The Most Disturbing Human Experiment Ever

The Most Disturbing Human Experiment Ever

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44 Responses

  1. Wendigoon says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion ⚡️ Knight Errant ⚡️ Available only for new players

  2. Straight-up says:

    The fact that not a single prisoner in Unit 731 ever escaped with their lives is astonishing and mortifying. This tale is only told by those who did these atrocities and documented them, never a single survivor

  3. cosmickalamity says:

    Crazy that he got a raid sponsor for one of the least advertiser friendly topics he could possibly cover

    • Drac says:

      it’s raid bro we ain’t surprised

    • ChangedShaded says:

      LOLLL nahh they deadd fr

    • Lrod Shrek says:

      I don’t think raid has any standards

    • Alpha Primus says:

      “..and the past has shown that humanity is no stranger to, and will more than happily, commit unspeakable acts of horror upon itself, for reasons seemingly unknowable.

      ..speaking of atrocious acts of horrors that mankind is more than willing to commit upon itself for reasons seemingly unknowable, today’s video is sponsored by RAID Shadow Legends.”

  4. Jingxuu says:

    Growing up I was told the horrendous experiment the 731 done on Chinese people back then. My grandparents told me they would steam people alive / freeze people and then pour boiling water on them just to see how a human body would react. I used to have nightmares about being steamed and seeing my flesh being scooped out! Worse thing is I don’t think they ever once acknowledged or apologized for the excruciating pain and suffering it inflicted. Thanks Wendigoon for spreading the awareness. Just wanted to say that sometimes the tough stance China takes against Japan on many issues has its roots in the history which are not often heard by many, especially knowing when people suffered without ever getting redress

    • Sully says:

      I had something similar but with the holocaust. My dad went way too in detail when I was way too young about what would happen to me if I was in nazi germany, I was scared of taking showers for a while

      Edit: my dad who’s a history major got it from my grandpa(who’s a practicing Jew) it was hard to wrap my head around myself being the victim of such things when I was that young. Sometimes I dreamed off gas coming from the faucet head or I showered fearing the water would stop coming and gas would come out.

    • Maro Cat says:

      So they jut went on the surface. Of that .😢

  5. Ry f says:

    as a japanese person this video hit extra hard for me. having received both american and japanese education growing up, and personally being interested in colonial history, i’m a lot more aware of our horrific past than the average person, but this was SO much worse than what i knew before… the history curriculum here barely touch on the various massacres that took place under imperial japan since there are groups that actively lobby against educating the ppl abt it. as horrible as it is, i’m glad you highlighted this topic as i feel that japanese war crimes are never talked about, completely overshadowed by whatever cool japan is…

    • Ry f says:

      not that american education is particularly unbiased on this topic either, but yk what i mean

    • Dylan F says:

      The fact they call it colonial history is deplorable.

    • QUINSEY says:

      thanks for the comment was hoping some english speaking japanese people would give their insight. Love from California <3

    • shortking says:

      Huh. As a Southern American, it’s interesting to know there are groups in Japan too who don’t want the ugly parts of their history taught.

  6. Kat Nowak says:

    Can’t believe I could listen through literal hours of Blood Meridian but had to call it quits a third of the way through this one. I come from a Polish immigrant family who was in Siberian logging camps during WW2. Something about calling the prisoners “logs” just got me. Nicknames in those situations serve as such a dehumanizing force and I’m sure only made it easier to subject them to such torture. You always find the wildest stuff to talk about dude!

    • Elizabeth Shirako says:

      That whole ‘logs’ thing, and the ‘giving the girls a mirror’ bit were some of the parts that even *I* found shocking, and I thought I knew the worst of what 731 had been up to. I DID, but not quite its whole scope of awfulness. I will hopefully die one day never having learned much more about this awful moment of history…but it’s good that we know that it WAS a thing. :- It’s important, even.

    • swizzle says:

      My Babcia was 8 when she, her 3 younger sisters, mom, and grandma were sent to a Siberian camp in 1939. They managed to escape and literally walked across Russia, surviving off of what they foraged, dead animals, and snow. I hope one day Wendi is able to make content about the Russian camps during WW2 because that subject is rarely discussed amongst the other WW2 atrocities, such as the Katyn massacre.

  7. Rue's Musical Corner says:

    I feel like you could do a deep video into the Abu Ghraib prison. It’s so unsettling to see the guards taking selfies with the prisoners they torture. I had to do an assignment in psychology about and it was yikes. I think I found a video that had the Philip Zimbardo talking about it and he almost excused their behavior which was just fucked up, really interesting and disturbing and there is a ton of photos taken as well

  8. Magic Man says:

    No matter how atrocious a war crime is, “harrowing” always feels like an adequate word to describe the experiences of the victims. This is the only example I can think of that this word seems inappropriately mild. I feel like we don’t even have the language to describe how horrific this whole thing was.

    • Y Yeezyy says:

      You’ve never heard of the holocaust I’m guessing

    • DerAlleinTiger says:

      @Y Yeezyy The Holocaust was worse in terms of scale, but… no, I’m not going to lie, Unit 731 was worse in terms of just absolute brutality and cruelty. That’s not to downplay the acts of cruelty done in death camps across Europe, but rather 731 was just even worse.

    • Matthew Glaaser says:

      I would say hellish or living hell

    • juan rosales says:

      ​@Y Yeezyy yes, it was harrowing, but just think how we dont even have any survivors from these experiments. Brutal, cruel and unusual fall short to describe what went on here

    • Magic Man says:

      @Matthew Glaaser I think that could fit, but it’s mostly used as hyperbole. If hell is real, this must be what it would look like

  9. Grigori Yefimovich says:

    Crazy how every detail of German atrocity is common knowledge, but things like this occurring simultaneously in Japan are almost occult knowledge

    • Koolaid Man says:

      Why do we get so much emphasis about the horrors of Germany but hear nothing about any of the other atrocities committed? The firebombing of Dresden is an almost entirely unknown event to the average person but was an absolutely horrific event. Even the complete obliteration of Nagasaki and Hiroshima aren’t painted in as grim a light as what the Germans did. Everybody wants to just pretend it was good guys vs bad guys and leave it at that.

    • Ghost-User says:

      USA, Russia, China ect

    • It not me It u says:

      @Koolaid Man the Germans post ww2 were exterminated in Poland and königsburg, too.

  10. Sam Spaeth says:

    All respect to those who had to endure these horrors… that being said, I love how Isaiah’s videos always make it to gaming trending

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