketball?

  15. Great Britten says:


  16. Trollio Savage says:

    Imagine if Jokic was in previous seasons 😭😂

  17. Vaughn says:

    Booker: “Sunkings, flame your balls!”
    Jokic: “I’m not gonna say it…”

  18. jerebear69 says:

    “He is going to a brothel”

    “…….. SNITCH” 😭😭😭😭

  19. LyricalMurderer1 says:

    Man I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I shed a tear when they brought on Kobe…

  20. Eddie Cruz says:

    Can’t lie, I got teary eyed when Kobe showed up

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