Today is my 50th birthday AND the anniversary of The Machine story – as a present to myself, I’m sharing the teaser to my movie #TheMachine. If you guys enjoy it, please tag a friend in the comments, share it in your stories and spread the word – let’s get this thing in theaters ASAP!!!

The Machine Standup:
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31 Responses

  1. axelg5 says:

    This is crazy, this genuinely looks 100 times better than I expected, this is gonna be one of the best comedy movies in years. And I mean that literally. Also can’t wait for Fat Astronauts.

    • OGRE !!!! says:

      @dielawn you forgot about “omg im your origin story”
      come on, dont tell me youve heard that one before too… its not already a meme or anything

    • axelg5 says:

      @dielawn him putting it in his pocket was definitely funny, even if the bits been done to death.

    • axelg5 says:

      @Good Day Mate they said on Joe Rogan that they got the co writer of tropic thunder to do Fat Astronauts. That alone has me pumped.

    • dielawn says:

      Yeah, because the only joke they even put in the trailer (“If you’re gonna puke I’m gonna puke”) was so fucking funny hahahaha. Definitely hasnt been done 1,000 tomes already….

    • axelg5 says:

      @gmf123 hope what’s a joke?

  2. Darklord6505 says:

    That last line of ,”I didn’t know where to put it”, is comedy gold. It’s a decently funny moment but that takes it over the top and makes it memorable. It’s like Bart Krishna putting his little signature on it.

  3. BOBBO'S WORLD says:

    The way she says “put it in your pocket” with absolute disgust is HILARIOUS!! Congrats bert!

  4. Joseph Atencio says:

    I watch two bears every week and I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to see this, and my mind has been officially changed. Shit looks legit! He is going to be talking about this trailer aggressively!

  5. TheNextWednesday says:

    I love how this is like a sequel to the Machine story. What a genius idea. Way better than a theatrical reimagining of the original.

    • Jason Van says:

      Based on what? I was hoping that’s exactly what it was, it would be a theatrical interpretation because it’s his story and elements of it happened where as a sequel would all be imagined. I think some hybrid of the two would be best first half is the Machine second half is “pick your own adventure”…

    • sweet hart says:

      Yesss OP!!! I’m impressed, this looks better than I thought it would be

    • John Dardani says:

      Thanks! I didn’t realize it was a sequel.
      I was thinking, I don’t remember this part of the story.

    • Jay Mc says:

      I dont know man. I like the idea of current age Bert playing a University age Bert and nobody acknowledging it at all.

    • Justin Garcia says:

      Yep- i was worried it was going to be a retelling. The og story needs to live in our imaginations. It would be like when botch a good book with a bad movie

  6. Nathan Smo says:

    Best wishes Bert, we’re all praying for a quick recovery

  7. katabeats says:

    putting vomit in your pocket in a panic is definitely something bert would do “I didn’t know where to put it” 😂😂

  8. Paul says:

    Happy Birthday, Bert. We both turned 50 this year. Nice to see you killing it at 50. Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

  9. Nick Manesiotis says:

    Broooo! This looks like it has the potential to be a comedy classic. Can’t wait! Nice job Bert!

  10. BryceLK says:

    As a fan, I assumed this would be a pretty funny movie that would be worth streaming, but more of a _”romp.”_ For some reason, I didn’t expect it to look like such a high-quality film. I can tell why he was so excited about making it. I love when you can see that someone gives a shit. I hope it turned out as well as he hoped.

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