The Moon Terminator Illusion

The Moon Terminator Illusion
Sources and sites to learn more below!!!

dolly zoom effect:

visual angle:

great visual angle / angular diameter chart:

moon terminator illusion resources:

rogers and olga naumenko (2014):
moon tile illusion [PDF]:

the (more famous) moon illusion:

cylindrical perspective animation:

graphical perspective:

optics of perspective:–cms-22100

keystone effect:

subjective constancy:

crepuscular rays:,_India.JPG

lunar phase interactive:


car illusion:

star field illusion:

hallway illusion:

Euclid’s Optics: [PDF]

art resources:

other geometric illusions:


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19 Responses

  1. Ano nym says:

    does animals have this as well?

  2. NewGoldStandard says:


  3. Amr Moustafa says:

    and as always, thanks for your videos :)

  4. TrevorSpace Animation says:

    I actually had to check some of the illusions that you had on here. O_O

  5. gabbsjerkk says:

    Can you do one about depersonalization / derealization? 

  6. The Arbiter / Thel 'Vadam says:

    Nice mismag822 signed card deck!

  7. ByLi0nZ says:

    Wait, in the whole video you never mentioned about the Terminator on the

  8. hellowutlol says:

    I love you so much

  9. SkySlash says:

    door got rect :(

  10. charon7111 says:

    Holy shit I was wondering that about the moon’s lighting a few days ago
    when I noticed the lighting didnt seem to line up!

  11. anthony johnson says:

    They should cast him for the roll of “the leader” , in the hulk movie. 

  12. JugOfAids says:

    looks like there is a face inside that pig’s throat at 1:06 lmao

  13. vince bob says:

    6:00 Sherbrooke represent mothafucka.

  14. Darren “The Dreamer” White says:

    I have a question, +Vsauce . What would happen if it stopped raining, and
    we only got water from the dew in the mornings? Love your videos btw.

  15. Bruno Ferreira says:

    Telling my friends about this video: “There’s this video where a guy
    explains why… the moon… lines and curves… perspective as… well,
    watch the video. Fill me in if you get it”.

  16. Kevin Pean says:


  17. sip309 says:

    In the video game world we call this parallax scrolling 

  18. Reese Nemeth says:

    Vsauce why do people suck?

  19. spidergirl0011 says:

    i wish i could like this video a thousand times it was so good