The Most Haunted City in America (w/ Karl Jacobs & Foolish)

The Most Haunted City in America (w/ Karl Jacobs & Foolish)

Sam and Colby take Karl Jacobs and Foolish Gamers away from MrBeast and send them ghost hunting in America’s most haunted city: Savannah, Georgia. Did demon spirits at Moon River Brewing Company and the Sorrel-Weed House make it the most terrifying USA city?

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Asst Editor: Charles Liu
Producer: Zach Bell

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Noah: @FoolishGamers

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The Most Haunted City in America (w/ Karl Jacobs & Foolish) | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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40 Responses

  1. Sam and Colby says:

    Which city do you think is the most haunted? we might go next…. ALSO: for extra content check

  2. Evie says:

    Foolish: Challenging and bullying spirits and using his nipple senses
    Karl: Hugging everyone
    Sam: Being hugged
    Colby: Being serious

  3. Georgie 🤍 says:

    Sam & Colby : asking real questions
    Karl & Noah : we should sit on each others laps and climb this really old ladder

  4. Corn says:

    Karl and Foolish on the top floor chilling and sitting on each other’s lap and being nasty meanwhile sam and colby hears lust and tease and colby says its on the 4th floor was soo on point 😂

  5. Diane says:

    Karl and Toby being goofy when Sam and Colby are so serious is literally a vibe 😂😂

  6. Oak_Tails says:

    Karl: hugging everyone
    Sam: being shocked
    Colby: joking
    Foolish: casually sits down on Karl’s lap 😂

  7. F A D E D says:

    It was interesting seeing people who literally seemed to have so much bravery and confidence throughout the whole investigation regardless of the challenge. Usually guests are more scared or intimidated. Definitely would love to see Sam and Colby have them on again

  8. Blah says:

    Karl and Foolish sitting on eachothers lap in a literal DEMON circle is such a mood

  9. Fal says:

    Sorry if I mention somewhere yall have already been, but Georgia has tons of haunted places. If you’re interested in more Savannah stuff, The Pirate House is one of my favorites for the good food but it’s absolutely got a haunted vibe. There’s also a creepy tunnel down there just for Sam and his claustrophobia 🙂 The Mercer-William’s house down there is famous for its connection to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but I only felt something strange in the basement in one spot but it was very malevolent. I went to the Juliette Gordon Low house back when I was in scouts and it was literally just for that but I swear something was following me around that entire tour except outside the house. The only place that didn’t feel like I was being followed was the outside where the garden was. Something is there 100%. The Olde Pink House is supposedly a haunted hot spot as is the Marshall House, the latter was once used a hospital during the Civil War if I remember correctly. For a fact, when cleaning the hotel they found these odd rocks and turns out they were human remains. It’s assumed they’re the amputated limbs of soldiers just tossed aside to rot. If you wanna venture outside Savannah, there’s tons of haunted cities in Georgia including Marietta, Newnan, Carrolton, Milledgeville, and Kennesaw among others. The Fox Theatre in Atlanta has some interesting history in general but is also a popular spot for ghost hunters. Since you guys had good luck at the St. Simmons Lighthouse, you might enjoy Jekyll Island. Outside exploring the swamp and nature in the area (consider contacting the 4H center if you’re interested in going in July-August bc you might be able to see sea turtle eggs hatching), the hotel on the island is another haunted spot. The ghosts there should be more lively and fun to talk to.The island is also really easy to traverse, you can probably bike around the circumference of it in like an hour or two depending on how in shape you are. Lake Lanier might be a cool spot! We’ve had over seven hundred deaths there since the 50’s and its one of the deadliest lakes in the whole country. Not sure if you guys have ever done a video boating out on the lake with your ghost equipment, but might be fun. If you’re into solving mysteries with ghosts, I’d check out the legend of 432 Abercorn Street. There’s also the Tatum House and Spook Bridge. America’s Stonehenge is located in Elbert County. If you’re looking for something outside Georgia, Carrollton, Alabama has a unique courthouse in Picken’s County. Allegedly, a criminal has his face stuck in the window at the top and every time the glass gets changed out the face keeps returning to that spot. If you’re looking for a Western vibe over a southern one, I’d check out Bucket Blood Saloon in Nevada. Outside the south, Rochester, MA is really haunted. Check out The Wanderer, they’ve published some work about how hauntings have increased in people’s homes which might be something to look into from season one’s portal theory. Kahler Grand Hotel is a famous spot and it’s also where Mayo Clinic is located. That state has some obviously famous spots such as Lizzie Borden’s house that yall have been to. San Fran imo also has some interesting haunted areas and is just an overall amazing city if you get a chance to visit. (for some reason it wouldn’t let me reply to the pinned comment)

  10. satyam sharma says:

    You gotta bring them back you guys make a great squad Sam and Colby being serious Karl and Noah making us laugh 😂😂

    Edit: bro why the hell did this get so many likes

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