Smasher for Round Table ?

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33 Responses

  1. ItzSanti says:

    Bruh Adam really stomped Rebecca out of existence, turned David into a drink, and left Lucy scarred for life all in a single episode
    Definitely deserves a spot in the table

    • NanoSmoke X says:

      Drinking David’s pack

    • StaySolidShades says:

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    • Triton says:

      @BackwardsSegg v is a god. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of being bested by a god

    • Dr. Jingles7 says:

      Idk Adam smasher wasn’t disrespectful tier they kinda the crew already knew they were dead and low-key succeeded in saving Lucy by the time David and smasher fought david was gone

    • BackwardsSegg says:

      @Matthew Zito I think it was just studio trigger is just really good at making him feel like an unstoppable monster

  2. Prodigyboy says:

    Honestly you let us off easy without talking about the worst part of the videl fight. When mans was crushing her skull with his foot she started to yell and cry bro..that part always got me heated as a kid 😂💀

  3. Chillin Around says:

    CJ’s Killer Bee voiceover from 9:45 until 9:55 had me dying for a solid 15 minutes 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Field Lomax says:

    Ayonokouji told Ryūen and his crew he masterminded all that shit just so he could jump them. Bro literally had them *SET UP THEIR OWN FADE* 😂😂😂😂

  5. AnimeHeadShot 101 says:

    How did you manage to take two of the most tragic, traumatizing moments of Sasuke’s life, and turn them into the most hilarious jokes I’ve ever heard?!

  6. John Wood says:

    At this rate, I think this man could make his own abridged series all by himself with this level of voice acting, I know I’d watch it

  7. The Accursed Hunter01 says:

    The biggest disrespect I remember from Bleach was completely unwarranted. It’s what Byakuya did to Renji right after he got his Bankai. Renji literally got eviscerated by Byakuya’s Bankai, but Renji was able to muster enough strength to get back up one last time to try and stab Byakuya… but Renji’s Zanpakuto broke and he fell down to the ground, he was done. Byakuya then took off his scarf, threw it on Renji and was like “Congratulations. You touched me.” Then he just walks off and leaves Renji for dead. Byakuya wasn’t even the bad guy this arc yet he did that to his Lieutenant.

    • Black_halo says:

      Nah bc Rukia was getting her fucking pockets ran even in filler arcs. Couldn’t even show off her Shikai without getting gutted two episodes afterwards smh

    • Katsujin7289 says:

      Nah grimmjow v ichigo was still the best. This man was repeatedly punched in the face for almost 2-3 minutes of screen time while getting punched into 2-3 flashbacks

    • Tina Makombe says:

      The quote Byakuya says to renji stays rent free in my mind. “I’m the moon and you’re a monkey looking at me through the reflection in the water. No matter what you do you’ll never touch me.” 😂😂😳

  8. B K says:

    Voiceovers 10/10 Edits 10/10 Meme Reference/Placement 10/10 Personality 10/10 not a lot of people can make content like this AND continuously make it funny/entertaining.

  9. Remi says:

    “I have 2-step authentication” Cj, your humor never fails to get me laughing

  10. Stephen Smith says:

    Mad respect for the Adam Smasher segment, it’s pretty much an abridged dub pilot, love it

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