The march of marriage equality

The march of marriage equality

The US Supreme Court struck down states’ same-sex marriage bans on June 26, effectively bringing marriage equality to the entire US. Watch it sweep the united states over the last 11 years. For more on the decision on

“No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family,” Justice Anthony Kennedy, who joined the court’s liberals in the majority opinion, wrote. “[The challengers] ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”

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20 Responses

  1. Ricardo Granados says:

    Fuck is crap

  2. Gavin Johnson says:

    I hate the legislation


    Gay people get more love and respect and right more than muslims and jews
    America is really going to a shit hole good for you America 

  4. evan Esparza says:

    <3 <3 <3 

  5. Blake Fannin says:


  6. LouisKing995 says:


  7. 55minuteman3 2014 says:



  8. Ahmed says:

    Gay people are disgusting !!

    If you like women then you’re a man
    If you like men then you’re a woman
    there’s no third option, so if you like men go to a doctor to operate on
    you and give you a vagina !!

    • Nalasleafhearts says:

      +Ahmed sweetie please try to understand there shouldn’t be anything
      disgusting about people loving each other.
      Not everyone who is gay is transgender, and people who go through the
      operation is transgender
      Please educate yourself and learn to draw because mspaint isn’t a good
      thing to use normally if you want to create good artwork.

  9. Jimi GodØfSound says:

    how is this possible? USA is SO gay
    how kids are going to grow up seeing anti-natural stuff like this? kids
    learn from what they see, do you want them to see gay garbage? there will
    be more and more and more gays if this thing continues, you guys, the
    united state are creating an army of gays, how hilarious and ridiculous is
    that? i can’t believe it, if you are gay, you shouldn’t promote it, you
    should keep it for your self, dont show your anti-natural behavior in
    public, or at the eyes of children

  10. WASHINGTONgiant on Xbox live says:

    I’ll celebrate when weed is legal. This doesn’t really matter.

  11. Megandstuff says:

    Sad to live in Texas like half the people here are Jesus freaks. I feel
    like my family is one of the only supportive ones omg

  12. MissAlissa15 says:

    the most aesthetically pleasing news channel

  13. Miles Skillman says:

    I’m a Christian and I have nothing to against gay couple. I just so sick of
    ignorant and aggroant rude people that doesn’t support gay people. Come on
    people? This is their life and they’re good people. It’s called love. I
    just wish this world needs to show respect and not to be hatred on them.
    It’s fine with if you don’t support them but it’s really rude to call them
    faggot and queers. Why don’t you leave them alone and I don’t respect to
    everyone of you pathetic homophobes who has no respect. There I said it!
    but not sitting behind a computer. I support civil rights, black people,
    good people, gay marriage, peace and respect. Btw gay couples, I wish you
    the very best luck of your life and congrats to you all! Go ahead
    homophobes and feel free to hate me and threaten me. I’m a truly positive
    person you never met. 

  14. groc byx says:

    So who cares? This just shows that USA is a bunch of different states with
    different laws, shitty as fuck imho…

  15. Dingle Berryson says:

    Congratulations fellow Americans, we have many problem still facing us, but
    this is a historic win against bigots and those who trample on human
    individual freedoms. This is a step to a better, more free and accepting
    society. Its a great moment in history.

  16. Nyx Moon says:

    What still makes me tilt my head in lack of understanding is why all of
    this is considered necessary or polarized?
    The state has recognized Civil Union of gays for years.
    Marriage until recently was a religious practice, symbolizing the
    relationship of two people before God. If God’s word in said religious
    context comes down on this sort of practice, why would you go through the
    process for something that has effectively had its meaning spit on?

  17. Alan S. says:

    Once homosexuals changed the debate from a moral issue to a rights issue it
    was inevitable that they would win. Will there be more challenges for
    other forms of adult relationships that want to marry? Of course. Think
    of inheritance. If you marry your mom or dad or brother or sister you
    avoid all the legal BS the government requires for the transfer of assets.
    Goodbye morality in America.