The Minecraft Base That Survived 2b2t’s Deadliest Exploit

The Minecraft Base That Survived 2b2t’s Deadliest Exploit

Today we will discuss the Minecraft base that survived 2b2t’s deadliest exploit, and how it stayed hidden on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.
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Halo3 ODST, Tekken, Glover, SA2

Additional 2b2t Footage/Information:

leijurv (Visuals, heatmaps, information)
Redstoner, Mahan, Steve3, Nukelord (Visuals, Information)

Thumbnail Artwork: scalymammal

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A story 2 years in the making is not exactly a speedrun.
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!

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49 Responses

  1. Bruh says:

    *If 2b2t items actually have an approximate monetary value, then hausemaster basically has complete control over supply and demand*

    • AcidReflex says:

      Yeah he could easily make a few extra bucks selling a few crazy items here and there, and it wouldn’t impact the server a bunch

    • Lord Fenix 17 says:


    • Kermit the white wolf says:

      He just have to say: The one that pay me the most would get an illigal item and he would be rich

    • MikeGamerGuy says:

      Yeah but if caught profiting via admin spawned items it would drive value down into the basement people would abandon the server. What he has is stable and profitable. It would be crazy to risk. But people will be people.

    • Willard Davis says:

      @cyberpatch he makes well enough with the queue lol

  2. Formal Box says:

    God, such a powerful dupe that the poor guy had to put his pc in the freezer

    • I game I do research too says:

      @deidara _ Do you have any sort of knowledge about this stuff? Don’t speak about something you don’t know about.
      1.13+ are the least optimized versions of minecraft ever released, whether it be compared to bedrock or java, 1.13+ versions of java are incredibly unoptimized, so much that they broke a record.
      That’s why most mods still run 1.12.2, it’s only now (Java 8.some number I forgot) that java software is able to utilize modern processors more efficiently.

    • Clanker says:


    • deidara _ says:

      @I game I do research too It’s not that black and white hon, 1.13+ added a lot of crap which made some areas of the game less stable than others, however they did do optimizations in several areas like with light updates and explosions and some mother stuff. Anyway, point still is, Java edition is an unoptimized mess compared to Bedrock, which is why you can have 30+ render distance on Bedrock without noticing a performance hit while Java edition grinds to a halt.

    • danvevo 11 says:

      Rich* also the freezer wont work cuz it’s open

    • Spec28 says:

      A freezer is what people who didn’t get the joke have their head in.

  3. Noodle Productions says:

    Tbh the accounts “redstoner” and “steve3” might be worth more than the base itself, those are probably really high demand.

  4. Misaka the Memetic says:

    “Track down your competitors and nuke their shops.” -Sigma 2b2trillionaire grindset

  5. OwO says:

    You know 2B2T isn’t a safe place when steve himself joins the exploit bandwagon to make the server worse.

  6. Kayseek says:

    Nothing says “free market capitalism” more than blowing up your competition.

    • Aww Fiddlesticks says:

      @CypDasHuhn I built my enterprise from the block up!

    • Asgore 89 says:

      @CypDasHuhn So basically making everyone poor as dirt? (genuine question btw)

    • The Pope says:

      @CypDasHuhn So you define socialism as collective ownership. Great. The problem is collective ownership doesn’t work. Essentially you would be substituting a substantial part of the workers pay for stocks. That may be great and all, but when this was tried in the ussr workers traded their shares for money or resources and it eventually ended up in the hands a few people. So the workers are back to have little to no say in the business. Now the idea of collective ownership isn’t at all opposed to capitalism. Capitalism is essentially letting people do whatever they want and seeing what happens. A lot of companies do offer 401Ks which allows workers to invest part of their earnings into stocks.

      The next problem is you’re not accounting for debt of losses in the mug factory analogy. A worker may produce $20 of product an hour, however even after paying the worker $10/hr that does not mean there is $10/hr worth of profit. There may be $1/hr worth of profit or -$10/hr worth of loss after account for expenses. And then there is a risk of no product being sold at all which would be disastrous. Under capitalism the workers are paid first before any profits are made. It could be many years before a business generates any profit for the owner but the workers still get paid regardless. Believe it or not owning a mcdonalds isn’t actually that profitable after accounting for debt

    • CypDasHuhn says:

      @The Pope Im just replying so you know i saw it, and im not ignoring it. In germany, it’s 2am now and i want to go sleep. i will reply tomorrow.

    • Omnitroph says:


  7. Calebfire9 says:

    It’s not a World Reset, it’s just that everyone’s bases are gone.
    Sounds like a world reset with extra Steps lol

  8. ADgamer777 says:

    Literally fit lasted half a second until saying his famous line “The oldest anarchy server on Minecraft” also nice to see Fit back again.

  9. Hot Blade says:

    “From the outside, it looks like an ugly lavacast.”

    Dude, that’s a Minecraft 1.18 mountain you’re trash talking.

  10. Pixelcraftian says:

    Imagine a base that wasn’t discovered by NoCom just turned out to be a dirt hut.

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