The Most Haunted Town in America (w/ Valkyrae & Fuslie)

The Most Haunted Town in America (w/ Valkyrae & Fuslie)

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Sam and Colby perform a ritual with Valkyrae and Fuslie in the most haunted small town in America. Mineral Springs Hotel, specifically the pool, is the most haunted location in the city, let’s see if it lives up to it’s name.

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Editor: Sam and Colby, Charles Liu
Asst Editor: Jamison Forkenbrock
Producer: Zach Bell

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The Most Haunted Town in America (w/ Valkyrae & Fuslie) | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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30 Responses

  1. @samandcolby says:

    thanks for an amazing 2023!!! who do you wanna see us take on an adventure this next year?!

  2. @Valkyrae says:


  3. @Sophia_Needs_you says:

    *I’m not terrified of ghosts* I’m terrified of the images Sam and Colby put in their videos randomly 🤣

  4. @mekachyu2 says:

    rae and leslie: terrified and hearing scary things
    sam and colby: so anyway thanks guys for supporting our channel, thanks to universal pics for sponsoring us and go check out night swim tickets linked in the description

    no but seriously, love the video and i love this quartet and id love to see it again (maybe sam and colby play phas with rae and leslie?)

  5. @wolfymoon_yt419 says:

    I love how sam reaches for Leslie’s arms whenever they get an answer from colby or rae 😭😭😭 1:04:37

  6. @wavy349 says:

    1:04:37 seeing sam geek out with leslie during this was so funny😭

  7. @baisha says:

    leslie is so cute! she’s like a ball of sunshine 😂 I love her vibes

  8. @JennyFerko says:

    Sam and Colby have taught me one thing. Be terrified of bugs, not ghosts. (for me its litteraly opposite😂)

  9. @jeoncoconut4858 says:

    I love Valkyrae and Leslie, started watching them during the era of among us, Rae and Leslie are so funny and chaotic during those times and seeing them here being nice to the dead and ghost are so refreshing, I’m glad they’re not being disrespectful and have their manners. this collab was very unexpected yet, I’m glad it happened

  10. @samanthabroaddrick2529 says:

    Rae is absolutely adorable! Leslie is hilarious! They did so good!

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