The Lore of Elden Ring is Rotten

The Lore of Elden Ring is Rotten

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00:00 The Legend of Rot
08:09 Malenia’s Scarlet Rot
15:31 Starscourge Radahn
27:52 Malenia’s Southward March
33:35 Malenia VS Radahn
39:43 Everything, Rotting Scarlet
46:04 The Shaded Castle
50:14 Malenia, Goddess of Rot

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40 Responses

  1. Jstar338 says:

    Siofra is an Irish name meaning elf or fairy, so the Siofra river is the Fairy River. I’m gonna say it’s safe to assume the river is the blue spirit

    • MrMurseRS says:

      Excellent deduction and comment!

    • Bucky Hurdle says:

      @Nata The one guy said the swordsman and the fairy were one and the same but that comment is gone now

    • Nata says:

      @Bucky Hurdle You’re confusing the blind swordsman and the fairy called “the blue dancer”. The blue fairy is the one that people are saying is symbolic of the river. The blind swordsman received the flowing curved sword from the fairy and has always been a real person

    • Aceius says:

      And the name Ainsel comes from an old English folktale called ‘My Ainsell’ which is about a child who is told to go to bed or fairies will come down the chimney and take them away. In folktales, fairies are often called “doll sized people” and Ainsel River is where you find the Miniature Ranni.

  2. K D says:

    On the point of Malenia only blooming twice it’s also worth noting that the victory message for defeating Malenia is “DEMIGOD FELLED” instead of the “GOD SLAIN” you get when defeating Elden Beast.

    • Custard pup says:

      @K D Thank you!! This explains everything 😛

    • K D says:

      @Custard pup I tried responding once but youtube deleted my comment because of a link.
      I checked and apparently some bosses, including Malenia, didn’t have a defeat message before patch 1.05 (june 2022). You can see the demigod felled message in ONGBAL’s most recent Malenia video at 7:50 (or any other Malenia kill uploaded after 06/2022)

    • Kaizu says:

      @OrwellianOrator you forgot about “Legend Felled”, usually for non-demigods that are just as important or unique as them. Example is Flaciddicksex, Godfrey, Fortnitesex, and Magic Woman

    • Custard pup says:

      @Jordan Cripps I couldn’t remember seeing them for myself, and when I double checked by watching a Malenia, Mohg, Radahn and Elden Beast POV before writing the comment, the victory message wasn’t present in any of them except for Elden Beast despite them all getting the achievment, so my bad I guess?

    • CaliburXL Gaming says:

      @allen bermejo I mean technically when u restart the game & head into NG+ u r reborning her & the rot & making her stronger again & again with each subsequent playthrough.

      It could just be an in-game 4th wall break to that or something. Maybe heading in NG+ has more story relevance this time.

  3. [omicron-prsnl] says:

    Here’s how I think this part of the story fits together:

    Miquella has made two important endeavours in Elden Ring. The first is his creation of the Haligtree and unalloyed gold, and the second is the attempted resurrection of Godwyn the Golden.

    Sometime around the shattering, Miquella is slumbering inside a cocoon in the roots of the Haligtree, (where you fight Malenia,) just like one of those we see scattered everywhere around Elphael. (He can still be found in this cocoon in the present at Mohgwyn Palace, but I’ll get to that later.)

    Meanwhile, Malenia is fighting Radahn in Caelid. Not for power, not for a Great Rune, and not for competition, but to unlock the motion of the stars for Miquella. The reason Miquella would want the motion of the stars unlocked is that the ritual to resurrect Godwyn required a solar eclipse. In fact, the eclipsed sun is directly referred to as “the protective star of soulless demigods” in the Eclipse Crest Greatshield’s item description, and we know that the expected eclipse never came because of dialogue with a spirit in Castle Sol. From this, I think it is reasonable to assume that Malenia was fighting Radahn on Miquella’s behalf to unlock the motion of the stars to resurrect Godwyn.

    While Malenia is fighting Radahn, Miquella is left vulnerable at the roots of the Haligtree, at which point Mohg kidnaps him to be his consort in the Mohgwyn dynasty.

    What do you think?

    • Chester says:

      Nothing is concrete and confirmed but all the pieces fit together cohesively and logically based on in game data.

  4. Lumpy Touch says:

    Absolutely love these videos. I often have to pause and double check stuff, there’s so many things I missed in my playthrough. The illustrations on the Heirlooms really took me by surprise here, I didn’t look at them too closely, lots of cool stuff. Also, you can only use Miquella’s Needle in the storm beyond time? (Dragonlord Placidusax’s arena) That’s so rad.

    • Seraphim Uploads says:

      I feel as though that is the only way in which the needle would work to the fullest extent of its power. The storm exists outside of normal time, in a place where time holds no limit. In relation to this, Unalloyed Gold could stave off the symptoms of Scarlet Rot, but only for a certain amount of time. It’s my belief that when Miquella was fashioning his needle for Malenia, he was missing a key ingredient: time. As such, it makes sense that the needle would work so well in staving off the afflictions of the Outer Gods (See Frenzied Flame) because it has the time to work against such forces. A million years could pass in the blink of an eye in the Storm and you wouldn’t grow old nor die before the needle finishes its purpose.

    • Jank Bunky says:

      Tumpy Louch??

    • vodago says:

      Scarlet Rot be upon ye!

    • Slavic squirrel says:

      Elden ring sprites when?

    • Immortal Flame says:


  5. A Glimpse Inside says:

    If I may tell you something. I’m a 42-year-old father and three. I played this game for about 50 hours never did complete it got to the fire giant, and Milenia but life happens now I experience this game vicariously through you. I can’t thank you enough for doing the work you do. It keeps me connected to a universe that I only wish I could spend more time in.
    As always well done I believe you’re one of the best storytellers not just in the video game genre but on this platform as a whole.


  6. Kerri Kween says:

    The Scarlet bloom being nurtured by betrayal has me hooked, especially when you consider this fact; the portals to the Haligtree and Moghwynn Dynasty are LITERALLY right across the river from each other. So this would probably explain how Mogh was able to get so close to Miquella, but even more so when you consider that one spirit that knew who took Miquella.

    So another theory I suggest is that when Miquella comes back, it will be in the form of great betrayal of his sister, the ideals he held as the Unalloyed, all for the sake of growing up. And it’s because of this, seeing how much she put herself into Miquella’s dream, is what’s gonna cause her to bloom into the True Goddess Of Rot.

    • Nicholas Stamp says:

      ​@Pillar Menn 😊

    • Pillar Menn says:

      @Duker Like what Sivanot said, the bloom outside her bossroom points to one of the sisters blooming instead of Malenia. The outfit is the strongest proof of it since the sisters all wear them.

    • Sivanot says:

      @Duker it has nothing to do with “because vaati said so” it has to do with vaati providing evidence of only two blooms, Malenia being referred to as Goddess of Rot long before our fight, and there being no evidence of another bloom, besides the one outside of her arena, which is highly unlikely to be hers.

    • Duker says:

      @Sivanot Whether it’s her second or third bloom is debatable and not for certain one way or another, just because famous internet guy Vaati says so does not mean it’s true

    • Sivanot says:

      ​@CodeeXDplease actually watch videos before you comment on them my dude.

  7. takeu4adinner says:

    These hour-long lore videos are the only thing holding me over until more dlc news arrives

    • Radical Alt-Centrist says:

      ​@UwU cap

    • z says:

      check out smoughtown

    • Swifty Lizard says:

      ​@Alkatraz242 do a no death no bonfire run but back up your saves in case you stuff up… cheating a bit but fun. it makes you play the game way differently and alot more items become useful as you can’t just reset at a bonfire.

    • Wrath Nyx says:

      Smithtown is killin the Eldin Ring lore. Videos generally a hour +. Love Vaati Vidya he my go to for lore to sleep to.

    • AhHah ClintonDix says:

      The only thing I’m hoping for is that Godwyn has two phases with two full health bars. Im sorry but as hard as Malekith’s boss fight was, his second phase was too glorious NOT to have a full health bar.

  8. CinnaMcGuffin says:

    I like how the essence of “Malenia vs. Radahn” goes all the way back to the days of Dark Souls 1. It’s literally just “Dex Enjoyers vs. Strength Enjoyers” personified

  9. Haveldorf says:

    This is one of your best Vaati. The idea that Malenia intentionally broke her own needle to nuke Caelid with rot makes the sepukku cutscene make so much sense. It obviously also makes her an even more terrifying character. Damn… a hyper potent, super spicy Ruptured Crystal Tear.

  10. Daniel L says:

    It is interesting how much Malenia is loved by the fan base. Just as much as Radahn is, by a different section. Their entwined story is one of tragedy, their battle a Pyrrhic victory that leaves the Shattering war undecided.

    • Daniel L says:

      @Rinboz You are a perfect example of the way people are attracted to these characters based on personal values. Both characters need to be removed so a new age can come, but their causes aren’t without merit. It isn’t a matter of one side being good and the other bad, it is just conflicting views of how the world should be.

      I think that is the best part of the Malenia vs Radahn debate.

    • Random Videos says:

      @Nevish Yeah i guess that Malenia has a better reason for fighing than Radahn, b
      ut where tf did you get that Radahn’s forces tried to attack Leyndell??? Radahn’s forces were literally being attacked by Malenia’s so they couldn’t be a part of that. Also, give me a reason why she had to nuke the entirety of Caelid other than trying to weaken Radahn by the scarlet rot.

      yeah, i’m bad at lore

    • Old School gamer says:


    • Nata says:

      There you go, you started another battle between Radahn fans and Malenia fans 😀

    • name says:

      @[EN] Yato Nochizawa CHhow do you people manage to mischaracterize her so badly time and time again

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