The Most Extreme Things in the Universe – Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

The Most Extreme Things in the Universe – Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:

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Our Video on Neutronstars:
Our Video on the Information Paradox:

Black holes are the most powerful and extreme things in the universe and they are wildly weird and complicated. What would happen if you fell inside one and what are they really?

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46 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Ok, phew. So we are done explaining any properties of black holes forever. If we ever talk about black holes in future videos we’ll always link to this video. If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:

  2. OwO says:

    As a person who went to the shadow realm once, I can safely say that it’s just the same feeling as going to a black hole.

  3. FURE A FILA I Victor Ribeiro says:

    Kurzgesagt videos always give me headaches… The good type.

  4. Def’s Canvas says:

    6:00 When you’re reading a book and they mention its title mid-sentence

  5. Christian Poynter says:

    2:29 that particle winked at me and now I’m happy.

  6. Kraig Adams says:

    love these vids

  7. I like music says:

    Fun fact: the film Interstellar contributed to the idea of what an accretion disc looks like. This is because they built a rendering engine specifically for the black hole and that was what it came up with!

  8. Tyler DAHM says:

    The “am I tripping” at 3:20 has got to be the best thing I have ever seen

  9. bondmode says:

    as a PhD student in Astrophysics I have to say this is tremendous. The music, the voice, the animation, and of course the content, just wow. Kurzgesagt is nothing but awesome. I got back some of the emotions I used to have when I started doing what I do.
    Apart from the white hole cushion. White holes don’t exist, even if a pillow with its form exists somewhere.

    • Sarxi says:

      @carcino Geneticist obseravble universe ≠ whole universe

    • F*СК MЕ - СНЕCK МY РR0FILЕ says:


    • Sarxi says:

      @Bigattck Firecat “it doesnt exist because no one found one,…” is wrong. If the people centuries ago thought the same, we would’nt be here and communicate through digital devices.

    • carcino Geneticist says:

      @Sarxi the observable universe may not equal the whole universe but it is pretty big, so why would anything be different outside of the observable universe???, and even if something did exist outside it why would it matter, we cant get there, and even if we can, we wouldnt be alive by the time any discovery outside of the observable universe is made, cuz its so far away

    • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

      A white hole would evaporate like a tau particle anyway. If there WERE white holes once, there aren’t any now. But observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation seem to suggest there probably never were any white holes, either.

  10. finzar says:

    I wanna take this time to thank the team at Kurzgesagt for existing, on behalf of the whole YouTube platform.

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