The Monarchy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The Monarchy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the future of the British monarchy, what they have and have not acknowledged about their past, and how Winston Churchill preferred to go down waterslides.

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54 Responses

  1. The Young Hegelian says:

    John Oliver. The only Oliver who hates the monarchy more than Cromwell.

    • MrAwesomedude808 says:

      Yo, this is cool!!!

    • Shan says:


    • Jekyllstein Gray says:

      Unlike Cromwell, though, he’s not a theocratic tyrant that’s a monarch in everything but name.

    • Mr. J says:

      @it’s ok i’m ok Okay I’m done. John Oliver himself in the show that you said you just watched said that he waited 2 months because there were many people who loved Queen Elizabeth. The 2-month wait was to allow some time to go by for those people to mourn her death.

      Additionally, the midterms are over. There are a few races that are not finished counting, require a recount, or require a runoff election. Honestly it would be dumb to say anything about the election because for States like the Arizona governorship it’s not even clear who won.

      So just like the two-month wait on discussing the British monarchy there will also be a wait for the final tabulation of votes.

    • Master & Commander says:

      @Odin Satanas it’s called nowism….or presentism ……where we view the past through the prism of the present

  2. humphrey spelling bee says:

    As someone who strongly believes that people who commit funny crimes deserve equally funny punishments, the case of egg man brought a tear to my eye

    • firemaster657 says:

      ​@Unfinished CGI they are also breaking the law by being on youtube as well, since its banned in china since 2012.

    • Unfinished CGI says:

      @Mr. Patrick China’s not exactly a model society…

    • sdfkjgh says:

      @humphrey spelling bee: I say we administer silly, humiliating, and above all, highly public punishments to anyone and everyone who violates the dignity of humanity.

      Supreme Court abolishes abortions? Those that voted for the abolisment must stand in the middle of the busiest intersection of the city, at the busiest time of the day, lift up their robes, and sodomize themselves with balloon animals, and woe betide ANY whose balloon pops, for the further punishment of their failure will be visited on the whole lot of them!

      Billionaire robot wearing a human skin refuses to crack down on neonazis, bullshit peddlars, and other assorted trash people on his own site? Ten days in the stocks, with rotting fruit provided free for passers-by.

      Textbook malignant narcissist attempts to stage a coup? Surround him with only the most brutally honest clinical psychiatrists, who will constantly bombard the fast bastard with all of his flaws, his weaknesses, his insecurities, until he’s thouroughly broken, then we rebuild him and medicate him into a functional human being. Once they’re finished about two hours later, we can all go to lunch.

    • Mr. Patrick says:

      If I were in the UK, I would buy him eggs and deliver them to his home so that he can have eggs for breakfast, but not break the conditions of bail.

      Also the idea of having a King Charles III, makes me glad that I live in China. 🇨🇳 The first two were horrible.

      Oh and if that guy comes here, I would offer to cook him an omelette, with all the fixings.

  3. Miss Kimani says:

    Thank you for highlighting the maumau story, my grandfather who is still alive and in his nineties was a victim of that horror, he was detained in Kismayu in Somalia and watched his siblings burnt alive, only a sister remained. He usually narrates these stories alot. He says before everything was forcefully taken away his family were actually wealthy landowners.

  4. contort69 says:

    I from Barbados and I fully supported ditching the Queen as head of state to become a Republic. I feel like my country is a successful grown up who left home when it became an adult and made it in the world independently … independent from a mother who protected us, but also abused and used us when we were a child! We are not resentful, but we still don’t forget the good and THE BAD that she did…”our Queen”.

  5. Barbara Metz says:

    I learn more about history from John Oliver than all of my history classes in high school.

    • athena854 says:

      Kind of like how the only thing I learned from Catholic religious ed was about the CIA proxy wars in Central America (RIP Archbishop Romero) I’m not sure that was the intention, but if not they shouldn’t have devoted 3 pages to it in our workbook lol.

    • sdfkjgh says:

      @Samuela : Wait, wait, wait, “talking with siblings” was banned? WTF?!

      “We are a British commonwealth! You communicate with your siblings via silent, seething resentment, and the occasional awkward holiday card (when you can be bothered &/or remember to do so), or you don’t communicate with them at all, damn it!!”

    • Luna Ballesano says:

      This is relevant so why would we😂

    • Poly Phase says:

      @Samuela In the United States, Indigenous Ceremonies were outlawed until 1978.

      In addition, I have seen grown men cry over the trauma they experienced in the schools they were forced to attend. 💔

    • Samuela says:

      It is surprising how much is not taught in schools, is it? I have some friends among the Native Americans in Canada. These horrible things use to happen as recently as 1990s. Indigenous children were taken from families for years, many never returned. They were raised to submission to white people, punished of any expression of their culure and origine (speaking their language, singing songs, praying to the spirits, talking with siblings) and they were heavily abused (punished by hunger, beated, detained in dark cold cellar), children were also sexualy abused there and many died from misstreatmen and abuse. I met a person who saw a priest to beat a child to death when he was detained in a residential school. It was just horrible to hear all the storries and when I got to know this I felt guilty as a a white European with Christian background, even so my country does not have any colonial history. An apology from all heads of all institutions involved in this horror should be a minimum. If the role of the royal family is to symbolically represent the monarchy and the church, so they are the best people to apology in the name of the monarchy and the church, because it is what representing mean and an apology is a symbolic act.

  6. John Kennedy says:

    We will not blame him for the crimes of his ancestors if he relinquishes the royal rights of his ancestors; but as long as he claims their rights, by virtue of descent, then, by virtue of descent, he must shoulder the responsibility for their crimes.” —James Connolly on George V

    • Jordan Wagers says:

      @sean laffey “Genocide is okay, but don’t touch my stuff!” Okay are you for real or just a troll? If a troll, good job you managed to briefly upset multiple strangers online. If not, I am legitimately curious as to what mired this survival of the nationalistic fittest in your head. Is it cognitive dissonance, believing so strongly in your own heritage it righted atrocities in your mind? Some long disproved pseudo science like eugenics? Did you simply never grow out of Ayn Rand like the other highschool juniors? Or maybe it rose up like swamp gas as you watched an out of shape actor beat up brown people on tv?

    • Dani Davis says:

      Please don’t argue with the bots in the comment section who are trying to justify the ongoing “oppression for wealth” enterprise that was colonialism and cattle slavery. They are just there to draw ire. If some of these are by real people, they are morally bankrupt and should be ostracized by society.

    • Clockwork Shadow says:


    • Barry Allen says:

      @sean laffey So if the Chinese government comes and takes your house and enslaves your family, you would be cool with that? I mean, it is their right to conquest as a stronger nation.

      No need to “move the goalposts” again for me, I’m not going to check for a response to this.

    • Arc Anon Drum says:

      “King” Up-Chuck didn’t even bother to practice the speech that was clearly written for him, otherwise; why the mixup -> 15:03 ??

  7. Shotaro Bayu says:

    I love how John is not a hypocrite. He’s actually got offer from Empire to got OBE but he refused. He doesn’t want to owe them anything

  8. Sin ywad says:

    My grandfather was a detainee in one of the detention camps during the Mau Mau emergency in Kenya. For five years he endured harsh interrogations (beatings, hours in stress position, starvation, forced labor) until he was able to convincingly renounce an oath he had never taken in the first place. When he left the camp, he found two of his children had died and my grandmother and the rest of his children on the point of starvation from being forcibly housed in a concentration village (yes concentration as in WW2 concentration camps) with no access to food. Thank you JO for bringing this atrocity to light. Anyone seeking more information read Imperial Reckoning by Caroline Elkins

    • Bridgit Waithaka-Vasiljević says:

      ‘Histories of the hanged’ by David Anderson is another recommendation. My paternal grandfather was a MauMau oather who was brutally killed in the ‘50s.

    • Merrybandoruffians says:

      Love how they were shocked and appalled by the Germans putting people in concentration camps while also putting people in concentration camps barely a decade later. Not to mention what they’d done in South Africa barley a generation before. Smdh

    • lrwest16 says:

      Thank you for the book recommendation will read

    • Poly Phase says:

      That’s heartbreaking. 😪

  9. Dennis Marwanga says:

    As a Kenyan, am amazed by John Oliver’s knowledge of Kenyan colonial past.

    • Nond Bfune says:

      Marwanga are you serious, I expected better. I as a Kikuyu I can tell you that he did not mention rapes of women and children, castrations, and land that was never returned. Also they made sure Kenyatta was selected as our first prezzo, remember he killed all the Mau that were left after his election. The meeting in Nakuru, he told all of the colonials not to worry and he betrayed all the Kikuyus/Kamba/Meru(Mau), then he killed off about 20 thousand Somalis. also you know the tea we all say it’s Kenyan, isn’t it not owned by the children of the British/Indians from the colonial era. Oliver sure picked and chose which horrors to tell people… btw I like the use of detention camps and not concentration camps, it’s not like people were not killed in these camps

    • Playlists says:

      That’s Western Nerds for you 🤓, other nerds like me learn from him 🙂

    • Justanotherconsumer says:

      Oliver has a good research team.

    • Karl Olofsson says:

      @D R yes it is, not everything is on Wikipedia

    • D R says:

      its not that hard to research facts

  10. TheKeeperofChaos says:

    Can I just say, I will never get tired of how perfectly John Olvier recreates the “50s British newscaster” voice. He’s done it in countless episodes by now and it’s always a highlight

    • Tom Cruz says:

      That 500 million the Royals bring in to tourism is such a bogus number:
      1. Where did that number come from?
      2. That sounds like a figure for tourism as a WHOLE. How do you isolate the figure Lizzy specifically brought in?
      3. It’s not like Lizzy does a meet and greet with the tourist bus. The Royal Family could naff off right now and literally nothing would change with the tour..

    • TheKeeperofChaos says:

      Oh no guys… are we the baddies??? Look at how us 3 internet randoms are censoring him and canceling him!!

    • Deuteronomy deez nutz says:

      @Colin Colin Go cry about it Colin preferably wherever the rest of your Ribble Rabble come from.

    • Sasshiro Takauchi says:

      @Colin Colin touch some grass bruh

    • TheKeeperofChaos says:

      @Colin Colin Man, I can shoot characters and innocent people in a video game, but GOD FORBID I ever shoot an innocent person in real life, suddenly I’m a “murderer” and “threat to society”. Fucking libtards

      Get over yourselves, mate.

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