The most horrifying night we’ve ever experienced.

The most horrifying night we’ve ever experienced.

Sam and Colby stayed overnight at the haunted biltmore hotel and now have to get to the bottom of Corey Scherer’s shadow man spirit by talking to mediums and playing with the ouija board. The group experiences crazy paranormal evidence.


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79 Responses

  1. Sam and Colby says:

    hope you enjoyed! But this is probably it for a while….

    We would love to meet you on tour though!

  2. Trudy Gittings says:

    I agree with all the comments on how much the overreact and the weird cut with the tree and I even saw a comment about the shadow demon actually being a wondering souls demon which in short is what attaches to people when they have come in contact with Satan (might be wrong). I feel like sam and colby should let jake take charge for once or even jake and corey make their own yt vids where they dont freak out and they actually get to the bottom of the shadow man

    One last thing since we are all comments on how they freaked out we should all just come toghether and do a seance with them and get them to chill out and get to the bottom of the issue without crowding them (just a random thing idk lol)

    • Kassey Jordan says:

      Honestly I think colby and Jake should do an investigation with just the 2 of them. I also wish Jake would do investigations on his channel with him and Tara and Reggie I feel like that would be awesome lol😂

  3. jelani lewis says:

    I feel like Jake knows they scamin that’s why he always calm and curious

  4. free shavacado says:

    Can y’all actually investigate instead of freaking out and never ending it I get it I would freak out too but y’all do this every time I love y’all so much but it’s getting really annoying 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Luke Breukel says:

      I agree, just for once really finish something

    • Natalia Kłusek says:

      Oh come on, they are doing it just to have more views and likes. I was very fond of their videos but now it’s getting boring. They are treating Jake like trash just because he isn’t freaking out like them. He is literally the one that has nothing to do with it but still tries to actually investigate. They all “trying” to get rid of the spirit but it’s more like making spirits angrier each time. Grow up. Start to make some serious content. That’s my opinion on them

    • melody hitz says:

      straight up

    • Peyton Glover says:

      bro fr like if you are going to start something cause you want answers finish it and find the damn answer

    • Cherry Autumn says:

      free shavacado EXACTLY!

  5. Rachael says:

    The Shadow Man: Finally my chance to tell them is here!
    T-e-l-l C-o-r-e-
    Them: *Freak out and say goodbye*
    The Shadow Man: FUUUUUUCK

  6. Stem B says:

    You guys got nothing out of this. Didnt even bother asking the right questions and didnt even wait for “shadow man” to answer his question. It probably moved the tree to say that he wanted to talk to you through the board.
    Your saying your getting better but i feel that you guys arent.

  7. ig aquarxs says:

    “we reached our goal”, “we did get in contact”, “we were able to get in contact with the shadow man” …
    y’all dipped before it can even finish spelling what it was going to say!

    ALSO, “it was playing with us”. I recall Corey saying out loud “if you can make a knock, or a loud noise right now proving that it’s you, the shadow man” , it just did what Corey asked, how’s it playing with you? Y’all asked and it answered.

    Honestly I understand its scary in person like no doubt about it… but don’t try to claim y’all got the answers you went there to get. When you try to go into these things, it’s a lot easier when you are calm and are able to think clearly. It doesn’t help when the people around you have no hold on their emotions and jump to conclusions before knowing what’s going on. Just saying.

    • XX_Phoenix_XX says:

      @Omar Reyes we still don’t even know if it is a demon cause that question wasn’t answered neither did anyone ask it

    • XX_Phoenix_XX says:

      @Omar Reyes getting scared is the one thing but they came for answers so they had to stay calm for literally once! I still leave them and am a big fan but still!

    • Omar Reyes says:

      @XX_Phoenix_XX I’m for sure you ain’t talking to no angel on the board and angels are not shadows there beautiful and white

    • Omar Reyes says:

      @XX_Phoenix_XX ik but there scared that they might do something wrong or something and they’re trying to help corey but are scared

    • XX_Phoenix_XX says:

      @Omar Reyes I get where you coming from since everyone reacts differently and they really just trying to protect themselves all I’m saying is that I might have dealt differently with it and not all spirits are bad there indeed good spirits out there so I was just a little disappointed!

  8. adin4a says:

    Jake is the only one who actually wants to know this. so annoying.

    • Zahin Shahazad says:

      adin4a why it’s 666 likes?

    • gothchan666 says:

      @iFNhU well I dont care about science and have my own beliefs as well as many people here but why are u watching these kinds of videos if u dont believe?

    • brandy tuggle says:

      I think he was more curious and wanted to know more before they stop and started freaking out I think when he saw the music come on he wanted to see more and see what else it could do to make him believe and calm down figure things out because every noise they hear they react to everyone when honestly house makes noise sometimes so he always will be little suspicious I think when the music came on it made him think a little.

    • iFNhU says:

      @gothchan666 For there to be an afterlife, consciousness would need to be something that is entirely separated from our physical body – which it is not.

      Rather, consciousness at the very basic level is a series of atoms and electrons which essentially give us our mind.

      The laws of the universe do not allow these particles to operate after our physical demise.

      Claims that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms face one huge, insuperable obstacle: the laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood, and there’s no way within those laws to allow for the information stored in our brains to persist after we die.

    • Wendy’s says:

      adin4a yeah they should’ve asked what the spirit wanted instead of asking unnecessary questions

  9. Noor Broers says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Shadow man: moves tree en turns on Christmas thing

    Jake: sits there quietly and doesn’t freak out lmao

    And ohye some subtitles would be nice

    • TEE says:

      Noor Broers lmao people still using this in March 2020 bruh

    • Omar Reyes says:

      Well first jake doesn’t believe second would u get scared if that happened to u and third and they probably forgot what they said so didn’t put subtitles I’d your talking about almost at the end

    • Fatos Kryeziu says:

      @Omar Reyes you are literally saying the same thing in this comment section

    • Omar Reyes says:

      Obviously cuz it’s basically the same comment I’m trying to them not spread hate and to think about it again

  10. Lynn Duhh says:

    ‘We didn’t figure shit out’ yeah you were about to when the board was spelling out ‘tell core..’ and then y’all just freaked out and gave up…

  11. BlueRain says:

    I love how people in the comments aren’t getting mad at Jake in the comments 💕

    We have such a nice community here 🤍🖤

  12. Taylor Rose says:

    Did anyone else realize how stick straight jake was standing and sitting at the end and not to sound mean in any way but jake is never still.

    • SimmernotSinner says:

      Taylor Rose hes TIRED of them freaking out whenever something happens. He wants to figure shit out but they freak out every two seconds.

  13. Soto says:

    The Shadow Man: Tell Corey

    Corey: Goodbye

    • TEE says:

      Soto was that meant to be funny?

    • imasnnake says:

      @TEE no it’s facts Corey can never finished what shadow man’s trying to tell him

    • Almighty_ NBV says:

      Exactly what if it something good there all portraying it to be evil when shit goes down, but it never actually hurts corey or his family they always just see it watching over them, it could be trying to protect them, I wish he would have let It play out an see what it was going to say

    • MJk says:


  14. A Peacy says:

    Everyone: loses hope*
    Shadow man: jingle bells jingle bells

  15. Lydia says:

    “Calm tf down” HONESTLY. shoutout to jake for speaking up

    • Omar Reyes says:

      @Fatos Kryeziu in the other video he say he didn’t believe

    • XX_Phoenix_XX says:

      @Omar Reyes even if he doesn’t he is a human being and can get scared! He also said that he took this seriously at the end of the video you would now if you watched the whole video! I saw you commenting the same thing on other comments so I had to make this one thing clear

    • Omar Reyes says:

      @XX_Phoenix_XX totally understand you and yes I’m saying like the same comment because 1 it’s kinda the same question that other people have and too I’m trying for them not to spread hate and no I didn’t get to watch it all because I had to go and help my dad and then went to church so I didn’t

    • XX_Phoenix_XX says:

      @Omar Reyes ups well sry cause I kind of was mad so… I answered a few of your other comments without really thinking sry didn’t mean to offend you! ♥️

    • Parker Lovett says:


  16. ashesnwine • says:

    when the most non-serious person is the only one making ANY sense about the situation…. you know y’all need to do better. this series sucked 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Gracie says:

    I love how Jake is calm, but the others have more experience and are just scared of what has previously happened. I don’t blame them for flipping out and yelling. Jake just doesn’t know what’s going on sometimes. I love all of them but Corey overreacts because he has had a previous incident and it has been serious. so I understand, but I do feel bad for Jake, but he doesn’t know what’s happening sometimes, but I love how calm he is.

  18. Rae Koz says:

    Jake who doesn’t believe in paranormal stuff:
    *i wanna find out*

    • loizerz says:

      hes a skeptic. i think somewhere he believes, but its hard for him to if the others just fuck shit up :/

  19. lol says:

    honestly if y’all are gonna keep treating jake like this, screaming at him and getting mad at him for no reason, then stop bringing him on these trips. he doesn’t want anything but to figure this out, if it’s even real at this point.

    • Kassey Jordan says:

      And they trip cuz he doesn’t believe but I mean there truly hasn’t been one SOLID proof/evidence that can’t be explained by some form of manipulation. They have been completely mean and disrespectful to him honestly especially in the Biltmore episode of this series 😪. Its like sad to say but it seems they are letting their fame get to their heads😭.

  20. do go says:

    i feel bad for jake every time they ignore his opinion i’m really annoyed

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