The Mediadel | Game of Zones Season 7 Premiere

The Mediadel | Game of Zones Season 7 Premiere

Dwyane Wade joins the media while a new threat surfaces in Milwaukee. Watch the first episode from the final season of Game of Zones. (@StateFarm )

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70 Responses

  1. Colin Hoey says:

    Larry Bird said that “The Gods of this game will not stand for this. A reckoning is coming”. Now there is no more basketball for awhile. coincidence????

  2. PeachTube says:

    D Wade: What where’s Sir Charles? He’s like the funniest guy on the sh-

  3. Tatenda Ziyambi says:

    4:25 Bill Simmons in the Celtics porn section reading a book about the 69 Celtics…… Well played can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

  4. Josh D says:

    “Actual player heights” in the restricted section had me dying

  5. ETHANBOT5000 says:

    “What was this horse doing when it got hurt?” “Horse things I assume”.


    • Luke O. says:

      ETHANBOT5000 care to explain it?

    • Martín Adolfo de la Peña says:

      @Luke O. There was an old episode in which they traded a player for a horse and the sell was “it does horse things”.

    • Rolando Marrero says:

      Yes the horse that does horse things came from the trade that sent Ibaka to Toronto in exchange for Torch and a second round pick to house of Magic!

  6. T Premysl says:

    They should make a movie at the end of all this.

    • my lock says:

      Word yo real shit plz yo if u like shit like go watch society of virtue and tell me wat u think they parody super heroes

  7. ThatManMuggsy says:

    When a parody of a show has better premieres

  8. Sheev Palpantine says:

    It is shocking that GOZ managed to create a living breathing citadel populated by actual maesters and acolytes far better than GOT. D & D couldn’t be bothered to hire extras to just stand in the background.

  9. Dribble with Jacob says:

    The details. Had to watch three times to catch all the hidden gems. Incredible series

  10. Heavy Papa says:

    ‘I pray that you bestow on me the gift of range’😂😂

    Bleacher Report are crazy if they think they can just end this show

    • Alex Mija says:

      Heavy Papa bleacher report didn’t end it, the creators just thought that they didn’t this to become something that runs for so long that it becomes an old joke. They also want to go and pursue other creative projects.

    • Gjamouri Francis says:

      Alex Mija They’re being ridiculous. I would pay to watch this if it would turn into an actual show. If it ain’t broke leave it alone.

  11. Aristotle Abiodun says:

    “What was this horse doing when it got injured”?

    “Horse things,I assume.”
    That reference 😂

    • Dusica Kospic says:

      House Magic trade 😂

    • 50 000 Subscribers with just 2 videos says:

      “This is Mario Hezonja..”
      “What does he do?”
      “He averages 5 points per game..”
      “What about the horse?”
      “He does.. horse things..”
      “We’ll take the horse..” 😂

  12. Eddie Sanchez says:

    Anyone else catch 4:28 section is called ” Celtics Porn ” and the book they’re reading is “The 69 Celtics” Also 2 Girls 1 Truth”

  13. Will says:

    Who else got the chills when the state farm knight started dribbling🥶

  14. Sawyer Webster says:

    Chuck is on the dream team that’s why he’s missing

  15. R Freeze says:

    Shaq’s book: “A compendium of recent bloopers” 😂

  16. Cole Palmer says:

    “2002 WCF Report” is a book in the library restricted section lmao THIS SHOW IS PERFECT!!!

  17. Hal Jordan says:

    I love how Giannis has a raptor claw scratch across his helmet from last year’s playoffs 😂

  18. Monsieur ILLY says:

    Who peep that book that said ” Derrick Rose SAT’s” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Daunte Hodgins says:

    giannis praying in front of ray allen statue for range was hilarious

  20. Nicholas Garcia says:

    Please do not cancel this show. It is essential.

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