The Moment Mario Ended Omarion’s Career In Versuz Battle. RIP

The Moment Mario Ended Omarion’s Career In Versuz Battle. RIP

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  1. Chris & Ty Cox - Slots says:

    If you can’t sing live then you can’t sing at all. Mario killed it as always

    • Chris & Ty Cox - Slots says:

      I’m assuming we’ve all listened to the same performance? Jeremiah, Omarion and R. Jay did not meet criteria
      That’s not hating I’m calling it as I hear it but I understand true fans they only hear greatness from someone they follow & look up to. I’m a fan of no one just like great music

    • Brittnae Simmons says:


    • justin jacob says:

      @RayMagic12192 He didn’t he never does

    • Chris Spencer says:

      @Mishale Wilson when did honesty become hating? Also, stop trying to take up for people that don’t even know you exist. It’s silly.

    • Crys Bris says:

      @Mishale Wilson you don’t know what real singing is then. I guess you so hooked on the radio version with the sentimental,adlibs, etc😂🤷🏻‍♀️no hate there. Just cause someone doesn’t agree with your opinion doesn’t make them a hater. I guess every song you don’t like..every hair style you don’t like..every shoe you don’t like.:you’re a hater. Make it make sense

  2. Lu says:

    Been a Mario fan from time. He’s still unrated it’s time to give him his, flowers 💐

  3. Dreana N.W. says:

    Omarion wasn’t that bad to have tarnished his legacy! Wow!! I’ve been a Mario fan from day one. Being a fellow Baltimorian, he was definitely on my radar and he never disappoints.

    • Michelle Hernandez says:

      Omarion has always been an OK live singer. He was rough in the beginning but it got better in the end. It’s being next to Mario, a true vocalist, that made him seem worse than usual.

    • So_Effiin_Soliid says:

      He is a great dancer but ma’am that man Cannot sing or sang 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Dreana N.W. says:

      @Alicia Brice He was never a singer. He’s always been a dancer and entertainer. He knows his voice is not his strength. I can’t believe he agreed to go up against a vocal powerhouse like Mario.

    • Alicia Brice says:

      Lol yeah ok the man can’t sing and all those things he was doing was inappropriate sorry

    • Cooking With PJ says:

      @Kelly King must be tone deaf

  4. NOU LA says:

    B2k was just popular, while Mario was over looked and slept on. 💯Mario has more hits… music is timeless ( wait on it)

    • Alexis Zuri says:

      @bmore as a solo artist Omarion solo career was a hit and MISS . He needed them B2K records to pull through that verzuz. Omarion song Post to be, Mia, Touch, I’m tryna, & O was his BIGGEST hits. Entourage (WACK) Speeding (WACK) Mario had Just a friend, braid my hair, let me love you, crying out for me, how do i breathe, how could you, Music for love, Never, Thinkin bout you, Break up w/ Sean Garret and Gucci, Somebody else w/ Nicki Minaj. Omarion has FEATURES lol but hits wise more than Mario no. Besides Omarion music was KIDZ BOPZ compared to Mario. And this is coming from a B2K/Omarion fan.

    • Alexis Zuri says:

      @Dequan DQ305 Allen no you cap he definitely got hits and we were kids when we were B2K fans. Even Omarion B2K made Kid Bops music, and Omarion as well. His hits were hits and miss lol Mario had HITS in his time lol That’s why those who KNEW know Omarion was going to slaughter him and he did

    • SportsSpeak73 says:

      @Prolific 333 as solo artists, I’d say he does. Omarion has Ice Box, & I can’t really think of nothing else.

    • bmore says:

      @Dre Smith Bwa lol sike. Big cap 🧢 From B2K to Solo, Omarion got more hits & that’s literal facts. Out of his discography, Omarion literally has more chart topping hits.

    • Dre Smith Bwa says:

      @Prolific 333 u d eating

  5. Shay Knichole says:

    I definitely thought Omarion was gonna win. Definitely NOT vocally just solely based on hits….and the number of hits ALONE. Mario killed him vocally (is anyone really surprised)? I didn’t watch but I knew Mario was gonna kill on the mic.

  6. Chana Johnson says:

    Thank God for Mario LMMFAO he was the only man that could actually sing

  7. Mspbrwn77 says:

    Mario continued to make songs. He grew up with his fans…. His music now is definitely not for teenage girls

    • Darius Thomas says:

      @Mspbrwn77 Ahhhhh you’re kinda right!

    • Kem Frett says:

      @Darius Thomas  nah. He just got older.

    • Mspbrwn77 says:

      @SUPER_NOVA he’s such an amazing singer and touches so much in his music. Im so happy he’s getting the recognition he deserves. It was well over due

    • Mspbrwn77 says:

      @Darius Thomas what I’m saying is I’ve been a fan since I was 13 I’ll be 34 in a few weeks. Each album grew with his fans. Mario just a friend was for me as a teen… Mario’s Pretty Mouth Magick is for me now. I don’t feel like Omarion ever did that for me. He has felt the same. Listen to a few of Mario’s songs from then til now in chronological order. His fan base never really changed we simply grew up

  8. Tippy Tip says:

    The watermelon thing was so damn disturbing!! ☠️☠️🤣 I literally can’t stop laughing.

  9. TK the 7th says:

    Anyone over the age of 30 already knew this wasn’t going to end well for Omarion. Mario has ALWAYS been the vocalist, while O has been the overall entertainer.

  10. ♥BlkandBeautiful❤️ says:

    Mario has always been the better singer. Plus he has a lot of amazing songs too❤️. One of my fave male artists since childhood. Remember when he came out with “Just A Friend”. Shame that he is so underrated. Omarion/B2K are just popular artists and more manufactured. So I don’t expect them to be that vocally talented.

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