The Lore of Elden Ring’s Eternal Cities

The Lore of Elden Ring’s Eternal Cities

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►Antonius Tertius for accurately breaking down the Latin in these games
►The Tarnished Archaologist has some excellent environmental-based lore videos
►Sekiro Dubi goes deep into cut content:
►ZullietheWitch has short fascinating videos:

00:00 Introduction
00:56 Chapter I: Fear the Night
04:56 Chapter II: The Three Cities
09:23 Chapter III: Reborn into Imitation
15:37 Chapter IV: Thy Defiled Blood
20:38 Chapter V: Eternal Darkness
25:10 Chapter VI: Eternal Wonders
28:23 Chapter VII: As Above, So Below

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46 Responses

  1. 옹발이 ONGBAL says:

    Finally! The Eternal City is the most interesting place for me in Elden Ring 🤔

    • OofTheUsername says:

      you’re amazing

    • EET FUK says:

      @Hibari Kyoya it actually is, you’re not alone my man. but that’s how they build it, it’s creepy in a small manner even limgrave. the ambience of that music is quite deceptive for new players, it’s just a deception that Limgrave is a beautiful place until you learn a lot of things there and discover what lies behind the Stormveil Castle. Liurnia is pretty great area, and underneath it is the Lake of Rot.

    • EET FUK says:

      OngGod is here folks!

    • The European Bee says:

      Woah, the Sekiro of the real world himself likes Elden Ring?!?!?!

      I thought you were defeating Ishin Ashina for the 10000th time :|!

    • Hibari Kyoya says:

      @RobikV3 All places in Elden Ring are pretty creepy to me. I think the music sets some kind of tone/atmosphere that makes me uneasy. Even Limgrave 🤣

  2. AnthonyManthony says:

    Small tidbit about Nox armor, Maliketh’s armor actually has the same scaling motif as them, further linking Marika to them in a very subtle way

  3. Cornelius Dwyer says:

    This is tangential at best, but given the connection between the Nox and the Albinaurics, and Latennas quest to allow a giant Albinauric to birth more… Could the giant Nox skeletons have been something similar? A giant version that can birth more Nox? Also ties into the ant imagery that is so prevalent in the underground

    • Sister of Rot says:

      Makes sense given the Albinaurics are also born of the Silver Tear of Nox

    • Alenezi989 A says:

      This is very good observation and the more you think about it the more it makes sense, Nox are descendents of the Numen and the important characteristic of them is that they live long lives and giving birth is a rare occurrence to them but very important to their survival as a species, and so logically women who gave birth would have huge significance, that’s why they place them thrones and seem to be of great importance, the female Albenourics who were created by the Nox seem to share a similar birthing system were a giant Albenouric woman is only one who can give birth, and Letanna actually gives her a silver tear droplet which is from the eternal cities, it all fits together and makes sense.

    • SPlDER5 says:

      I had genuinely not thought about this, but as I lay in bed it also occurs to me how similar in skin tone, eye and hair colour the Nox/Nightfolk/Humanoid mimic variants are to female Albinaurics.

    • Carrot Slayer says:

      On a tangent to your tangent: Aside from the white cloth there is only one noticeable difference between the chest armors of the Nox swordstress and night maiden sets (I only noticed it while switching between them rapidly trying to decide character fashion). The night maiden set has a slightly bigger stomach. It’s only a bit more in the upper abdomen so in the end it could be absolutely nothing. But this kind of difference doesnt exist in other group of extremely similar sets. Given how rare births were for the numen it is interesting that their Nox descendants have maidens as their highest ranked priestesses with swordstresses dedicated to protect them. Given how one of the themes for the Nox is their constant tampering with life and how the cut npc/tear Asimi would have taken residence within your character, perhaps the night maidens and whatever spiritual function they serve is more central to Nox society than previously thought.

    • RoarOfDamnation says:

      This comment needs more upvotes and attention

  4. Kevin Paul says:

    I always thought that the giants on the thrones were like the “towering little sister” at the end of Latenna’s storyline. Like the Albinaurics, the Nox could have tried to create their own lords, free from the influence of the outer gods. The Finger slaying blade was probably key to their plans of removing the Golden Order’s influence.

    • Grey Hawk says:

      That could be the reason Ranni wanted it aswell: sever any influence of the Greater Will over her and the world, so she could bring the Age of Stars without their meddling

  5. Skyler Stook says:

    I discovered the elevator by mistake during my first playthrough. When I saw the underground night sky my mind was actually blown. I knew Elden Ring was going to be great, but the underground eternal cities really cemented how vast the open world was.

  6. Ivrin3 says:

    The exact situation you mentioned in the intro was the moment I fell in love with this game. There I was, just running away from stuff in The Lands Between, thinking to myself “dang, this world is pretty big”. And then encountering this unassuming building in the middle of nowhere, entering the elevator and literally laughing out loud when I saw the magnificence and beauty of the underworld.

    No other game gave me such sense of exploration and discovery.

  7. Michael M. says:

    When I first rounded a corner in Nokstella and found a seemingly sentient iron ball, I knew I would need Vaati to explain this place to me.

  8. Imperius says:

    The love of Berserk is also ever present with The Band of the Hawk. The company of the Fallen Hawk were once soldiers and faced a terrible fate as well.

  9. Voxumo says:

    I personally really want to know why the corpses in the eternal cities look so much like the messengers from Bloodborne.

  10. Jamster says:

    It’s a shame there’s no in game explanation as to why the Nox armor sets are so difficult to get ahold of. Truly one of the most armors in elden ring.

    • Sister of Rot says:

      I love the Night Maiden and Nox Swordstress set so much

    • Alenezi989 A says:

      I got a Nox Monk armor in the mistwoods it’s so weird, I created a new character planning to do a new build I was running around in the mistwood avoiding the bears I saw a blue shiny I thought it was going to be a arteria and was surprised when notification said Nox monk armor, I told my sister she went to the exact place and found nothing I looked up online no one seems to have had this happen to them, my character is a wretch so this is the only piece of armor I got.

    • Makenai Yomi says:

      I really wanted that 2 horned headpiece and it took me more than an hour. What’s funny though all the other set pieces weren’t that rare to me. I had lots of nox armor chest pieces to sell to Hewg.

    • Seelkadoom says:

      On my first play through i had to stop and farm that armour set it took like an hour and i didnt even wear it💀

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