The Most Horrible Parasite: Brain Eating Amoeba

The Most Horrible Parasite: Brain Eating Amoeba
If you too want to overcome your existential dread, make your life beautiful and support Kurzgesagt, you can get sciency products made with love in our shop. Thanks so much to everyone who’s supporting us.

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The Brain Eating Amoeba
A war has been going on for billions of years that breeds well armed monsters who struggle with other monsters for survival. Having no particular interest in us, most of them are relatively harmless, as our immune systems deal with their weapons handily. But there are exceptions.
Naegleria fowleri is an amoeba that not only has developed a deadly taste for human brains but is also a match for our defenses and a guest in dramatic headlines. What happens when this monster enters your body?

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45 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:
    If you too want to overcome your existential dread, make your life beautiful and also support Kurzgesagt, you can get sciency products made with love in our shop. Thanks so much to everyone who’s supporting us.

    • Rain Kidwell says:

      Wait hold on.. Did we just meet Kurzgesagt

    • Builders and Explorers says:

      explain a reliable and safe way to travel beyond the speed of light

    • Gabryle Santoro says:

      Quick question, can a bacteriophage kill the ameba

    • Menos Problemos says:

      I think that everything in the universe are and have building blocks, so no matter my size I’m in the center of sizes.

      I don’t know this, it’s just more probable than being among the smallest things in the universe.

    • Crafting Table says:

      Number 7: Kurzgegast eats a toilet at 3 am

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Luckily I’m safe from this amoeba since I lack the brain cells for it to feed on.

  3. PuzzLEGO says:

    it’s subtle, but 0:31 is such a creative scene. Kurzgesagt has improved with cinematography as well as education

  4. Harvey Griffiths says:

    My sister died to this, the last thing I saw of here was just being a slack-jawed body on the gurner that didn’t even look alive after taking a small dive into a local hot spring. I was young at the time and Inside Out came at the same time this happened. I remember that because I couldn’t be there at the hospital anymore and a friend of the family took me to that instead. I have never cried so hard in my life, especially during the imaginary friend forgetting scene. Despite how rare it is, it’s still awful to experience.

  5. Zap Gun says:

    So there’s a reason I didn’t ask too many questions when I was taken in at the neurological department of my local hospital a few years back. I myself had just come down with a form of Lyme’s Disease that lives in the fluids surrounding your brain and attacks the nervous system (great fun, lots of headache and fatigue for about a month and then suddenly half your face is paralyzed), just because I got bit by a minuscule infected arthropod while celebrating my birthday picnicking in the park. I learned that in the next room over was a guy who went swimming one day and ended up in the intensive care ward for about a week on life support because he was paralyzed from head to toe and so couldn’t breathe and hardly pump his own blood.
    At that point I decided I’d try to avoid learning about too many neurological diseases because there’s a terrifying amount of them, there’s basically nothing you can do to stop them, and holy crap the effects are always _extreme._

    • Solar Wind says:

      So he was able to survive the parasite with life support? While watching the video I wondered about whether that’s possible.

    • Flandre Scarlet says:

      From what I’ve noticed, neurological parasites are very vulnerable outside of the brain and can’t do anything until they reach it, where the journey to the brain usually takes days. This means that we could very likely create cures for these diseases after somebody is exposed like with rabies, which would be extremely safe given the parasites literally cannot do anything to your body if they’re not in your brain.

      It’s important to note however that certain people who are within constant contact with animals (such as veterinarians) are given rabies vaccines prior to any infection to protect them. This means we could probably also give vaccines for common neurological diseases before any contact with the pathogen occurs, if we figure out how to make vaccines for them.

    • kiittenz says:

      how are you doing now?

    • Skaya Lê says:

      @SpaceDued lol

  6. Jonathan Lindsey says:

    I love how they acknowledge the existential, _”thanks Kurzgesagt, now I’m terrifed of just being alive”_ into an animated being.

  7. Roanoke Gaming says:

    oh hey, its my fear explained! This amoeba absolutely horrifies me. Even if our antibodies can wreck it. I just dont want holes in my chemoelectrical anxiety machine

    • Jargon Trueseer says:

      I love it when I see a channel that I absolutely love watches other channels I absolutely love! Also same though, eck.

    • MantraHerbInchSin says:

      But what if the holes somehow reduces the anxiety? You might get lucky

    • AI [OCTOBER] says:

      @Skully time to the Milwaukee protocols

    • Logan Douglass says:

      It’s weird I have trouble paying attention to my biology classes yet today I watched a Roanoke gaming and kurgezcat video in one school day.

  8. World of Analytics (WoA) says:

    Kurzgesagt explaining 2 things very effectively:

    1) I can die of almost anything, even a dip in the pool
    2) Considering the size of the universe, time and space, I don’t even matter

    Yep, this is exactly what I needed at 1:00 AM

    But once again, what a fantastic video, thank you so much, guys.

  9. Ben Padula says:

    Hey Kurzgesagt! I, as I’m sure most viewers, really appreciate the extra effort put into making dope diagrams and super colorful, great-looking drawings of amoebas. Keep it up, please 🙂
    I think the supersaturated color scheme and intuitive and intriguing models are some of the main reasons I like you guys’ videos so much.

    But there’s something about that model of the young guy, particularly at 04:37, that just… haunts me a little bit. It seems a little out of place in a Kurzgesagt video. Maybe it’s a little overly realistic, maybe a bit too expressive, but it doesn’t really seem to fit in with the general style of your videos. So I was wondering whether you decided to start taking the style of your illustrations in a different direction, or it’s just me being overly sensitive about the graphics.

    Maybe I’m not the only one curious, we’ll see.
    Anyways, great video as always!

    • Clever Girl says:

      This channels animation has been becoming more complex every few videos it seems. I actually like that they’re trying different animation styles for people; usually they’re a lot simpler than the unfortunate guy in this video.

    • Yet Another says:

      It is definitely unsettling, but I think that’s the point.

    • Gabtube252 says:

      I actually like the more detailed human, it is different from their regular stuff but I thought it looked awesome.

  10. Katherine says:

    This video is taking a very dark turn! I love it, but I must resist and watch it tomorrow or I will have nightmares! 😅

    • Abhinav Banerjee says:

      Just watched it before going to bed. It’s not that scary. But then again, I’ve never swimmed in my life.

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