The Most Brutal Ant: The Slaver Ant Polyergus

The Most Brutal Ant: The Slaver Ant Polyergus

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Everything changed when the slaver nation attacked. What used to be a thriving colony is now a captured country. Slaves do the work, serving their new masters until they die, only to be replaced by new victims harvested in brutal raids.

But let us go back to the beginning…


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38 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Offset your carbon footprint on Wren: ​
    For the first 200 people who sign up, Kurzgesagt will pay for the first month of your subscription!
    This video was sponsored by Wren, thanks a lot for the support!

    • Kimoto says:

      “hold that thought…” The old carrot on the string trick so overused in YT videos of late.

      Stop it. It’s annoying.

    • CreationTribe says:

      @MrSlipperyseal It is … but hey, they has monkies!

    • Jakeorb771 says:

      What happened to your soundtracks? are you reusing old ones?

    • MrSlipperyseal says:

      I thought carbon offsets was a bullshit way to stop climate change tho

    • AnderZ312 says:

      lol they use a law rune from runescape on thier website. Aslo I wish they would have link to solar panel programs or whatever that can reduce footprint while benefiting you. I feel that would make a bigger difference than just planting trees or whatever.

  2. Jyavant says:

    It’s astonishing for a singular ant to even have the chance of taking over an entire colony

  3. wasd says:

    As a Polyergus, I found this video to be very informing and I thank you for giving me this knowledge to be able to enslave more colonies. I shall tell my queen about this. She’ll be thrilled

  4. Kendall VanArsdale says:

    the fact that ants can organize a raid on another ant colony is amazing, let alone the complexity of ant colonies in general
    also the idea that they literally look for the babies specifically is kind of terrifying

    • Sirius GG says:

      @CageyBee All the definitions I find specify that a genocide is only a genocide if it aims at the eradication of a group. Firstly, Polyergus do not even try to kill anyone and instead try to win with their fast raid strategy, killing only as many as needed and getting survivors to surrender. Secondly, they specifically try not to eradicate colonies, so they can be raided again to abduct more victims. When you plan to let a large enough population alive from the very beginning you can hardly call it a genocide imo.

    • Stubley says:

      @Sirius GG forcibly transferring children of a group to another group is in fact considered a key and common element of genocide.

    • CageyBee says:

      @Sirius GG no, actually kidnapping the children of your enemies is a legally recognized form of genocide. genocide means the eradication of a specific group of people, either by killing them or by forcefully assimilating them with indoctrination and/or enslavement. these insects killing adults and reprogramming babies would probably be considered genocide if ants could be tried in court.

    • Monika Senpai says:

      @Sirius GG Doesn’t genocide also qualify as the eradication of a culture? The slavers are technically eliminating the old culture by growing the new babies in their colony.

    • Sirius GG says:

      @CageyBee “Regular” genocide isn’t even that rare in insects, but specifially abducting babies and raising them as their own makes this *not* a genocide, as genocide would mean to leave no survivers.

  5. Mehedi Ahasan says:

    Sometimes, it feels like Kurzgesagt’s indirectly flexing on the fact that it can make super detailed animations too, and I’m all for it

  6. StarWarsGames says:

    Ant lifes seem to be really epic and almost read like Fantasy stories, with huge , sometimes flying Monsters, enormous LOTR-Style Battles and Wars, Queens engaging in 1v1 battles to the death and enslaving entire Colonies via “mind-tricks”. Sometimes Ants even infiltrate the almost Alien-Like homes of Giants

  7. b2zfro says:

    I used to have a colony of copper-colored slaver ants in my yard as a kid. I would watch them for hours, as they’d form a raiding party and travel sometimes a hundred meters to their target colony, then carry the eggs back. This video was a cool reminder, thanks!

  8. Drew Forchic says:

    It blows me away how as a D&D DM, learning about ants consistently gives me the most ideas for D&D monsters and stories. Between this video and ZeFrank’s video about Army Ants, i’ve got enough to write an entire campaign.

    • zidaryn says:

      I suggest checking out The Wandering Inn on Audible. In that series there’s a race of human sized ants. The first book only goes into a bit of detail about them, but later on you learn more.

    • OvenCake says:

      please update the comment if you ever do write it

  9. Gerald Paul says:

    Every time I see one of your videos about ants, I’m just reminded of an old Animorphs book where they tried to become ants. There was a quote along the lines of, “if ants ever got their hands on nuclear weapons, they’d wipe out the world within a week”, and these just remind me that it’s so terrifyingly true.

  10. Sonia’s Way says:

    Kurzgesagt never disappoints us when it comes to animations and information without us getting bored.

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