The Man Who Tried to Give Himself An Ulcer… For Science

The Man Who Tried to Give Himself An Ulcer… For Science

In 1984, Dr. Barry Marshall had a theory about ulcers that he couldn’t convince the science community of. So, he took matters into his own hands… or stomach, and infected himself with a potentially deadly bacterium.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Martin Blaser’s “Missing Microbes” book, pp. 104-152

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20 Responses

  1. agustin20091 says:

    wow 1st like

  2. Scott Huynh says:

    I’m early, I’m gonna make a joke.

    I don’t know any. Help?

  3. Kellie Morgan says:

    This is crazy.

  4. Scott Huynh says:

    I’m early, I’m gonna make a joke.

    My social life. And my unoriginal comment.

  5. Tell Me This says:

    but if someone is ready to experiment on themselves to prove their point i dont think it looks stupid. to me it looks really confident. I mean you have to have a lot of confidence in yourself to put your health in danger.

  6. face punch says:

    now we need a electrical engineer who shocks his self to prove that a circuit works

  7. Xeffx says:

    Isn’t it funny how the the brain always overreads the second “the”?

  8. l336l says:

    *Why is there an Ulcer floating around my anus?*

  9. Nice Guy says:

    I liked my own comment…. FOR SCIENCE!!!!!

  10. Ghazia Abbas says:

    H. Pylori!!!

  11. 60 Second Success says:

    “In one gulp of meat broth, he swallowed a bunch of the bacteria.” *Meat Broth.* Now that’s science

  12. Master Therion says:

    In other words, Dr. Barry Marshall experimented on himself because he had a… gut feeling.

  13. Ansel Zeng says:

    Ulcer is my city.

  14. SiMpLe JaCk says:

    I tried to give myself a blow job….. for science

  15. Gabriel Larsen says:

    Thought the thumbnail was a watermelon lmao

  16. ozdergecko says:

    I have no H.pylori — and I don’t drink, so that’s good.

  17. Mollie says:

    So… about 4 years ago, my daughter and mother went to a sandwich chain and after eating, both began vomiting within 2 hours. It was a nightmare. My mom was convinced it wasn’t her favorite sandwich chain, but being a skeptic, I asked if she had eaten all her sandwich. She said the other half was in our refrigerator. After they had both stopped vomiting and managed to go to sleep, I took my moms sandwich and ate it with gusto. I sat a 5 gallon bucket near my bed and went to bed. About an hour later, I began vomiting violently. It was definitely the sandwich. When the sandwich chain opened, I went and explained the situation to the manager, as I was, an older gentleman came in and started yelling about food poisoning. My mom was issued a refund and it turns out the mayonnaise had been tainted and made about 2 dozen people sick. So… that’s why I believe in human testing.

  18. Kevin C-137 says:

    “It’s for science” can get you away with anything

  19. Steve Cheetah says:

    Go Aussie! What a bloody legend.

  20. SomeMadVernacular says:

    I live in Australia and go to his alma martyr! I am so proud!

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