The Munsters | Rob Zombie Vision (Written & Directed) | Teaser Trailer

The Munsters | Rob Zombie Vision (Written & Directed) | Teaser Trailer

Rob Zombie writes and takes the directors chair for the return of The Munsters from Universal 1440 Entertainment!

Check out this teaser for the perfect combination of nostalgia and electric new talent. With Rob Zombie running the show you KNOW it’s going to be epic.

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29 Responses

  1. Cortez Tate says:

    I use to watch this show as a kid in the 90’s 😂 even though the show was old that was the only black and white show I would watch

  2. Joe Provdo says:

    I’m so stoked for this. Rob Zombie & the Munsters this should be great!

  3. TheGollyLlama says:

    I wish I had a pile of my own kids I could drag to the theater to see this and afterwards regale them with stories of what my first White Zombie concert was like back in 95. I guess my nieces and nephews will have to do… their parents are going to be so *thrilled*!

  4. Ethan says:

    I’m glad Rob Zombie is doing a PG-rated film. This looks like a lot of fun!

    • Ryan says:

      @Jennifer Lawrence hell ya

    • Ryan says:

      @Matt J Hendrix I watched it all the time when I was a kid. I’m not shocked that its a PG and family movie. I was just hoping for a twist where it would be more horror. Either way I’m excited to watch it.

    • Matt J Hendrix says:

      @Ryan This proved you’ve never watched The Munsters then because that was a family show

    • Jared Lowder says:

      @Demented Nun it says so at the end of the teaser. It is rated PG

  5. Xray Punch says:

    Looks like Rob Zombie used the Jack Davis’ rendition of ‘Frankenstein’ for Herman’s new look. Well played, Rob.

  6. Ben Dunn says:

    I loved the tv series! This looks like lots of fun if it stays true.

  7. Magallanes Agustin says:

    I can’t get over the fact that Rob Zombie is making a kid friendly movie 😂

    • Sturmdrache says:

      This way, he can dig through the ditches, and burn through the witches, and slam in the back of his DRAG-U-LA. XD

    • BoomStick Critique says:

      He’s been trying to escape for years but said all he gets offered is more straight horror scripts lol.

    • Star_butterfly1986 says:

      I got sick cursing

    • Joe Lockard says:

      @paul babuik I’d definitely love to see more of his work…pretty much everything the guy has ever done is amazing and has done really well for itself.

    • LogoAttitude says:

      Rob Zombie should also direct a Halloween episode of The Loud House

  8. DJ JOHNNY-CEE says:

    Rob zombie nailed it!! This looks so good.grandpa and lilly look dead on with the characters.rob certainly did his homework!! Can’t wait

    • Juno Synth says:

      @TheGollyLlama I noticed a lot of subtle things they all got right from the original characters. Looks like all are going to do justice to the characters!

    • leslie c says:

      Pretty close. This is a like rough cut scene . They haven’t finished changes or anything yet. People out there bitching have never bothered watching the original show.

    • TheGollyLlama says:

      Sherri got Lilly’s movements down too…like a twitchy butterfly.

    • DJ JOHNNY-CEE says:

      @CSUNLIMITED been watching them since the 60s when I was a kid.he did a fantastic job this is as close as you’re ever going to get to the originals who were the best

    • Jamie B says:

      Grandpa’s mustache doesn’t look good to me. I wouldn’t have went with that choice but I’m excited for the movie I love the Munsters

  9. Kris Reddick says:

    The actor playing Herman Munster looks more like Glenn Strange as Frankenstein than he does as Herman! That’s alright in my book though since Fred Gwynn was made up to resemble Strange in the herman make up!

    • Nolan Philpott says:

      I always thought Ed Helms would’ve made a good Herman Munster

    • GhostbustersFan77 says:

      Fred Gwynn had very unique facial features, I don’t think there’s anyone today who could put that makeup on and resemble what he did. The same can be said when Glenn Strange took over the role of The Monster from Karloff.

    • Krystal Harwood says:

      and Grandpa looks like Rosie in Seussical

  10. El Hermanito Loquito says:

    I think Rob Zombie is going bring justice to the Munsters world. Not only cause he’s a fan but because he wants to keep it as real as possible to the original. I think OG munsters fans are going to be happy. An the fact that the 2 original living actors are going to be in it is a tribute and testimony to that. I’m happy with the actor playing herman but I would of liked to see either Brad Garrett or Kevin Nash as Herman Munster. I always thought they would of done a good job as Herman.

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