The Mean One – Official Trailer: Grinch Horror Parody (2022) David Howard Thornton, Krystle Martin

The Mean One – Official Trailer: Grinch Horror Parody (2022) David Howard Thornton, Krystle Martin

The Grinch steals a lot more than Christmas in this forthcoming horror parody/sequel to the classic Dr. Seuss yuletide tale. Terrifer 2’s David Howard Thornton plays the titular green meanie while Krystle Martin plays an adult Cindy You-Know-Who out for revenge twenty years later. Director Steven LaMorte’s The Mean One opens in theaters on December 9th.


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33 Responses

  1. Abductedbyhorror says:

    So happy David is getting recognized for how talented he is.

  2. i can't think of a username says:

    The Grinch is probably the best choice for a childhood character turned horror monster

    • ScottLovesMoviesTooMuch says:

      Right? Wanting to ruin people’s Christmas is already in his character. Except now he’s ruining it through murder!

  3. KingTrexDoesStuff says:

    First, we have Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey and now we have The Mean One.

  4. Smashboxgames • says:

    First the Winnie pooh, then now the mean one. What’s next? The cat in the hat horror version. 😂

  5. Logan Flores says:

    I’m excited! David Howard Thornton killed it as Art The Clown in Terrifier 2 I’m excited to see his take on the Grinch!

  6. Darth Sidious says:

    This better be on Tubi eventually. This looks fantastic and bad. My favorite combination.

  7. TheDisneyNerd says:

    This movie is probably gonna feel like a fever dream after you watch it loll

  8. Goober says:

    I’m so excited! Looks like a goofy fun time🎉

  9. Agent Bumblebee says:

    All that I’m gonna be expecting from this is just a cheesy fun slasher, and from the trailer alone, it looks to be that way.

    Yea, I’m gonna go watch this.

  10. Thaxasaurian says:

    All this is missing is Jim Carrey’s grinch laugh

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