The Matrix Resurrections Should Never Have Been Made

The Matrix Resurrections Should Never Have Been Made

The Matrix Resurrections has turned out to be an absolute flop in theatres, and its easy to see why. This film was a disaster from start to finish. Join me as I review it.

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47 Responses

  1. The Critical Drinker says:

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    • Somewhere Out There Podcast says:

      @Danny Boy yeah well when there’s something I don’t want to do be what ever it will, it’s this thing I like to say it’s been around for awhile ITS CALLED NO!

    • William Severn says:

      I will stop making any attempt to develop anything with the intention of benefiting a European audience.

    • WhatSupp says:

      @William Severn Then your eyes and ears are covered and being fed what the system wants you to see and hear. Wake up. When some one criticizes something why can’t you find the solution in that criticism? It’s not for us to fix their mistakes. Pointing out the flaws is just as good. This movie should not even exist. I personally will comment that a movie is trash or ish because it is and needs no further explanation and when I do take the time to point out the issues and or solutions people like you will just leave a comment like that or find some excuse like racism or misogyny when that wasn’t mentioned or implied. we live in a world where people are so intrenched in the system they’ll defend something like resurrections and claim anyone that sees the many flaws is the blue pill despite them being the npc in the situation.

    • Somewhere Out There Podcast says:

      @Danny Boy 99% of us seem to use that response as you mentioned! 🤔

    • William Severn says:

      @WhatSupp kindly stop replying to me from your troll account.

  2. Jeff Geerling says:

    I think someone thought the new “bullet time” thing would be really cool, but a lot of those sequences felt made-for-TV quality.

    • Rich Smith says:

      Also notice how no one in this movie died. There wasn’t a single moment in this movie i was worried for the safety of anyone involved.
      Jesus there were scenes of men mag dumping assault rifles at people running in a straight line and not a single bullet seemed to hit their targets.

    • Jeff Geerling says:

      @Trent Baker not bullet time (the thing from the original Matrix)… the “new bullet time” thing where people seemed to glitch and blur around while other people were not glitching and blurring. And then later when the psychologist guy gets to move in normal speed during bullet time.

    • ericv00 says:

      Wow. Look at all the idiots who still threw their money at garbage.

      This stuff doesn’t go away until you stop financing it. By all means, keep making garbage people rich, you idiots. Impoverish yourselves as you get mad and enrich your overlords as they enrage you.

    • MichaelK says:

      YES! I was sitting there thinking, “why does this movie look so cheap?”

    • Rich Smith says:

      Have you not heard of torrenting? I personally haven’t been to a movie since End Game and iv never ever subscribed to a streaming service.
      Im not throwing my money at anyone. If anything these big studios are throwing money at me.

  3. MauLer says:

    God it was such a sad end to the 2021 movie cycle, what a mess.

  4. Paul Kemp says:

    I thought the back story was already there for Neo’s resurrection, there have been several iterations of ‘The One’ which was established during the first trilogy. People are grown in vats so it’s conceivable they are just clones, and Resurrections Neo could have just been the next one following the death of the previous Neo (remainder of the equation would become unresolved once again), or at least the Neo clones are always candidates. The cloning could also explain Trinity’s return. To avoid a repetition of the disastrous Smith/Neo interaction on the last iteration, the machines have done a better job at hiding him from the humans on the outside trying to find this version which could explain the advanced age. Hell, given the last Zion supposedly survived, the humans on the outside have knowledge of the whole process and you could have had new Trinity being woken up much earlier and her new back story as the new Morpheus trying to find Neo to see if love is rekindled between generations of clones.
    I was undecided whether to head out to the cinema during a pandemic to see this one as it can’t be streamed anywhere I chose to subscribe to at home. The Drinker has potentially saved my life!

    • Mind and Body says:

      Yup, they just forgot their own foundation and you can see it in the first 15 min. Turned it off and I didn’t even bother to finish after realizing that.

    • dezz nutz says:

      SMH. COVID wont kill you unless you are old, overweight, and have at least one comorbidity. Stop living in fear and man up Paul.

  5. Jesuslordofthedance says:

    The first half an hour of this movie was essentially a montage of characters literally trying to justify a new Matrix. I’ll be honest, I was enthralled the whole way through. Like… how is it possible to do such a poor job making a film? How does one of the original creators miss the mark so badly in every aspect? Was is deliberate? Did she not want to make this film, but the studio pushed her into it? Or could it be that the Wachowskis haven’t made a good movie since the original Matrix? These are the questions that don’t matter. The only question that matter is: Why the fuck does ‘Smith’ call Neo ‘Tom’ instead of ‘Mr Anderson’ for the whole damn movie? Who thought that was a good idea?

    • Jeremiah Bell says:

      “Or could it be that the Wachowskis haven’t made a good movie since the original Matrix?”

      They have made 2 good things since then: V for Vendetta, and Sense8. Everything else has been overbloated narcissism dressed up like a feature production.

  6. Junior Read says:

    I think it would have been cooler to see them reawaken as coding in the Matrix, their consciousnesses preserved as programs. Would even be interesting to see Neo become an agent, forgetting who he was before, having to struggle to remember and take control of himself. This because he had been infected by Agent Smith. They could have him kill a few people, some humans and a couple rogue AI, until he encounters the AI version of Trinity and cannot kill her. Instead he decides to run with her and they have to make human allies and end up leading a machine rebellion against the Matrix.

    Would be interesting if, following the original trilogy, they had a power shortage, like in this movie, and so this left the machines much less imposing in the real world. Have the humans have a few cities on the surface even. When Neo is outside the Matrix in a machine body, the world would feel fake to him because he’s not able to actually feel it but just scan it. So it’s an inverse of how things were before, where now to him the Matrix is the real world and the human world is the illusion.

    That would bring back Neo and Trinity in a way that doesn’t rob them of their deaths; since they still died, these are just copies. It would also continue the story in a way that wasn’t a Jar Jar Abrams “TFA” style rehash of the first movie.

  7. Ricardo Dartist says:

    I liked the first Matrix and rewatch it many times over… Even went to the 20th anniversary showing at my local theatre before the virus-of-unknown-origin hit us hard. Thank you drinker, you just save me a few dollars and an extra hour of my life… I think I go and watch Spiderman no way home twice!

  8. Judge Jerry Poppins says:

    A main quirk I had with this was that it felt TOO self-aware to me. The self-referential aspects made it hard to tell whether they were trying too hard to be funny or if Lana Wachowski was throwing shade at Warner Bros. and decided to make it some ultra-meta attempt at criticizing unnecessary sequels and what they do a lot of the time. Either way I didn’t really feel anything about this. I didn’t really like the last one so I don’t feel that upset that this one wasn’t good either. I just wasn’t that excited.

    • ChipsterB says:

      @Judge Jerry Poppins I wondered for a bit if it was an attempt at satire and parody, but no. It just sucked.

    • dezz nutz says:

      I think whats clear here is When you lose your balls you lose the ability to make a good action movie. High estrogen beings dont make good action movies, PERIOD.

    • Valentine Gonsalves says:

      And that doubly sucks because damn, this movie lacks the aesthetic of the original Matrix.

      When the replay footage from the originals, this new movie looks like a PS4 videogame. Really bad greenscreen and FX, even the explosions look fake AF like a videogame. Kills the immersion.

      Also Neo being a “gamer dude” is not profound like the makers think. Its makes you laugh.

      Was waiting for Ms Woke College Kid Haircut to make basement-dweller neckbeard jokes at Neo.

    • Untitled 342 says:

      @dezz nutz damn lol

    • Schaef says:

      Yeah, apparently even though they’re in the distant future, somehow Neo resetting the Matrix caused the world to go back and retroactively create Facebook and Wikipedia so that the Merovingian could be mad about it when he got older.

  9. Paul Richards says:

    I’m old enough to remember when the original Matrix came out. The Internet was still in its infancy (no leaks or social media at the time), and the one thing that made that movie so special back then was the fact that so little was known about it. The first trailers were very cryptic, with most of the marketing consisting of asking people the question *What is the Matrix?* and I remember that lots of people barely knew what they were going to watch when they bought the tickets.

    The second and third were not as good because they were running out of creative juice and ended up relying too much on action. They still had a few good ideas in Reloaded, but failed to deliver in Revolutions. We still felt compelled to go watch them though because we wanted to know how the story was going to end.

    With this entry, however, there’s no surprise element anymore. It tries to reminisce on what once was but the whole thing feels off since the world has changed too much since 1999-2003. This movie feels like going out on a Saturday night, getting drunk, hooking up with your ex-girlfriend you haven’t seen in almost 20 years and expecting to get that spark going again. It’s not going to happen. She’s now divorced, overweight, and you can no longer relate to each other at any deeper level. You’ll just leave with a bitter aftertaste and end up regretting the whole thing.

  10. sooza says:

    Agree with everything said in this video, except I don’t think the lackluster action is Keanu Reeves’ fault. I mean, he’s still fast, strong and brutal in the John Wick films so I don’t think his age had anything to do with it. I think poor choreography and a lack of creativity is to blame (much like the rest of the film).

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