The Mars 100 – Mars One Astronaut Selection Round Three Trailer

The Mars 100 – Mars One Astronaut Selection Round Three Trailer Meet the Mars 100. These men and women from around the globe face the third round in Mars One’s Astronaut Selection Program.
Who has what it takes to colonize Mars, never to return? This year we’ll find out…

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20 Responses

  1. Antti-Jussi Nieminen says:

    This is so cool. I wonder how they are gonna edit the genesis. “In the
    beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the mars.”. If we are
    lucky, religions are not gonna leave this planet.

  2. Xezatt says:

    Winners will get to have sex with other winners to produce new offsprings
    on Mars. XD

  3. Selcuk Askin says:

    In future, ‘‘Planetary Council‘‘ would curse human metastasis of the Mars! 

  4. 1ceYourPimpHand says:

    95% of these people will bitch out on the day they have to leave earth

    This is never going to happen.

  5. thierry balda says:

    Déjà que c’est galère sur Terre …Moi , j’vous le laisse ce plan … Amusé
    vous bien ! ♫

  6. MrSplodgeySplodge says:

    DAMMNIT! Mars is my escape home to get away from people, and now you’re
    saying you’re going to put people there?! I’m calling my lawyers.

  7. RetroFox says:

    What a load of fucking shite lol. I feel like I just watched a history
    channel “documentary” lol. Makes me think of the hover board prank but
    cheaper. No dignity what so ever lol. Real scientists would never promote
    them selfs in this manner suuuuuurly lolol.

  8. betsyrocks says:

    My main issue with this is with the funding. How can they realistically
    expect to carry out this full mission without the proper funding? Private
    donations, sponsorship, crowd funding etc will only go so far. They’ll need
    tens of billions of dollars to make this work properly. I think lots of
    money will be spent and then it’ll run out. Look how much has been spent so
    far on the Virgin Galactic project (which is only for low Earth orbit) and
    they’ve had to deal with massive set-backs at a massive cost. I would say a
    mission to Mars is technically a much riskier project and will be
    incredibly costly. My guess is this is just a publicity stunt. 

  9. David Barron says:

    From 200,000 applicants cut to 100, with 24 to be finally selected. The
    first crew leaves in 2024. Awesome stuff.



  10. test321456abc says:

    inb4 Total Recall

  11. Lord happy sun says:

    Whys is this a one way trip?
    fuel and cost?

  12. Son P. says:

    I kinda feel like this is gonna be like the Hunger Games…

  13. myfacevids says:

    I just can’t wait for them to meet the aliens who are going to probe them.
    I hope they make that live. Alien porn via mars!

  14. Alan Hsu says:

    Hey how about NASA astronauts that are going to go to Mars, are they
    extraordinary citizen? Cause I want to become a NASA astronaut though. Just
    asking. Good luck, 100 brave men and women! 🙂 Hope I can see you guys
    there when I get to MARS.

  15. Manni Quinn says:

    they are really going for it? … how will they survive on mars?

  16. ranvideogamer says:

    “At the moment, there are no plans to bring any of these Mars colonists
    home to Earth.”

  17. Quan Mai says:

    If there was wifi on Mars I’d go right away 

  18. joe kickass says:

    The Mars 100: one big inspirational quote competition.

  19. BHuang92 says:

    I am anxious for the mission. Best of luck to the crew.

  20. Pandorum4000 says:

    Am I the only one who wonders:

    1. Why exactly is it a one way trip?
    2. If they can raise 5 billion for a ONE WAY trip, is it really so
    FAR-FETCHED to raise 15-20 billion for a trip BACK to Earth?
    3. Essentially, they are going to die there NOT because it’s a brave leap
    for humanity, but because the corporation wouldn’t make the profit so easy.
    4. Should the corporation be allowed to murder those people? I think the
    government should insist and assist the corporation with the funds
    necessary to bring them back.

    Overall it depresses me. Humanity has more than sufficient resources to
    take people to mars and back. Those people wouldn’t die becuase some sort
    of inevitability and a trade off between human life and exploration, they
    would die because of profit margin.
    Is this HUMANITY??? I think someone must sanction Mars One, so that a
    better more humane corporation (or NASA) can come in with a better