The Magic School Bus Rides Again | Main Trailer | Netflix

The Magic School Bus Rides Again | Main Trailer | Netflix

Bus, do your stuff! The kids are back at Walkerville School for another school year of astonishing, out-of-this-world field trips in this all-new reimagining of the iconic science-comedy-adventure series The Magic School Bus™.


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20 Responses

  1. ShaggyNicholasOne says:

    Bro so the OG Ms. Frizzle has a motorcycle. HOP ON THE MAGIC MOTORCYCLE!

  2. J0SHBeatz says:


  3. A Blue Hamster says:

    I’m confused, is there a reason for replacing Frizzell? The theme sounds weird, and the animation looks like unsalted pasta tastes. Bland with no effort put in.

  4. Riley Smith says:

    That isn’t magic school bus

  5. coneviejo says:

    Only the 90s kids will remember

  6. lincolnlobster says:

    I’m a grown adult who doesn’t like that a cartoon show from when I was 8 isn’t exactly the same now that I’m 30. DOWNVOTED!

  7. Jaded Rants says:

    I mean…I HATE the aesthetic of it, but it might be an ok show.

    But buses don’t have seat belts, so I have little hope.

  8. Lycanstrong says:

    the animation looks like it was contracted out to a 3rd world sweat shop

  9. Samuel Marshall says:

    I want an f is for family and magic school bus crossover

  10. ToastHasHost says:

    Some of you realize this show is meant for toddlers, right? And I don’t mean the ones in your Anime that you all fap to. This is downright embarrassing.

  11. Jose Marin says:

    I just flat out don’t like that type of animation. anything is better than that. Ffs using b list animation would be better than that. If this is the kind of thing that kids watch these days with animation like that, then holy crap that’s a major downgrade. Doesn’t matter if it moves smoothly and the colors pop out, that’s just flat out horrible to use.

  12. Evoker Red says:

    As long as my boy Carlos still got his fire puns, I won’t have any problem with this.

  13. Isaac Lopez says:

    I’m not watching this I liked the original one better

  14. legend 21 says:

    I feel like Curious George is going to be next

  15. Ethan May says:

    Ride on the magical meth bus

  16. Mystic27 says:


  17. Elemental Creepers says:

    Even if you don’t like the show you have to admit this is a damn well edited trailer

  18. Killer Donut says:

    What the fuck just kill me already

  19. Garrett Sampson says:

    Where’s the Hyundai

  20. Crecent Rudella says:

    My childhood is ruined forever BZ THIS HOE HAS A SISTER AND SHE TAKEN HER FUCKING PLACE WTF !!!

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