The Meyers and Ashe Families Face Off in the Newlywed Game

The Meyers and Ashe Families Face Off in the Newlywed Game

Hilary and Larry Meyers, Joanne and Tom Ashe and Seth and Alexi Meyers compete to see which couple knows each other the best.
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The Meyers and Ashe Families Face Off in the Newlywed Game- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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52 Responses

  1. 00 11 says:

    How is seth’s brother so good on tv

  2. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    Late Night with Josh Myers?

  3. tRonald Dump says:

    Seth really scored, she’s so beautiful

  4. ClearPolitics says:

    I love it when Seth brings relatives to the show. 🙂 10/10

  5. Marie FL says:

    OMG how can Seth’s brother sound so much like him?? For the first 5 seconds of the video I was doing something else on my screen and I really thought that it was Seth talking until I looked at him!

  6. evalovesbubbles says:

    If one day Seth’s brother takes over the show I feel like we might not even notice XD

  7. JUST STOP says:

    Yeah Seth totally married up. Good for you dude.

  8. Abhigyan Kashyap says:

    You can feel the intellectuality in the air…

  9. Dung Nguyen says:

    Josh still looking so delicious after MadTV. 😘😘

  10. Rory H says:

    If this show were Late Night with the Meyers Family and Occasionally Amber Ruffin, I would never miss an episode

  11. Maria Soledad Vazquez says:

    Hilary is my goal person: I want to be like her, she sounds so funny!

  12. Brendan Skinner says:

    This was great, there’s something refreshing about actual honesty on tv.

  13. Mario Lopez says:

    Seth’s brother kind of looks and sounds like Bob Eubanks. Nice idea to do Newlywed Game. Happy Turkey Day….

  14. Artillery Horse says:

    Some beautiful women in that family…

  15. Jane Eyre says:

    What a nice family! I thought such families existed only in books and movies. Where is the dysfunction, LOL? Seth seems to be so comfortable and happy with his family around. #FamilyGoals

  16. Pavla Trojanová says:

    This is soooo cheeesy. I love it. I could watch it all day.

  17. Ethio Beats says:

    I like Seth’s Dad and Mom combo! They’re fun to be around.

  18. Aaron Wrotkowski says:

    “She is more text than subtext” Where do I find that

  19. PIX Promos & More says:

    Comedy aside; Josh Meyers would make a Great game show host

  20. Keinish79 says:

    For April Fools’ day, they should let Josh be there and everybody should treat him like he is Seth.

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