The Munsters | A Rob Zombie Film | Coming Soon

The Munsters | A Rob Zombie Film | Coming Soon

From Rob Zombie comes the greatest love story ever told as Herman and Lily’s crazy courtship takes The Munsters on a hauntingly hilarious trip from Transylvania to Hollywood.

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41 Responses

  1. Reis World says:

    I was half expecting him to do a good job, instead we got something that looks like a beetleborgs reboot.

  2. Americh Calhoun says:

    It’s impossible not to see this whole thing as an extended credit card commercial

  3. William Jackson says:

    The Munsters were a once in a lifetime event. The singular talents that made it happen are no longer with us & while this is a good attempt, it will never be replicated.

    • Joe Greene says:

      This wasn’t a good attempt.

    • showtimecharlie says:

      Best answer ! Just like the 3 stooges, these singular talents came together at a point in time to make something unique, but can never be duplicated.

    • Deanna Webster says:

      You’re being generous.

    • Dave Wanamaker says:

      Kind of like the Three Stooges reboot debacle movie. I am still rooting for a watchable movie.

    • Attic Hatch Sound - Bob Kowal says:

      To be a “good attempt” RZ should at least attempt to cast people other than his wife and buddies.
      Having a 30-40 million dollar budget- not seeing much attempting to use those $$ in the production.

  4. King Brandis says:

    I’m choosing to believe that this is just a poorly made trailer, Dan Roebuck looks and sounds Great as Grampa!

  5. Half-Assed Crafts with Big Mike says:

    As someone who has loved the Munsters since childhood and still enjoys the original show – this ain’t it, chief.

    • Universal Dorks says:

      @Attic Hatch Sound – Bob Kowal That’s a seriously low budget for a modern movie.

    • Attic Hatch Sound - Bob Kowal says:

      @Cunning Smile Is he trying? reported 30-40 MILLION budget. Sure not seeing that money on the screen!

    • Kage Akuma says:

      I wasn’t expecting an origin story but he does seem to have the spirit of the characters, so I’ll give it a shot. I mean the 90’s Addams Family first trailer was pretty cheesy.

    • SAFTO2 SAFTO says:

      Trying ?? Lol oh god horrible

    • EyeMJeph says:

      I couldn’t put my finger on it till now but this made me realize how much Fred Gwynne’s voice made the show what it was. Loud and booming and deep but heartfelt. This sounds too goofy

  6. Erdos Renyi says:

    as i was watching this i kept thinking, “is this a joke? this cannot be an actual movie coming out.” but the punchline never came. i’m fearful this is an actual movie.

  7. Thrasher1293 says:

    This is the stake in the heart of Rob zombie’s film career

  8. loudasfuzz says:

    This looks cheaper than the future adult film parody of it 🥴

  9. cwwjr1681 says:

    The Original show is still great to watch to this day. This? This was just BRUTAL to watch. I almost didnt finish it. Everything about this just felt FORCED. The cheezie campiness of the original flows naturally. So its enjoyable. This just feel very FORCED.

  10. Liz Lemon says:

    It’s like everything with the movie was done perfectly- the costumes, the makeup, the sets and cinematography, even the general “love story” plot….but it feels so hollow. Just wrong. I don’t fully understand what happened, but this seems like a seasonal commercial done by a paper towel company.

    • E S says:

      Because as usual he was more concerned with visual aesthetics and casting his wife. I see what he was trying to do, but it just doesn’t work. Poor casting choice with his wife and trying to modernize ruined this. It’s treating way too hard.

    • lonelydwightfrye says:

      What happened was they let Rob Zombie ruin another franchise

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