The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer | Disney+

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer | Disney+

Din Djarin has traveled far, made many enemies, and shouldered the burden of some very precious cargo…but his journey is far from over. “The Mandalorian” is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.


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62 Responses

  1. Corey Wright says:

    “They had us in the first [three quarters]. Not gonna lie.”

  2. aerorain says:

    Aww look, baby Yoda’s gonna say his first words.
    “My real father you are NOT” *shows middle finger*

  3. Snavos says:

    Not gonna lie yall got me thinking the is the real trailer for like an hour then when I rewatched the trailer and saw the date I was laughing lmaooo

  4. Cartoonman154 says:

    IGN: Mandolorian weed LMAO
    Disney: I see you used our property
    IGN: Channel disappears

  5. Evan Kauffman says:

    “Is this some kind of out of season April Fool’s joke?”

  6. briii293 says:

    Where are IGN’s parents . Someone take the internet away from IGN

  7. jarrod alvarado says:


  8. IGN says:

    If you were upset by this video, might I advise you to, uh, “celebrate” the holiday, wait half an hour, watch it again and let us know how you feel about it after that -Jeremy

    • Ernesto Sanchez says:

      Did you guys go through your legal team before posting this?

    • Omar Q says:

      Incoming Disney lawsuit…

    • Mike Cronis says:

      Most people in America aren’t drug junkies who made bad life choices, sorry. Fail.

    • xanxusprimo702 says:

      This was hilarious x)

    • StefGo says:

      The thing here is not if we get it or not… It’s not even a debate on if it’s funny or not… The real problem is that you clearly lied with a missleading title. You wrote that it’s an Official Trailer from Disney+ and it’s NOT! A lot of people, me included, thought IGN was legit. But now, I will never trust a video from IGN ever again.

  9. Luke G says:

    I sent this to my dad thinking it was legit. He hasn’t talked to me since.

  10. T 1 says:

    My honest reaction


  11. Thomas Casillo says:

    I honestly thought this was real, until the end.

  12. Byron van Leeuwen says:

    Anakin on Mustafar: “LIAR!”

  13. Darth Vader says:

    Yoda: *pulls middle finger*

    Me: Wait, is that legal?!

  14. K G says:

    I think its the whole “OfFiCaL TrAiLeR” that got people mad.I know for a fact that most people would not have clicked the link if it said parody😂.

    • Bence Fehér says:

      But that’s the point of a prank. To make people think it’s real.
      If you put a ‘GUYS THIS IS A JOKE I REPEAT THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY SERIOUS’ note on every droll, I dont think it would work.

    • The Unicyclist says:

      @Bence Fehér I would understand your point if the thumbnail didn’t say “Official Trailer”.

    • Jacob Ross says:

      Because all of these Star Wars geeks thought it was real lol

    • Stringer13ell says:

      @The Unicyclist struggling to understand what you’re saying here. You want pranks to include full disclosure that it’s a prank? Because it would then cease to be a prank.

    • roushmore says:

      @Stringer13ell I’d want some disclaimer in the description saying that this is NOT property of IGN. You can’t argue ‘fair use’ if you’re taking 3/4s of someone else’s LICENSED content. That’s enough for a lawsuit.

  15. Shurue says:

    “official trailer”, huh? That sounds like lies.

  16. Sam Dee says:

    He’s huge! It’s just like with Baby Groot. Tiny, then he hit his teen years in the little short at the end of gotg 2 and infinity war

  17. Jake Smith says:

    “How many more lies have I been told by the council?!”

  18. jake k says:

    People after watching the “official” trailer: *in Darth Vader voice* NOOOOOOOO

  19. Isaiah Deleon says:

    Me: Oh man, I can’t wait to see baby Yoda.

    The trailer: *A teenage Yoda that smokes*.

    Me: …

  20. NoahNeverSleeps says:

    Me: This ain’t the way

    Everyone in unison: This ain’t the way

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