The Mind of Jake Paul – Teaser Trailer

The Mind of Jake Paul – Teaser Trailer


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54 Responses

  1. Naeema Mohamed says:

    OMG there is so much tea the WORLD is flooding

  2. Mystical says:

    I don’t like the Paul brothers but I support Shane and so I will watch ?

  3. Isaac Turpin says:

    I was JUST thinking how Shane’s next series should be about one of the Paul brothers… my wish has been granted. Ready for the tea sis.

  4. Gio & Eli says:

    i live for the dramatic-ness of this

  5. Bubblegum POP says:

    *i love drama, anyone else?*

  6. Emily Turnip says:

    Just me who thinks Shane looks rly run down in the end clip

  7. Alankar Joey says:

    oh my god shane

  8. Jessie Belle says:

    I will applaud Shane is he can get a real true hard series out of someone like Jake Paul. Even when people try to get his serious side and deal with him legally, it all ends up as a joke and still like shit in the end. So while I’m not excited I’m going to have to watch a series on the guy I constantly see on the Trending of youtube and can’t ever get rid of I’m excited to watch Shane’s new series and see how this goes… I really hope this isn’t going to be one of those things where legally you can only use him in your videos because you’re going to be painting him in a semi-good light though. The ending kind of cleared that and gave me a good feeling but I’m .. wary… Sure like everyone else is LOL, even Shane himself… But bc i know Shane, Andrew, you guys work on this I know I’ll like it anyway. I’m nervous though!!!!!!!

  9. Oda Amalie says:

    I.Got.Chills at the end
    Andrew: what are you most worried about?
    Shane: that he’s gonna be mad when he finds out what the series actually about

  10. Bea I says:

    Shane will spill the tea and show many sides of the story, we can make our own conclusions even if he does sympathize with Jake. I don’t like Jeffree Star after the series about him (I respect him but he’s not for me), and it was biased, which is to be expected since they’re friends. This series won’t even be biased. Shane wants to understand what the heck is going on in Jake Paul’s mind and he might end up sympathizing with him (or not) and that’s fine. I think Jake Paul is terrible but Shane doesn’t have to lol. Y’all don’t have to worry, in Shane we trust. ?

  11. TSB says:

    Heres what i think, shane said that “its not what you think” so of course he knew all of us would think this is about normalizing jake paul or making him out to be a good person. I think this is going to be about pyschopaths in general and jake paul is the true form of a pyschopath, sociopath watever u wanna call it, notice how shane keeps referring to this as a subject, to me hes hinting that hes always had a interest in the subject of pyschology and jake pauls mind is like opening flood gates to what is really going on. So i doubt this is going to be solely about jake but something on a wider scale here in relation to psychopaths

  12. alexisoverit says:

    *Who else didn’t see this coming and doesn’t like Jake Paul but will still watch for Shane? Idk why people are getting mad at Shane he’s just being neutral to the people he interviews..*
    btw anyone down to be yt friends? I make vlogs and I would really appreciate your feedback! 🙂

    • Briana Ruiz says:


    • Kelly Gangi says:

      alexisoverit Shane never is neutral to the people he makes series about when has he ever left a series not promoting that person

    • Lelrica says:

      He’s probably going to try to cast Jake in a good light ?

    • Ana Horvat says:

      Honestly, many poeple didn’t want this to happen because they can’t stand the Paul brothers and their attempts at gaining public sympathy, while they literally break the law, promote horrible behaviour and act fake.

      I didn’t want this, many people didn’t want this, but here we are, *my nightmare came true.* I’ll sit this one out, I don’t want to know ”the real Jake”, as if he’ll even show us the real one.

    • Mervyn Graham says:


  13. Sofia H Rasmussen says:

    mind BLOWN

  14. Sofia H Rasmussen says:

    anyone else love the music

  15. yoplait says:

    I was bummed out about Shane doing a series on Jake Paul.. Until I saw the ending of this teaser 🙂

  16. YourGirlAugust says:

    This looks more terrifying than The Nun

  17. Alankar Joey says:

    Houston, we have a problem, Shane is precious, don’t let the Jake Paul touch him

  18. fawu says:

    dude Shane could honestly turn the most hated people on the internet into lovable people. I’m excited to see if that happens with this series!

    • hello love ivy15 says:

      I don t think he is trying to make jake lovable…didn’t you pay attention.Entire clip is about jake bullying people and then at the end shane says that jake is not going to like this

  19. TOMOKIN / Ryota Tomogane says:

    I used to love Jake Paul.
    Actually, he inspired me to create my channel.
    But now…..

    I’m a hater of him????

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