The Minecraft VR Experience

The Minecraft VR Experience

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“Back at It” by John Runefelt

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26 Responses

  1. Technoblade says:

    10 MIL MERCH:

  2. SB737 says:

    Who knew the best kind of physical therapy for Techno’s arm would be Minecraft in VR

  3. JustaGreenGuy says:

    Techno: “This is just a normal play through.”
    Viewers:*Sees half slabs of stone that spawn naturally and biomes that aren’t in the game*

    Anyways Techno, you always make me smile during your videos so keep up the good work!👍💪

  4. Sophie Lecras says:

    Everyone: technoblade never dies

    Techno when he sees a creeper in VR hardcore: “ohhhhhhh noooooooo we don’t fight that”

  5. Reese August says:

    “For those of you who wear clothes” I’m glad Techno is being so inclusive in his videos. You never know how many nudists are watching your video.

  6. Nightmaras says:

    I laughed so hard when Techno laid on the actual ground! I can’t wait to get the OFFICER, I DROP-KICKED THAT CHILD IN SELF DEFENSE shirt! Glad you’re recovering well, Techno!

  7. tay says:

    I love how whilst Techno’s arm is still healing, he literally decides to proceed with the sequel to the ultimate fitness program

  8. K4TJ42 says:

    LMAO Techno actually lying down while “sleeping” got me laughing so hard, the blood god knows how to entertain LOL. Loved the VR Videos from 2019. So much looking forward to the next episodes of this. Good to have you back, pig!

  9. Magical Eevee says:

    Imagine Techo, Wil, Tommy and Phil, struggling together in Minecraft VR!

  10. Will Phillips says:

    There’s a reason this man is my favorite person on this site

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