The Main Character of Dream SMP

The Main Character of Dream SMP

technoblade tries to cope with the realization that he is a side character

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“The Happiest Days” by J.F. Gloss

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71 Responses

  1. KianKSG says:

    wait so does Techno kill orphans cuz he’s scared they will become the main character… 0_0

  2. Mortal says:

    Technoblade the Sensei. Please don’t die for main character backstory purposes or I will cry

  3. Dragoon says:

    Very good underworld arc of the hero’s journey techno, can’t wait for rebirth

  4. The Channel Without A Name says:

    It’s okay even if you die you’ll show up in flashbacks at the character’s lowest points to give motivational advice you’re not plot irrelevant yet

  5. Nils Vos says:

    “Let them eat cake” truly has a new meaning now.

  6. Marcellofp says:

    “Do you remember your parents”
    “If I have I can’t remember”
    *Orphan spotted*

  7. Thar BD says:

    “Kakashi didn’t die did he?”
    Jiyaiya jus sittin in the corner crying

  8. _Loner says:

    Technoblade is complaining about not having any super powers when he never dies.

  9. Bunny Bunny says:

    Techno: I want powers
    In Minecraft Monday
    Everyone: techno is here *screaming*

    • Song Bonnie says:

      He already have the power of erase

      He can erase all minecraft by killing them out of reality

    • Xavier says:

      @Song Bonnie He is held back by philza minecraft, creator of minecraft

    • Song Bonnie says:

      @Xavier for how long… phil only have 1 live and techno still 3

      No wait … they have too much totem so i said nothing

    • Soppio Requiem says:

      @Song Bonnie philza only has 1 Canon life because of him playing hardcore so much. I think thats what philza said and technoblade I’m pretty sure he lost atleast 1 Canon life

    • Andrew Dai says:

      @Soppio Requiem nope, Techno has 3 canon lives

  10. Yannis Mpa says:

    “Do you remember who your parents are?”
    “If i do, i dont remember.”
    Remember guys, when you need to remember something, just dont not remember it.

  11. Yannis Mpa says:

    Sooo if protagonists are orphans, is Techno the Orphan Slayer the Antagonist?

  12. davethewave1604 says:

    i love how techno graduated from bullying children to bullying teenagers

  13. Spectra - COD Mobile says:

    “Kakashi didn’t die be just got injured”
    Jiraiya Sensei: Am I a joke to you?

    • Achim Hanischdörfer says:

      I was in the stream chat of that stream.
      The quest was to specifically find a Mentour that doesn’t get brutally ‘ended’ on the Main Characters journey.
      So Kakashi Sensei and … ehm

      Technically Kakashi did die but was revived by Pain.

  14. Hxrl says:

    “suck it, main character” he cackles as he takes the power of the gods as his own

  15. Drista says:

    “Techno:”how many powers do you have exactly?”


  16. Roger 505 says:

    Technoblade is Gandalf. He doesn’t die. He just “died” and came back stronger, just like techno.

  17. Faye Weston says:

    Alternate title: Enderman and piglin cure world hunger

  18. Delborne says:

    “you know what, maybe i’m a main character too let me try this”
    me, knowing what’s about to happen: techno-sensei there can only be 1 main character and its not sensei

  19. EnderLord80K says:

    Orphans: *Exists*
    Techno: And I took that personally!

  20. Call Me Chris says:

    Bs. Steave is the REAL main character and everyone knows that

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