The Most Insane Show I’ve Ever Seen

The Most Insane Show I’ve Ever Seen

I want to be a mountain monster hunter

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30 Responses

  1. Dawson says:

    Honestly, I kinda respect that these guys have managed to turn running around in the woods and screaming about monsters into a nearly 11 year long career in television.

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body- says:

    As bad as this show is, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart because my grandpa showed it to me and it was like our show, and nowadays I can look back and make fun of it and myself for genuinely enjoying it when I was younger

  3. Nester Helen says:

    I have seen every episode of the show. The joy that this video is going to give me is immeasurable.

    • Letthembelightpeaceonelove says:

      @TheTetrapod That’s still disturbing. There’s no reason that should happen to any animal, no matter what they look like.

    • TheTetrapod says:

      @Letthembelightpeaceonelove You can go to a butcher’s shop or slaughterhouse and buy a pig’s head. There’s no reason to think one was slaughtered just for this show, and even if it was, I doubt it would have gone to waste.

    • Letthembelightpeaceonelove says:

      Even with the actually pigs head with skin cut off around his or her eyes?? I’m guessing they actually killed that pig just for this show. That disturbs me deeply.

    • shelly welden says:

      🤣😂 Lol, I think I’m going to have to start watching this show!!! Danny might have just blown this show UP 👍🙂

  4. Spaceland-Fae says:

    I think if this was more obviously a mockumentary instead of a weird reality TV show I’d be obsessed with it

  5. Llio Buckets says:

    When I was 12 I stayed the night at my friends house and his dad was watching this show and we were so enamored by it we stayed up all night watching it. He lived in the woods so the next day we decided to go looking for monsters and ended up finding a stray dog which his family kept.

    • shelly welden says:

      First, let me say, I’m DESPERATE to find a stray dog, lol!!! I’m a dog lover, and wish I could find one…. Or 2, 3, 4…. You get the idea😂.
      But, this is a fantastic post and love to hear a pup was saved and you had a fun night and day and made some awesome memories! That’s awesome for you! 👍💜🙂

    • Deen says:

      I think that is the best possible thing you guys could have found

    • im lost help :c says:

      What a wholesome story 💕

  6. Sophie says:

    The amount of people coming out of the woodworks to express their love for this show is amazing. No wonder the show ran for so long!

  7. gaelic says:

    The disrespect jeff has endured in this show is just immeasurable

  8. Nonameless says:

    Did NOT expect this show to turn into Lord of the Flies, but I’m here for it

  9. sapphicfairie ♡ says:

    I went to high school in West Virginia, and every year, the health class would make their own episode of ‘Mountain Monsters.’ Every time, they just had a kid dress in a bigfoot suit, and a few other kids would pretend to be the guys in the show. Not a lot happened at that school, so a lot of the kids looked forward to seeing it at the end of the year in the school broadcast. I deadass forgot about it until I saw this video, and thought it was kinda interesting.

  10. Abby Miner says:

    My family and I found this show about five years ago and were obsessed with it. It’s our hidden gem chaos show that makes no sense whatsoever but is so fun to watch. The first few seasons are absolute gold. We felt like the show kinda started to fall off in the later seasons because it got too absurd but we will still revisit the early seasons to this day. RIP Trapper❤️🙏

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