The Mysterious Death Of The Eight Day Bride

The Mysterious Death Of The Eight Day Bride

Accidental death, or deadly love triangle?


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Key witness at Kettlewell inquest in Bracebridge is Ronald Barrie; seen with his sister; Mrs. James
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River Villa; The Cottage where the bride and her husband; Jack Kettlewell; planned to honeymoon all
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Eager spectators; mostly bobby-soxers; are seen getting autographs from Kettlewell and Barrie. Outli
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Dining Room
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Barrie’s friend and husband of the dead bride; Jack Kettlewell; is seen with his father at Bracebrid
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Human organs
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Why; how Christine Kettlewell died
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Back from war; Jack Kettlewell; seen in army kit; married Christine early in May
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Inspecting ruins of honeymoon cottage from which he pulled his friend; Jack Kettlewell; before it bu
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67 Responses

  1. Erica Bentley says:

    what if they were in a polyamorous relationship and Christina got insecure because of the fact that they were at least bi? It could be that she feared that she would be afraid of being a beard…Maybe that insecurity mixed with her mental health made her try to kill Jack and herself but Jack got out. but I feel like ronald could have killed her out of jealousy or rage…

  2. keyholes says:

    When the police described Ronald’s statement as “fantastic” they were using the word’s old meaning; unbelievable, literally relating to a fantasy. They thought he was talking absolute codswallop.

  3. Kath Flynn says:

    While C.P. Hope’s drag of Ronald was absolutely legendary, I think it’s worth noting that this was 1945 and Ronald and Jack were two men in a romantic relationship, which is more than enough of a reason to attack Ronald’s character back then. I have trouble believing that the accusations against these men are entirely unbiased when everyone making them is so intensely homophobic and refering to their relationship as “unnatural”

    • Anna Cibiniak says:

      Kath Flynn exactly what I was thinking, unlikley that after information being released about their relationship everything was going to be completely unbiased

  4. s.s says:

    I love gay crime. My favorite genre of true crime

  5. Jay Vin99 says:

    I have 2 interpretations
    1. Jack and Ronald were in a relationship. Jack, like most homosexual guys in times where being gay was seen as taboo, had a straight relationship where he led on this young woman. He probably thought his relationship with Ron was a phase or something and that he’d settle for Christina eventually and would ultimately fall in love with her. It didn’t happen and becuase Christina was so in love with him and showed signs of an unstable mindset Jack realized he couldn’t dump her now especially since he had been leading her on for some time. He married her to keep her happy but continued his relationship with Ron. Christina saw Ron as a good friend and confided in him her worries and suspicions of Jack not being in love with her, not knowing that Ron was more or less the reason why Jack couldn’t bring himself to love her. Ron noticed that her letters implied violence and that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill Jack and out of concern, came with the duo on their honeymoon in order to keep an eye on her and Jack. This probably unsettled Christina and Jack’s indifference to the whole scenario and his “my best friend is coming on our honeymoon with me and my wife and it’s not weird at all” demeanour is probably what made Christina realize that something “unthinkable” was going on between Ronald and Jack. The suspicion drives her mad. Remember, we’re looking at a woman who already showed signs of an unstable mind. She plots to kill Jack and then herself. She waits till Ron leaves and sets the house on fire after clubbing Jack on the head then resorts to killing herself. What she didn’t know was that Ron made it back in time to save Jack. Thinking she had put an end to it all and made sure that if she couldn’t have him then no one else can either, she kills herself after overdosing on pills and drowning. Jack and Ron probably continued their relationship after the case and put and end to it eventually but I don’t think they were over each other, which is why Ron moved to the states so he wouldn’t see Jack again and vice versa, which probably made it easier to get over each other.
    2. Theory two is almost the exact thing but I think Jack wanted to break off the relationship with Christina. She didn’t let him do so and therefore he plotted with Ron and agreed to marry Christina just to kill her off later on. Maybe they didn’t do it physically but they drove her into killing herself. They probably implied their homosexuality to her in a number of ways during the honeymoon which led to her becoming deranged and upset that the man she loved had been lying to her the entire time. So she decides to kill herself and the burning house and head injury are all cover ups by Jack and Ron. So in a way, they drove her in to killing herself.
    All in all, I think theory 1 is the most likely of the two.

  6. Dyanne Abobo says:

    This is why I prefer True Crime to Supernatural. So much more exciting! While I’m enthralled by the idea of ghosts and demons, the human psyche is so much more complex to explore.

    • Jay Vin99 says:

      Dyanne Abobo true! Very very true!
      I am a strong believer in the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction”

    • Lorena Jordan says:

      I’m just not a fan of a freaking floor being either my shoe on it or a 4,000 year old ghost who finally wants to talk about what the hell an iPhone is. I like facts

    • Tiffany Brito says:

      Dyanne Abobo Agreed!

    • k slizzle says:

      Dyanne Abobo this was boring. and had less views than supernatural

    • Pwnedgamer94 says:

      True crime is fun, but I love supernatural because unlike other supernatural shows, they bring Shane, a skeptic along with them to debunk most of it, and try and antagonize the ghost/demons into attacking him.

  7. Miko Zamora says:

    Can you research about Chiong Sisters? This is trending in the Philippines right now!

    • Hige Bennington says:

      milk 고양이 both

    • Trin Tomlinson says:

      oh yes! i really hope they’d add this one in the series! the case of the Chiong Sisters is really buzzing here in the Philippines these past few weeks

    • Sofiayayayey - says:

      I was thinking about suggesting this but (1) I think they’re too far from their source of information, which is the Philippines and (2) this issue is too hot right now and has politics involved so I’m not sure if it’s appropriate

      I’d still love to hear their take on it though

    • Jay Vin99 says:

      Sofiayayayey – how is it hot and trending if it, according to Miko Zamora, happened in 1997?

    • kymi says:

      Jay Vin99 it’s bc a movie about the incident was made recently, which sparked a lot of controversy bc of inaccuracies and debate over whether or not the accused suspects who were imprisoned were the true perpetrators (the most infamous of which still maintains his innocence)

  8. Luna Pyrope says:

    If Jack was gay/bi in 1945, of course he removed his family from his will because they most likely didn’t accept him.

    • toni ramljak says:

      Luna Pyrope Maybe he hid his homosexuality from his parents. But I’m not sure, I didn’t even do any research so who knows.

    • C0mm3nT4T0r says:

      Captain Jack Harkness approves

    • K F says:

      If he said anything in 1940’s Canada, he would be thrown into corrective therapy at best, likely thrown in jail or murdered at worst. Lgbtq rights had juuust started come out into the public eye around then (especially in Toronto, soon(?) after a man was sent to jail for wearing women’s clothes in public) so this probably became much more sensational.

      I dunno, I know gay history but I didn’t live then so…

  9. rachel mann says:

    please put captions on these, my mom is mostly deaf and I love watching the show with her

  10. Mary Dragonee says:

    Yall should do an episode about the jersey devil for next season’s supernatural

    • jalapeno1119 says:

      Mary Dragonee yes and that one hospital/hotel in Arkansas where this guy pretended to be a doctor and thought he could cure cancer by cutting of the part of the patient’s body.

  11. Dave Movie Fan says:

    You should do princess Diana, there are a lot of theories about her death

  12. KrisNinovOfficial says:

    C.C. Tinsley and C.P. Hope duo?

  13. Zali Rose says:

    I reckon Ronald wrote those suicide notes in an attempt to shift the blame from him, and that night Ronald drugged and killed Christina, then drugged and struck Jack – not with the intent to kill, but to knock him out/alter his memory.
    Something about him seems odd.

  14. Emily E B says:

    I watched this at 1am and I had only my bedroom lamp on, so I went and turned on my ceiling light before starting the video, just in case it was too spooky. But it’s all good now.

  15. bts in your area says:

    8 day bride? Kim Kardashian where you at?

  16. A says:

    I like that they are giving credits in the end

  17. auki _ says:


    me: * whispers * _wow, fantastic baby_

  18. bts in your area says:

    Christina discovered that Jack had Ligma

  19. anushruti banerjee says:

    Shane apologizing for being hetero normative…a true ally

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      Ugh I know this is technically Buzzfeed but y’all SJWs can just stay on the main channel, please. Leave the politics out of this show.

    • kamalaophelia says:

      Bob Pickleon are you saying the to are not allowed to be themselves? so you feel better about probably being a bigot?

    • jalapeno1119 says:

      Bob Pickleson Shane was literally the one who brought it up. If you don’t like it, YOU can leave.

  20. Crazy Caity says:

    Shane: Wait a minute…. Were they smoochin’?
    Me: They were probably doing more than that my dude.

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