The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley – WWE Championship Lumberjack Match: Raw, Mar. 1, 2021

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley – WWE Championship Lumberjack Match: Raw, Mar. 1, 2021

Bobby Lashley finally gets his hands on The Miz with Raw Superstars surrounding the ring in a Lumberjack Match for the WWE Championship. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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69 Responses

  1. Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan says:

    MVP deserves a pay raise for saving the careers of Lashley, Alexander, and Benjamin.

  2. Tectone says:

    So I guess the Miz is just a joke?

    • mrslash blade says:

      @Maximillion Roivas except for one thing, WE DIDNT NEED MIZ TO MAKE LASHLEY LOOK STRONG. It’s not a real achievement.

    • ConnerPlayz7078 says:

      Yes he is he wasted his mitb

    • strAt spat says:

      @Mohamed Ali yep i’m also done! The miz played that role of heel perfectly! But no vince just want another big guy to be champion! I’m just done!

    • mrslash blade says:

      @CurbCrusher they complained because everyone saw the writing on the wall before he cashed it in. What is the point? They know he’s not going to Wrestlemania as the company’s world champion, so why make it this predictable? You’re better off making McIntyre vacate the belt for two weeks because that’s exactly what it felt like, a vacant title. It make more sense to make him cash it after Wrestlemania when WWE ratings drop anyway.

    • MOTGA says:

      You can thank Vince for only pushing muscular men

  3. MrWWEtron says:

    I ‘ve been waiting this moment since his match with Cena in 2007

    • Elvis Presley says:

      @Mr. Wright that doesn’t count man the world doesn’t even know about that

    • Julius Cotton says:

      @Mr. Wright Yes, he kicked butt and took names in Impact Wrestling. Funny how these things work? Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre were at the Top of The Card in Impact Wrestling back then and now at The Top of The Card in WWE on Monday Night Raw.

    • Julius Cotton says:

      @cesar7614 Yes, he and Lesnar should have fought when they were in their 20’s or 30’s, now we’ll eventually see them fight in their 40’s.

    • 802Blues says:

      Why? Lashley sucks. Worst tna/impact champ ever. Now he’s goin to ruin wwe championship. Hopefully MVP can save him cause Bobby is straight trash. Standing there looking big an dumb is all he’s good at

    • Andrew Atuahene says:

      Same here bro I’m feeling this lol

  4. Jmoney1041 says:

    Damn wild proud of Bobby I see him holding back his tears 😭

  5. Kyle Thicc says:

    People watched him Decimate Braun Strowman Last Monday and thought Miz had a chance?

    • slashandbones13 says:

      I was expecting interference, leading to a triple threat at Fastlane

    • Jeff Pryce says:

      Well, yeah. I honestly thought Drew was going to return the favor from EC and Claymore Lashley right in the jaw, costing him the title.
      I’m pleased that they held off on that to give Bobby his moment.

    • Jesse Duke says:

      I thought it was stupid him squashing Braun, braun is just as big and bad as lashley, you would think it would have been a more closely contested match

    • danny tymus says:

      @Jesse Duke it was a closely contested match wdym. Braun almost pinned him. Then Braun ran to finish him but Lashley hit a spinebuster, ducked a clothesline, and speared him.
      Hell Braun was actually dominant most of the match. It was like extreme rules 2018 Roman dominated but in the end Lashley won.

    • Ricardo Mauricio Araya says:

      Personally, I thought WWE was gonna mess it up some how!

  6. Jeff Pryce says:

    Congratulations, Bobby Lashley. He’s finally fulfilled his potential and risen to the level he should have been at long ago.

    • Ernesto Nukia3 says:


    • Lloyd Simmons says:

      He has worked hard to get there

    • MAINE STATE ICON Ryan Michaels Colson says:

      @Tye Stevens and Universal
      if you count that

    • Jeff Pryce says:

      @Tye Stevens Yes, but the WWE Championship is a whole different tier. That’s Stone Cold’s title. That’s The Rock’s title. That’s Hogan’s title. Some of the best to ever do it have held that title.
      And with that title, Lashley now heads towards Wrestlemania as the holder of the most iconic championship in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.
      BIG difference.

    • Sixout says:

      @Jeff Pryce That’s right. Those other world titles hold significance, but this is THE title.

  7. Geddo says:

    I remember the days when winning the big championship was a huge event. Now, it just feels like a regular match with a belt involved.

    • Tyler Gary says:

      I think it all plays into the general shift in the product that happened a while ago. Matches, segments, and everything with wwe used to feel so grand and larger than life. It’s because they focused on the characters, and making them larger than life and important which in turn translated to every other aspect. That magic larger than life feeling is gone from wwe. To be fair there’s still some good things that feel important now, but that overall feeling and depth of importance to a lot of these characters is gone and that’s on wwe.

  8. Drew Star says:

    Ironic how one of Lashleys big moments early in his career was breaking the Masterlock….. and now it’s his finish!

  9. Cameron Nyedhuff says:

    This was so satisfying after years of being over looked Bobby Lashley finally won the WWE Championship! This was way bigger than Big E becoming the WWE Intercontinental Champion due to the higher prestige of this title and how MVP saved Lashley’s career.

  10. StephenThe3rd says:

    Definitely deserved. Should’ve happened sooner like when he returned.

  11. Faku Chavarria says:

    Thank you MVP you saved the careers of Bobby, Shelton and Cedric. Thanks Hurt Bitness

  12. DAMIR McGRAW says:

    I would have to admit, MVP helping Bobby Lashley at both WWE and TNA to win a championship is truly something. You figure out that when Bobby was “married” to Lana, he really wasn’t doing all that well. Until MVP came back and formed the Hurt Business, He had save Sheldon, Cedric, and Bobby’s careers. MVP does deserve a lot coming back. Congrats to Bobby on winning the championship 💪💪💪

  13. D4RK_ Alpha24 says:


  14. Mr Bigshowstealer says:

    So far MVP is manager/mouthpiece of the decade. 💯

  15. Aesthetic Queen says:

    All I’m gonna say is thank you MVP if you didn’t revive Bobby’s career he wouldn’t be where he is today

  16. Wetaku says:

    The first episode of “How Lashley sent me to the emergency room” was great.

  17. pinstripe11 says:

    YES: Lashley has finally won the WWE Title
    NO: The Miz’s reign lasted for 8 days

  18. Tony Stuart says:

    This is the Bobby Lashley that Mcmahon should have allowed to be when he returned to the WWE! Lesnar vs Lashley would be AWESOME…!

  19. Julia Red says:

    All I’m gonna say is thank you MVP if you didn’t revive Bobby’s career he wouldn’t be where he is today

  20. Karmani says:

    “The Reign of the Almighty is upon us!!” One of the best calls of Tom Phillips’ career

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