‘The Masked Singer’ Winner Was Sure He’d Be Out the First Week

‘The Masked Singer’ Winner Was Sure He’d Be Out the First Week

Ellen chatted with “The Masked Singer” winner, hip-hop artist and producer T-Pain, who admitted he decided to embarrass himself on the highest level with the monster costume, since he didn’t think he’d last past the first episode of the hit show.


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69 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    It’s clear T-Pain doesn’t need autotune, autotune needs him

  2. Aeida Khamissi says:

    I’m so glad he won. Like seriously, since week 1, I wanted him to win ?

  3. ScarlettP says:

    T-Pain’s voice is beyond amazing, he did such a great job as the Monster! Totally Slayed!

  4. Latif Alnaeem says:

    The masked singer winner?. At least put his name in the title this guy is a legend

  5. Hala Rammal says:

    He is so humble!!!

  6. achanwahn says:

    He’s so adorable as the monster. Loved it! Was my fave from day 1 & so glad he won

  7. Burrdmizzle says:

    Its clear now we need two things from T-Pain:
    -An album with his real singing voice
    -A podcast! I heard Nappyboy podcast is coming can’t wait!

  8. Tracee Lopez says:

    I didn’t know he had an album out, what kind of fan am I 🙁 I’m still obsessed with that auto tune y’all did years ago. It used to be my ringer ?? I’m downloading his album now!! ?❤️❤️

  9. rickey williams says:

    Everyone in HipHop and listens to hiphop knew that was T Pain from day 1 lol

  10. Now Nikki says:

    I knew it was him the first Episode

  11. big kahuna says:

    How has no one heard him sing without autotune and he has videos on YouTube of him singing Acustic. Smh

    • Aniea Cody says:

      TammyTheQueenBee your point? Not everyone will take the time to look it up and honestly not many people give af about what he sounds like without auto tune you act like EVERYONE should know this like it’s common knowledge ???‍♀️

    • kiwigirljacks says:

      TammyTheQueenBee I get you were ? the OP said ‘how has no one’. Which was vague as far as who was being referred to ✌️

    • ispeak4detrees says:

      I was not a big fan of T-Pain, although I did like and listen to most of his popular songs on the radio (all with autotune). So, I understand those who didn’t know he sang like that.
      I’m glad he was on the Masked Singer because those of us who didn’t know got to hear his real voice.
      So, instead of making others feel dumb for having no knowledge of his true singing voice, we should all be glad that he is getting more recognition for his talent.
      Now, I’m gonna need him to drop an album without autotune, or at least include songs without autotune. ??

    • Carol Jenny says:


  12. dlouvin says:

    We know his voice without autotune…y’all didn’t but we did.

  13. apolpieTV says:

    But t-pain is really down to earth person. My gosh alot of singers nowadays are using autotunes!!! T-pain is exceptional!!!

    • Stella Carpenter says:

      He always could sing. But without auto tune nobody buys his album. So he adds auto tune and surprise the album is selling ??.

  14. Tinamarie Adorno says:

    T pain is so adorable ? love his personality

  15. Chase Christeson says:

    “no one’s heard you without autotune before”. He’s been releasing non autotuned content for a while now lol

    • ispeak4detrees says:

      Realistically, fans of T-Pain knew. Others may have known his most popular songs with autotune but had not heard his actual singing voice.

    • Chase Christeson says:

      +ispeak4detrees true. he still has a really distinct voice. And I’m sure all of the true OG fans knew right away! I’m just surprised that none of the celebs guessed it on the show.

    • ispeak4detrees says:

      +Chase Christeson except Nick Canon ??

    • Chase Christeson says:

      +ispeak4detrees yeah haha ?

  16. Jonathan C says:

    I wish T-Pain’s version of Stay with Me was on his album.

  17. MiMi Amira says:

    I loved T-PAIN’s costume and his acts my fave stay with me and how he comb his fur his costume is so cute!☺??

  18. Mehvin says:

    You could’ve put TPain in the title smh

  19. Emily Jane Peralta says:

    He’s not “the Masked Singer Winner” HE IS THE T-PAIN

  20. MzGraceful says:

    T-Pain DOES have a distinct voice. No one sounds like that but him…lol. ?

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