The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu

The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu

ẅ̷̩̞̥̯͈́͊͛̋̍͑̊̕ä̷̼̗̫̲̯̥̪̠̱̀̇̍͂̀͆̚ͅk̷̢̛̻̙͎̟͚͓͖̆͂̈́̿͒̕è̸͖̙̑̊̾̉ ̴̧̠̘̖̳͓͈̽̿̆̔̒̂̂̄̒͘u̵̻͇̹͇̝̮̟̎͒͋̂͗͒̇ṕ̷̻̤̐͐͒̅̽̏

The Matrix Resurrections tickets on sale 12.06.21 @ 9AM PT #MatrixMonday #TheMatrix

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40 Responses

  1. AD_edits says:

    Wtf is going on ? 😂😂😂 I hope this is great!

  2. Cinema Critic Review's says:

    It’s honestly kinda brilliant what they’re doing here, literally rebooting the Matrix server and the franchise at the same time, it’s really cool.

    • DHIKЯIS says:

      Which reminds me to what they did in ghostbusters 2016

    • BurzumVEVO says:

      @G Es ?

    • G Es says:

      @BurzumVEVO .

    • NobleRaider2747 Plays says:

      @Cinema Critic Review’s if you want someone to blame for how the sequels turned out then blame Bob Iger
      Iger wanted an anthology film every year and an ST movie every 2 years, Kathleen Kennedy wanted it to be 3 years
      Solo, while being a good movie, was caught in the backlash against TLJ, and Infinity War had just come out, so Disney dragged it down with a stone before it had even come out
      The ST films needed more time in the oven, which is why Kennedy suggested 3 years over 2

    • ShahYT says:

      @Mike D’Argenio naah this is different

  3. Lesziel 2 says:

    the trailer begins with the cat’s meow, and ends with the cat’s meow, Déjà Vu 😀

  4. CABLE 715 says:

    This is fantastic, what a brilliant marketing campaign so far, anyone see that shot of the Merovingian, dude’s lookin rough. Side note, the machines are at war with eachother now, and one side is ressurecting Neo to help them

    • Antonio Vásquez says:

      @Sidrianico Burgos yeah, they have green lights, so I don’t know if it’s just machines vs machines.. I remember that in one Animatrix short when humans reprogrammed sentinels to fight for the human cause their lights would go from red to green.

    • Jase D says:

      @Antonio Vásquez bingo. They may explore that aspect as well

    • Charles Martel says:

      Sounds like the Animatrix plot with the green machines heloing humanity while the red machines are attempting to exterminate and enslave it.

    • Charles Martel says:

      @Antonio Vásquez Exactly what Im talking about.

    • CABLE 715 says:

      @Antonio Vásquez it looked more blue to me in this trailer, I could be wrong, but it fits the theme of the red pill vs blue pill. And yah it does remind me of that episode of Animatrix.

  5. Guillermo Vaccarezza says:

    There is hope that this movie will blow everybody’s mind just like the first one did. Hope it is as clever as it looks like

  6. mariofan010 says:

    I like how this seems like it’s going to surprise us just like the original matrix did back in 1999 when it released. We don’t know what’s going on in these trailers but we’re for sure in for something wild

  7. James Campbell says:

    Seeing Trinity put on her old sunglasses hits me right in the feels!

  8. Lautaro Maiarú says:

    This is how you make a trailer. Not spoiling the story, but creating true interest on it.

    • Sweating Serpent says:

      so true. i glad that i watched movies first and trailers later. so many trailers just straight up spoils everything lol.

    • Michael Park says:

      For which movie did the trailer spoil the story?

    • emelia says:

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    • Island Vibes says:

      @huntercollier lol

  9. Mark Z says:

    This was a really interesting choice to use as a trailer. The split screens are everywhere… I wasn’t expecting that! It was really fun to watch this 2nd trailer. Almost as much fun as the first trailer. I’m glad this didn’t give anything away either.

    Maybe the director is trying to tell us that we should see the movie, because the story isn’t going to be what (for many of us) we think it will be. I mean, that the whole point of seeing a movie; to see something new, bold, odd, and hopefully worthwhile of seeing it in the first place. Something that will shake up your expectations.

  10. The Reel Rejects says:

    I seriously can not wait for this film. Both trailers have just been glorious frame by frame dissections lol

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