the Moon is made of Cheese (but i can’t taste it)

the Moon is made of Cheese (but i can’t taste it)

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59 Responses

  1. skylon bellows says:

    Bill’s on a consistent upload streak.

    Does that mean the world is dying?

  2. Exterel YT says:

    *is Bill allergic to cheese?*

  3. Daniel Thrasher says:

    Birds fly in business class for the same reason upper class citizens do: to poop on those beneath them.

  4. the llama foundation says:

    Possibly the bob ross of the 21st century.

  5. Eikinel says:

    I want to live in bill wurtz’ world.

  6. Glyssando says:

    Wasn’t this the plot of a Wallace and Gromit movie?

  7. Harry Krinkle says:

    Excellent work as always, Bill. If you were to put all of these on an album, I would purchase it.

  8. johnfaber100 says:

    UNder no circumstances actually lick the moon.
    Moon dust is extremely sharp cheddar.

  9. nick says:

    Your songs make me feel better about my confusion and sadness

  10. David Mossiaguine says:

    Guys the birds are made of trees because trees are made of bird. Get your facts right

  11. Random Things says:

    I want to believe that all of Bill’s songs are just deep poetry that our puny human minds can’t understand. You know what, I might just start referring to him as ‘Wurtz’ because when someone’s a qualified artist, it means that we call them by their last names.

  12. Calculus Daddy says:

    Watching this at 2 AM is just too confusing. I’m going to bed because I can’t tell if I’m asleep already or not..?

  13. Puddi Panda says:

    Imagine all the pizza that could be made from all that cheese 😮

  14. Sarah McAllister says:

    the moon is made of cheese and the sun is a deadly laser.

    tell me something I don’t know

  15. Space Gaming says:

    *But I like the way the texture feels when I lick the surface*

  16. DerSibbe says:

    There is no Pizza without lunar cheese for me

  17. Luiz Felipe Man says:

    You can’t taste the moon

    But you can *TASTE THE SUN*

  18. Sneha Biswas says:

    What I know now…
    1. The sun is a deadly laser
    2. The moon is made of cheese

  19. Bush Lee says:

    After watching the video I think the moon is made out of LSD .

  20. William Foster says:

    I needed this badly. I just left a French exam that I am 100% sure I failed. I’ve been crying in the bathroom for the past 5 minutes. As soon as I wiped away the tears, I decided to cheer myself up and watch YouTube. Your songs, albeit weird and nonsensical, are so full of positivity and weird humor that I get happy almost instantly. Thank you Bill, and please keep releasing more vids

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