The Marvels Trailer Looks Amazing!

The Marvels Trailer Looks Amazing!

Well, it finally happened. We got our first look at the masterpiece that is The Marvels, better known as Captain Marvel 2. Yeah, it’s been delayed five times already, but who cares? Let’s enjoy the latest Marvel product, and then get excited for next product.

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41 Responses

  1. Magic says:

    Watching Disney’s downfall is more entertaining than watching their movies

  2. Jack Mrsich says:

    As a small mammal myself, I find the inclusion of the kittens in this movie to be a long awaited and necessary step forward for inter-species representation in our modern society. It’s good to know that caring corporations like Disney are doing their best to make people like me feel more comfortable and socially included in times like this. It’s a shame that this movie will likely flop because of specieist radicals and big-mammal supremacists, but I know the saints at Disney aren’t going to give up on small mammal representation. #smallmammals

  3. TheBassicBassist says:

    That guy saying “don’t be so modest” was epic level quick thinking. I would have crumbled into myself at the levels of awkward

    • OscarCharlieZulu says:

      @Matt yeah big fan of her Scott Pilgrim. Unfortunately in real life she seems to have a real problem of being really vain and lacking any confidence

    • BlackLives OrBlackVotes says:

      @Matt nah she got paid. No sympathy from me tbh. People aren’t hating on Mark Wahlberg because they’re too busy hating on Chris Pratt for no reason, but I don’t see you defending him. Yeah, we can play the whataboutism game too.

    • CodeguruX says:

      He should have just said, “You make a good point, on to someone who’s worth a fuck.”

  4. Sanso Humar says:

    Thor should’ve gotten an Oscar for that performance. He said it with such authenticity. “ I like this one….😐”

    • Roguenarak Dimitri says:

      The cameraman holding him at gunpoint so that he could not escape from saying it was truly one of the greatest moments in modern Hollywood. We can see in Hemsworth’s expression his hesitation between taking a bullet or saying this to Brie Larsen, truly a moving, emotional moment.

    • Dingfelder Smurfalot says:

      He was talking about his paycheck. She was just in the way.

    • Markus Freund says:

      Absolutely. Who knew Chris Hemsworth was capable of such levels of straight-faced sarcasm? After “Ghost Busters 2016” we knew his capacity for masochism was off the charts but this is something else altogether.

    • PavewayJDAM says:

      Serious acting chops on display!

  5. Eurodoc says:

    I enjoy the Drinkers’ commentary on the MCU far more than actually having to watch it.

    • Neil McDonnell says:

      Say one thing for Disney with their Star Wars franchise and Marvel franchise both silver and small screen, not to mention their spate of live action remakes. They have secured the future of many existing youtube channels and created 100s more.

    • J Lyon says:

      Back- handed compliment. I prefer CDs commentary to having a root canal.

  6. tedjo muljono says:

    Compared to the first movie, Brie’s acting in this one is very spot on, she really looked like she didn’t want to be there, just like her character

    • My Brain Glows says:

      @Lux Invictus she should first stop trying to tell everyone how awesome she is

    • Lux Invictus says:

      She might now be starting to consider what an awful decision it was to do that film and its ramifications in her career.

      Maybe she should do what Robert Pattinson did. Lie low for a while, do a bunch of indie films, and then basically just reinvent herself completely.

  7. Carl Dzoga says:

    I swear Disney flicks are looking more and more like ‘made for TV’ movies with each passing year!

  8. ManUnderMask says:

    It’s going to be interesting watching how the movie juggles four absolutely perfect characters.

    • MrSlowestD16 says:

      I think it’ll be like the Charlie’s angel’s re-re-make that Drinker reviewed. Their boss will be their old evil white [male] boss who they’ll easily defeat when the time is necessary.

    • Paul Murgatroyd says:

      They must be a closely linked team otherwise they might not know one of the others is on the shitter when they switch.

    • Sam Black says:

      It’s actually just going to be a movie length episode of Rupauls drag race.

  9. The Devil's Toaster says:

    I am so unbelievably excited to see how little money this movie will make

    • TEN-31 Films says:

      @NLJeff EU spiderman far from home was the first Spider-Man movie to ever cross a billion and it’s cuz it was the first post endgame film just like this was the first post infinity war film. Brie isn’t liked by her coworkers or audience.

    • ButWhyTho? says:

      @VectorAlphaAI I’ll go see it too lollll it’s been a traditions with me n my kids since Avengers hit. There was a perfect balance of violence(but not too much for a young kid), comedy(but nothing to hold their ears over), and only maybe 3 times have I felt truly unhappy watching all the special effects and sounds. I had no idea a new movie was coming, but we’ve seen em all now including the Antman ones that I hate lol… This one will make a good profit and I’ll still go have fun at the
      Movie and Bistro where I’m a member. It “the message” is too strong, then at least they sell beer there and I can talk to my kids about if they saw the flaws I saw.
      It’ll do just fine. Hell I’m even excited about it. I just come here to hear ppl be funny. Dry sarcastic is my thing hahah Plus the echo chamber effect of these channels get a laugh out of me too 🤣
      TLDR: I agree. I’m goin see it with my family and it’ll be fun cause I choose to make it fun 😄✌️

    • Petar Gulin says:

      @NLJeff EU because they baited portion of fans into trick that this movie is “pivotal” for Endgame story.

      And those were different times, that project was only on the nose “woke” in MCU, now we know that they only care about virtue signaling.

      This movie will still probably get $500M like Antman because there is portion of MCU fans who will watch just about anything with Marvel’s or Disney’s logo on it.

    • VectorAlphaAI says:

      I’ll go see it so I think it’ll make a lot.

  10. Lord Tvlor says:

    The worst part is it sounds like it could be a funny premise if done right. With different characters. By a different film studio. By people who care about what they’re doing. By giving it actual substance. By conveying real themes. All of which we know won’t happen. (If there are any decent movies like this I would love to know about them.)

    • Jay B says:

      I agree, I think it’s a cool idea. But the fact they use the most unlikable character in their franchise, and 2 minor characters who got their powers by “touching a force-field” and “putting on a bangle”, just makes it a non-starter. Who cares if they resolve the issue? None of them will grow or learn from it, because they are already powerful and perfect. I feel sorry for the few talented writers who remain trapped there, and have their ideas perverted and twisted to fit a narrative.

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