The Most Expensive Drink With Black Truffles #shorts

The Most Expensive Drink With Black Truffles #shorts

This is the most expensive cocktail I made on this channel. Black truffle 1 oz cost more than $100
I infused it with Japanese Whiskey Hibiki. Made Clear Ice with Evian Spring Water. Added a few dashes of the black walnut bitters and a tiny amount of Cherry Syrup. Garnished with Gold Amarena Cherry.

Is this Cocktail Worth $40

Is Nick Digiovanni’s Bubble Gum Vodka Worth the Hype

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44 Responses

  1. Vlad SlickBartender says:

    FACEBOOK Vlad Slickbartender

  2. Twiistz says:

    A whiskey and coke is $12 at my local bar. This must cost $2000 lol

  3. Zack King says:

    I can’t believe this actually tastes good, but it’s too expensive for me to try and recreate so I’ll take your word for it

    • The Jovian says:

      @Dennis you know people actually enjoy straight spirits, right? There is a very large market for that sort of thing

    • Matt Minor says:

      I’m guessing its actually gross and the “funny” edit was to cover te look on his face

    • Travis Leitzel says:

      It doesn’t taste any better than any other $20 cocktail

    • Passhi says:

      I think it did because of the Cherry Aroma

    • Oskari Hattula says:

      How is it so hard to understand that black truffles go allmost with anything. You can put them in 1 dollar ramen and it will be great. You can put it in meat stew. You can put it in certain desserts and have it taste good. People with hipster city cooking wouldnt know that people around the world eat everything there are actual drinks that have some truffles in them . I live in findland and last fall was visiting friends in lapland tundra and my friends grandmother made stew from reindeer tongue and beef ans it was great. My father once ate sheep brain and liked it. In certain military battalions here you learn to catch and grill snakes. In alaska usa i know that you can hunt a deer snd eat EVERYTHING. In Right time of the year YOU CAN EVEN EAT DEER ANTLERS its kinda like pickels but not as good i imagine. Indigenious people and hunters there eat everything. There isnt any brain disease in alaska deer so thet can eat the brain and ALOT of people there do they eat the liver tongue etc. And tongue is not even that much of rarity you can buy it 2 out of 5 stores with somekind of meat section here

  4. Nitro524 says:

    I don’t even like alcohol but his content is so fascinating I can’t stop watching

  5. sidney greenglass says:

    This looks wonderful! I’m wondering what he did with the wisky infused truffles?!

    • Thomas Kane says:

      @sir just plop the truffles, sliced or not, into the whiskey. Osmosis/concentration gradient will cause the truffles to absorb the whiskey, thus infusing them.

    • Seth Miller says:

      Probly ate them

    • Curran Atkinson says:

      Ooh he should pan sear a steak with the truffles and deglaze the pan with more whiskey

    • kr_de says:

      Im confusion

    • sir says:

      @Pickle1 I agree with the sizes but it’s still how you would make it regardless of the size and drink now wtf are you doing you are young go drink and smoke weed…but stop when you grow…when I was 14 until 18 is when I was drinking every night and stuff then it gets boring and you prefer being sober than drunk

  6. Leonardo Calabria says:

    If you wanna make it more expensive you can use white truffle instead of the black one. You don’t necessarily need to, especially because it’s very expensive.
    P.S.: you make great content, continue like that!!

  7. Isaiah Silver says:

    “The most expensive cocktail EVER” you know besides the other cocktail with liquid GOLd.

  8. risk says:

    I love how the whole video is very professional until the end

  9. Paula Hildebrandt says:

    I couldn’t imagine what flavors would complement truffle but he totally pulled if off. Black walnut sounds perfect and then cherry to add a fruity tartness. Aromatics of the forest and soil. That is some next-level flavor artistry!

  10. Mosin Enjoyer says:

    Question: have you ever tried pine flavored tonic? We have it at a store near me and it’s amazing

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