The Mandela Catalogue Vol.4

The Mandela Catalogue Vol.4


Thatcher Davis – Thorne Baker (Teenage Disaster)
Evelin Miller – @livingitfitsnot
Adam Murray – @TyDoesVoices
Sarah Heathcliff – @BeeciaratiVA
Dave Lee – Alex Kister
O’Brien / Gabriel – Kyle “ItsameWario” DeNigris
Stanley – Leon Rodriguez
Lola Adair – Christina Kister
TV Narrator – Mike Vale / Voiceover Requiem
Radio Host – Michelle Strohwig

Thorne Baker (Teenage Disaster)
FireCat Productions


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46 Responses

  1. Alex Kister says:


    thank you guys for watching, hope you all enjoyed!! really poured my soul into this one 🙂

  2. Kwite says:

    blown away by you again man. always a moment for me when these come out

  3. Ultimate Warrior says:

    For those wondering, Gabriel’s tts voice is still here. It is just subtlety buried underneath the new one. Wear headphones, turn the volume up, and listen closely. You can really hear it at 34:23 he is just using the pastor’s voice as a ploy for David. Great work Alex! Always love your storytelling and the way you hide little details for people to discover. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for Volume 5!!!

    • Ultimate Warrior says:

      @Luna 19 I agree, it does seem a bit cartoonish at times but I feel like I would showboat like that if I took the throne of God 🤷‍♂️ I liked the way the voice actor approached it though. I also really like how this is implied in the story. In the biblical shorts at the beginning of Mandela Catalog, the false Gabriel was only able to speak in his distorted tts voice since he had recently stole the real Gabriel’s form and he doesn’t quite know how to speak yet. That’s why he talks to Joseph and the shepherds in his tts voice. Flash forward a few millenia and now he can copy the voices of presumably whoever and lure people to a place where he can turn select people who have influence or who know people who have influence, into alternates (that’s my theory on what happened to David, I don’t think he’s dead dead. I think he’s going to use him to finally get to Thatcher.), but the false Gabriel still hasn’t mastered it yet. There’s a lot of great puzzle pieces to put together and things to think about.

    • Luna 19 says:

      Ohh, thanks for pointing that out, you’re right; It’s barely noticeable! I honestly didn’t like the new voice that much, yet it suited him and showed personality, but since alternates can change their voice, it makes sense. I was gonna miss his tts voice <3 Good to see Gabriel back again!

    • Ultra Instinct Jaune Arc says:

      Thank god. I have nothing against the voice they used for Gabriel but i prefer the tts version. It suits Gabriel more

    • DestroidHak says:

      Dear gods. It IS there.

    • ElvinGearMaster Irma says:

      @Pedro Paulo Faria Ah it may be your earphones. It is there. Its like a whisper delayed just a bit behind the more human sounding words

  4. Xploshi says:

    Thanks for having me on board!!

  5. Bog Baggins says:

    The portrayal of this Dave guy is so hilarious that I honestly expected there to be a second pair of sunglasses under the one he took off

  6. Jay Jingles says:

    Holy moly I have never loved a singular episode of something more in my entire life! Absolutely amazing.

    Seeing alternate Thatcher continuing to break down the real Thatcher was chilling, the celebration of Jonah’s life and the face studio part was fantastic, seeing Gabriel again was awesome! Seeing the intruder again was also awesome and Stanly’s VA did an incredible job making him sound as horrifying as he looks.
    The intro was really cool and I was wondering if the decision not to refer to God by name was a deliberate thing or not. In my mind it’s alternates don’t mention him by name as a kind of “I’m better than you” type of thing. But maybe it isn’t I don’t know.
    As always these episodes just get better and better.

    Also I don’t know if it’s because I’ve played too much rdr2 or not but every time Evelin Miller was on screen I couldn’t help but think about the famous writer of the same name.


    i will never get over how intelligent the alternates truly are & the mere idea of them developing the face editing software themselves or somehow finding their way into utilizing it is genuinely _horrifying._
    + and also!! gabriel is one helluva villain and i absolutely adore him.
    it seems he’s won once again

    • illuminfinity says:

      @NTR Specialist that is not a “miracle”. that is just bullshit.

    • Yaban says:

      @Josh Jess also the end with the Mandela “Prophet” considering the text is in red it must be either Satan or another demon.
      This could mean adam is a prophet?
      Maybe God isn’t entirely gone just yet and might have sent another prophet?
      from the looks of it it seems God hasn’t entirely given up on humanity or fully been dethroned.
      and even if it isn’t God.
      i still think the intruder might be on our side considering the end and the fact he might be on our side.

      I still am leaning towards God being the saviour since why would he allow Satan to get control of the humans and he could’ve prevented it before it happened.
      So i feel like he has a plan

    • Leroy Loanjoe says:

      Helluva boss refrence

    • Hanna, La Batatenha says:

      @Froggy Voss that’s actually hilarious somehow

    • NTR Specialist says:

      @O cara das mão lá do boku no hero in the introduction of MAD, the video says that in some cases, someone was able to beat the shit out of alternate as long as you do not fear it, but the video instruction deliberately just makes people anxious.

  8. Bourbanned says:

    i could talk about how amazing this vol was like everyone else has, and I 100% agree, absolutly terrifying, but just letting everyone know that the auto gen captions at 18:54 read “Luitenant Thatcher Davis” as “Luitenant Bastard Davis” and i still haven’t emotionally recovered from that

  9. Itz Deathstroke says:

    I’m gonna miss Gabriel’s text to speech voice. It’s sounded so inhuman and it rly did fit well

  10. Grim Haunt says:

    Amidst everything going wrong in our world today, there’s a dark yet comforting irony in seeing content like this releasing improving my mood more than anything else. Glad to watch this legend unfold

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