The Morons Of Coronavirus

The Morons Of Coronavirus


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57 Responses

  1. Eric Aldersey says:

    I missed that starting sequence so much

  2. Tarrant Dunn says:

    Papa back with the “new” intro.

  3. Calthecool says:

    Ethan has had Corona for years, we just never knew about it. He’s been coughing this entire time.

  4. alexis castillo says:

    when Ethan coughs he looks like a spitter from left 4 dead

  5. Frawns says:

    He returns when we need him the most. Papa Bless.

  6. sofia says:

    “these kids are like ‘it only affects old people’” Vanessa Hudgens is 31 and she’s only worried about corona virus canceling Coachella 😭😭

  7. EmmaJayne LadyInTheJaguar says:

    4:30 I want to close my mouth around a barrel of a gun now.

  8. What is this? says:

    12:18 put a red filter over that image and you got satan himself

    • Without a doubt your mom is a cow says:

      Nah, Satan would say “fuck this” and ran off if he saw him on a red filter

  9. Joel says:

    “Sophisticated Europe” – Shows Liverpool.

    • It's Me says:

      piccamix Joel mccool the legend la

    • L T says:

      Hey its GB so basically the US of the Europe…

    • simmc says:

      GB isnt in the EU anymore but OK xd.

      Also there are morons everywhere country doesnt Matter in Germany there are old Folks running around claiming that there is No auch Thing as Corona

    • max viviani says:

      @simmc ok but now you gotta tell us what continent is the UK in now😮😲😳😳😱
      Edit: nvm just checked, UK is the only piece of land that doesn’t belong to any continent, but they hope Antarctica at least will accept them

    • It's Me says:

      L T the joke was that Liverpool is not seen as sophisticated at all and the rest of the uk hate Liverpool it’s mainly shown in football against us

  10. José M. Gonz says:

    “It only affects old people”, there have been death reports of people as young as 18 years old!, thats from today , and i quote the news article: “A young person under the age of 18 has died after contracting COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, possibly becoming the first child to die from the virus in the United States”. Some people believe they’re inmune, that bad things can’t happen to them. Get real, Stay safe.

  11. Raddish says:

    13:00 This makes no sense because a tithe is payment to the church based on income so if you’re laid off you literally can’t pay a tithe.

  12. Duarte Santos says:

    5:24 The last person i expect to be on that (what i assume is a Twitch) stream was Quackity.

  13. Muetzenklon says:

    “It’s so easy for us all to walk around and act like we aren’t so intimately interconnected, but one dude eats a bat in China and I can’t leave my house.”


  14. Ben Jacobson says:

    It really took a world tragedy to bring him back. I stg filthy frank is next

  15. Maria Del Valle says:

    youtube: *demonitizing videos involving coronavirus*

  16. artfulsaladdodger says:

    The easiest way to tell the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer is the taste.

  17. Vince says:

    “one dude eats a bat in China and now I can’t leave my house”

  18. Jules Black says:

    “We need that!”
    “I’ll roll it back up!”

  19. elijahpepe says:

    The first boy in the CBS clip apologized publicly and released a statement that felt genuine.

    The fourth girl apologized the best, with a very, very long apology.

    The second girl said “I hope you get it” when someone called her out.

  20. soysuga says:


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