The MCU Has Been Taking Us For Granted.

The MCU Has Been Taking Us For Granted.

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Schaff and the MCU are drifting apart. Oh well.

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45 Responses

  1. parodysam says:

    It wasn’t always terrible, but it was always doomed to stop being good.

  2. starringtoy93 says:

    “Stories are meant to have an ending. “
    Unfortunately, most popular franchises in media don’t get that luxury anymore.

  3. Peter Frank says:

    The MCU started off so charismatic. It wasn’t trying to be a film of full comic book senses like Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ or deconstruct the genre using realism like ‘The Dark Knight’, and I’m in no way downplaying them; the MCU was lighter. But not shallow; it was laidback. To me, that was the appeal. It wasn’t in either side of the genre, but its own place.

    When the ambitious crossover came, the laidback nature and simpleness made it work. But at its core, there was sincerity. Yeah, it’s also to make the big bucks, but there was genuine passion in storytelling too. Could it have been bolder creatively? Yes. But it was engaging still. It wasn’t always a homerun, but it went on strong for ten years.

    Now, the MCU chose to go bigger, and in turn, it burns faster. The core grew tired. Laidback turned into laziness. The universe turned into a box, caging its potentials. It got spoiled, too comfortable.

    Personally, the sole reason it’s not a good-bye for me just yet is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’. That will be the good-bye.

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot says:

      @FloatingHamstick Tell me you expect every film to be immediately on part with Endgame without telling me you expect every film to be immediately on part with Endgame. They’re basically restarting to then build up to Kang Dynasty/Secret Wars, ofc they’re not gonna be as intense as Endgame otherwise it would get repetitive (and ig dragon ball z levels)

    • Slrz says:

      Guardians 3 is quite literally the only thing I’m excited for in the MCU other than Ant Man 3 and Secret wars (i’m only a little excited for secret wars)

    • Steven Crowder is scared to debate Sam Seder says:

      @Gal Peleg The agenda is money not diversity. Don’t forget that.

    • taco_boi says:

      @FloatingHamstick exactly! and i think the problem with too many heroes is that the stakes feel incredibly low. like “oh no you failed… but there’s 100 other heroes in this city alone who could take care of it”. then there’s the fact that every movie has to have some world-ending threat–there’s a video about that but i forget who it’s by but if you’re interested search up “stop trying to end the world marvel” or something

  4. Abhainn XV says:

    The fact that Disney has essentially proven the original Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared right yet again over 11 years later is incredible. Depressing, but still incredible.

    • Generic Username says:

      @ParableR Roy

    • ParableR says:

      @Peter Carioscia Not to completely undermine your point but where in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared did you find any of that happening? Even if you only take the first one into consideration (the other 5 have nothing to do with creativity anyway), none of that happened in the episode. What money men??

    • Mcservers2000 says:

      @Benjamin Cooper lmao I only just got this now too. I always thought it was a funny nonsensical saying from when that first video was released. Never watched the rest of it but I remember people quoting that all the time and now the meaning actually makes a lot sense.

    • Schizoid man says:

      @Benjamin Cooper Because of green being an colour of uncreativity

      However, the reverse of low classes is the colour of the green meanie.

      The reverse of the lower classes is the breed of green.

    • Benjamin Cooper says:

      @Amber Hernandez Omg green is not a creative colour

      Cause green is the colour of money

      And money stifles creatively

      OOOOO I’m slow

  5. C C says:

    I think the recent Werewolf By Night special on Disney+ supports your argument about the TV shows working better as TV movies since Werewolf By Night is the first example of it. I really liked it and it seems like it’s generally been very well received overall. While I can’t say I know if a series of it would have been bad or mediocre, I feel like a lot of what made the special for fun and memorable like it being in black-and-white (part of being a homage to 30s-60s horror movies) almost certainly would have been changed at the very least.

  6. Schlatt The Plush says:

    This man is experiencing better character developments than 95% of Netflix movies.

  7. Jane says:

    If I may say, the Werewolf by Night Halloween special was an absolute breath of fresh air. It was a unique story and a beautiful homage to the early Universal monster movies. Plus it’s only an hour long! Basically it’s what phase 4 could be if the MCU listened to the criticism

  8. sailz-shock says:

    I feel the exact same way about the direction of the MCU, but have been struggling to put my discontent into words. You have articulated my feelings perfectly, and I feel that your choice to call them ‘products’ rather than films/shows really reflects their purpose in the eyes of Disney. Thanks again for the great video, Schaff!

  9. Homie says:

    When even Sam Raimi can’t make bad conditions work, you know something is seriously wrong with your studio

    • Literally Vergil says:

      @thadmaster 7 yes but if you know what happened you would knew that sony and producers fucked him over and forced him to add venom

    • thadmaster 7 says:

      @Vampunz rami also directed spiderman 3…

    • Literally Vergil says:

      @John Roach how was it terrible? Spider-Man 2 is still probably the greatest superhero movie, even Martin Scorsese likes them because of what they say, besides sm3 how are these critically Acclaimed movies terrible? Unless you unironically think them being “corny” sometimes is bad

    • John Roach says:

      @Vampunz The Raimi trilogy was a terrible thing in all aspects, and I love it wholeheartedly

  10. Prime says:

    The fact that Werewolf by Night, a one hour long tv Halloween special that clearly didn’t have as much of a mandate, is probably the most creative thing the MCU has put out this whole phase speaks volumes to how the MCU should utilize Disney Plus moving forward.

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