The Mystery That Keeps Neil deGrasse Tyson Up At Night

The Mystery That Keeps Neil deGrasse Tyson Up At Night

There’s one terrifying mystery of the universe that astrophysicist and ‘Astrophysics for People in a Hurry’ author Neil deGrasse Tyson loses sleep over.

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71 Responses

  1. corega111 says:

    Always a joy listening to Neil.

  2. Casey T says:

    I see Neil, I click.

    • Chris Parker says:

      are you joking or are you really as stupid as you appear D. Ellan

    • Chris Parker says:

      you sound like a jealous child or just another fool Dick…….Head.

    • Chris Parker says:

      Rook, you are.

    • Cousin Ant says:

      KillerSugar, There have been plenty of minds superior to this tyson’s who have significant scientific accomplishments, you jungle-fevered simpleton. Richard Dawkins for instance in his groundbreaking Selfish gene challenged prevailing ideas of natural selection, he’s clearly a better more coherent and precise expounder of science than stream of conscioussness tyson. Then we have Richard Feynman himself, “The Great Explainer”, who also got Nobel Prize for his work in quantum electrodynamics (Hellmann–Feynman theorem, etc.), Michael Faraday who had his sold-out “Christmas lectures”, his mentor Sir Humphrey Davy discoverer of Calcium, Magnesium, etc also had sold-out “Christmas lectures”, on and on. Compared to these great men of science, Tyson is a thoughtless lower primate. He’s basically the king kong of entertainment tv, watchable ONLY for his primitive monstrosity.

  3. Tebz Nkosi says:

    It worked, we won

  4. Rodolfo Goulart Müller says:

    Holy molly, that’s a very neildegrassetyson interview

  5. JAM F says:

    Boy, do I love NdGT. He’s the bomb!

  6. Pit bull Maybe says:

    this was actually amazing LOL

  7. Abdulrahman says:

    This guy always blows my mind.

    • AcridDread says:

      Abdulrahman you could blow your own mind by actually doing research over government secrecy and finding the real truth. Neil is paid and manipulating to control the publics perception of the truth of terrestrials. They’ve been here our entire planets lifetime and we have people like Neil whose job is to keep the public skeptical when it’s fact at this point we’re being lied to.

    • KING FERF says:

      Abdulrahman he be stupid

  8. Mohammad Mousavi says:

    neil is so passionate in his own work it’s not measurable

  9. lolipedofin says:

    Neil… such an amazing communicator of science.

    • Daniel Simchuk says:

      Grammar Nazi here, I think you meant *of bullshit

    • Eric Burkheimer says:

      Daniel Simchuk awww. A stupid person. It’s bullshit bc you, much like Trump supporters, only see the fantasies in the Bible as being worthwhile, important, and true. Now, I doubt for a fact that you believe in intelligent design, I just know it’s true. Funny thing though — and ironic — people who believe in intelligent design, are not intelligent. If intelligent design were the case, it would actually prove intelligent design is actually unintelligent design since so many of you lack intelligence. #GOPGenocide

    • KING FERF says:

      Eric Burkheimer hey can u give me proof of the ball earth

    • Daniel Simchuk says:

      Eric Burkheimer first of all I’m not a trump supporter, additionally intelligence is subjective the same way you look down on someone who isn’t your intellectual equal someone else sees you in the same light, your whole argument is based upon insult and bullshit. Neil always talks about irrelevant topics and amuses his audience with a sense of grandeur with sayings like “the universe is far vaster than the universe” he doesn’t benefit the scientific community in any way, from my point of view he is absolute

  10. Nandakumar K says:

    That theory was crazy! Guess I’m loosing my sleep tonight

    • Eno says:

      There’s lots of proof. The entire night sky is proof. Everything out there is red shifted, and becoming increasingly more so. That means that it’s not only moving away from us, but it’s also moving away from us at an increasing velocity – for reasons we don’t understand.

    • Seven says:

      People should just search Flat Earth Clues! Neil DeGrasse Tyson is mentally ill. And people who believe all this NASA Sci-Fi bs are brainwashed drones! These animals from NASA are trying to hide God! Two world wars and now they are in control!

      Wake up and fight people!!!

    • Ali Hamza says:

      Seven please do us all a favor and jump off the edge of your flat earth

    • AcridDread says:

      Nandakumar K 👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽 maybe wake up someday and smell the shit in the air that we’ve been lied to our entire lives and terrestrials have been here our entire planets life. Government secrecy has succeeded beyond possibility and created people like you who are so held from the truth that you lose sleep over this nothingness of a video. Smh we are fucked

  11. Swnsasy _ says:

    Dude I’m bringing out my inner party and nerd.. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a jet that we could make it to each destination to party every hour for everyone’s New Years!? Woo-hoo! Well, my liver would drop out my body and parachute off the jet by the 8th hour but still… To the future!! 😂

  12. Joshua Evans-Lowell says:

    Thank you Dr. Tyson for providing me a new thing to be concerned and/or depressed about.
    That job is usually filled by Donald J. Trump.

  13. Zachary Alexander says:

    I just love Neil’s passion for this stuff

  14. sphinx onyx says:

    Everyone should listen to Neil Degrasse Tyson’s podcast “Startalk”.

    With all the shit going around in the world, the best way to cope with all of it is to immerse yourself in science, science and only science.

    • Bill Hampton says:

      sphinx onyx I do it’s a good show, especially when Nye hosts

    • Alrien J says:

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn about history, politics and current events? I mean unless you’d rather not actually understand what’s going on around the world right now. Science is great and all, but it’s not going to teach you that.

    • sphinx onyx says:

      Alrien J you mean how people like to contort history like “Confederacy was not about slavery” and “good people on Nazi side”?

      Yeah no I’m fine we escaping all that crazy and seek comfort in science

    • Alrien J says:

      uh lol no? I’m talking about real history, you know like real professors teach in real schools? There’s lots of contortion of science too, but if you never learn the real facts you’re depriving yourself of an insightful view of the world. The fact that we have so many people who are informed about the history of the civil war is why statements like that were so quickly ousted as false.

    • geistreiches says:

      so true

  15. Tiia Mannix says:

    Neil is such a ray of sunshine c:

    • Bystander232 says:

      I hope he entertains himself as much as he entertains us :).

    • nirvgorilla says:

      Yup just stonewall my comment as if I didn’t say it. Ignore the real criticism of the guy. He RUINED Cosmos. Cosmos was better done by a dignified Carl Sagan, and then Neil comes around and blows it six ways to sunset.

      He’s not as good as you chimps prop him up to be, really. Sagan was superior.™

    • Rich Wojehowski says:

      +nirvgorilla – I don’t particularly care for Neil’s style of speaking or narration either but I’m not going to tear him down since he is the best thing we have going for us now in the field and certainly for mainstream pop culture. Carl Sagan did have better and more captivating delivery, were as Neil seems to have a harder time formulating what he has to say or even creates his own rabbit holes as he goes along. It doesn’t help having hosts that interrupt or distract, but then again NO night-time talk (entertainment) show host has serious interviews.

  16. MonieLue78 says:

    I love Neil

    • Fifty State says:

      2:30 C’mon *Neil,* You’re giving lunar holidays and New Years is marked by the stars being in the same place, at the same time, over the (same time zone.) *Neil,* you’re just being a contrarian showboat, poor from *Neil,* poor form.

    • Fifty State says:

      Alain PANNETIER, Be positive, “you’re full of fertilizer” sounds so much better.

    • Cesar 2 says:

      Alain PANNETIER Well my science teacher always told me life always has trade benefits. “Would you rather eat something that’s poisonous to you and live for another 30 years” or “Would you rather not eat anything and die in 3 weeks” just think about it

    • Everything about life says:

      this look man

  17. Khal Drogo says:

    The fact that a scientist has appeared the most in a popular late show makes me very happy and kinda hopeful.

  18. BRENDA VIGEANT says:

    Love Neil DeGrasse Tyson, this is what a truly intelligent person sounds like. He is able to explain a very complex subject matter at a level that can be understood by the masses. Not once did he say “I’m like a smart person.”

  19. Buenomars says:

    “Watch out guys, we are dealing with a badass over here!”

  20. Ricky Martin says:

    I haven’t slept since watching this video.

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