The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion

The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion

Season finale. Is this musical mansion a gateway to the spirit world?

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Victorian Portrait on Card – a man with bowler hat
noriko_london/Getty Images
Antique illustration of seance session
ilbusca/Getty Images
Hand writing with old quill pen on the old paper. Historical atmosphere. Empty place for a text.
FotoDuets/Getty Images
A close-up of an American dollar bill
paulprescott72/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Antique Piano
Erik Witsoe / EyeEm/Getty Images
Candled burning in the night
sankai/Getty Images
Human skull on old open book on black background under beam of light
nantonov/Getty Images
elenaleonova/Getty Images
Past Due
DNY59/Getty Images
Business man under stress
Rostislav_Sedlacek/Getty Images
Female fortune teller with crystal ball
altrendo images/Getty Images
I’m here for you
PeopleImages/Getty Images
Late night image of a slightly open door
ToddSm66/Getty Images
Boxes on ground next to moving van
Robert Daly/Getty Images
For sale sign and houses
Image Source/Getty Images
Mother and daughter talkning with maid
benoitb/Getty Images
Sleeping patron
benoitb/Getty Images
hangman noose on the floor
fergregory/Getty Images
Bloodstain Set
zizar2002/Getty Images
Window in a narrow room
Tatu Lajunen/Getty Images
hand print
msdfuture/Getty Images
Carpenter tools on wooden background
Peacefulwarrior93/Getty Images
ozgurdonmaz/Getty Images
The dead man’s body. Focus on hand
aradaphotography/Getty Images
Victorian carpenters at work
whitemay/Getty Images
Victorian man practicing Carpentry
duncan1890/Getty Images
Photo Marylise Doctrinal/Getty Images
Plant dying in its white pot on the counter
timstarkey/Getty Images
Abandoned Piano In Room
Adriansyah Kamdani / EyeEm/Getty Images
chepatchet/Getty Images
Victorian Gentleman
duncan1890/Getty Images
Territory of United States of America with contour
Smart/Getty Images
Old Books
dem10/Getty Images
Dark creepy corridor
kelvinjay/Getty Images
Ghost girl in white dress in ruined house
bonciutoma/Getty Images
Antique photo of paintings: Painter
ilbusca/Getty Images
Portrait of the painter in his atelier _ 1895
maodesign/Getty Images
High Angle View Of Empty Foldable Chair On Floorboard
Chris Park / EyeEm/Getty Images
Man standing by lake in park, (B&W), (Portrait)
George Marks/Getty Images
Creepy shot of a smoky room at night
belterz/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Man In Darkroom
Leonardo Magnanini / EyeEm/Getty Images
Sir Peter Paul Rubens
Nastasic/Getty Images
Victorian style mansion living room
benoitb/Getty Images
Big set of different urban architecture
Ruskpp/Getty Images
Steep stairway
deepblue4you/Getty Images
Silhouette of casual people posing
4×6/Getty Images
kirstyokeeffe/Getty Images
Ghost Hunters
inhauscreative/Getty Images
US Coins
sdominick/Getty Images
Floor full of leaves
David Crespo/Getty Images
Conifer tree
mashuk/Getty Images
Treeline Header
A-Digit/Getty Images
USA – Ohio – : Ohio State Reformatory, prison located in Mansfield, Ohio garden front – Published by: ‘Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung’ 7/1911Vintage property of ullstein bild
ullstein bild Dtl. / Contributor/Getty Images
Alien creature in fog
gremlin/Getty Images
Old Bisbee AZ-Historic 1905 Building
Moelyn Photos/Getty Images
Butterfly silhouette set
JuliarStudio/Getty Images
Bigfoot the humanoid beast
4×6/Getty Images
Pencil hatching textures.
Sonya_illustration/Getty Images

DDCoral/Getty Images
SLO MO of dissipating smoke on black background
simonkr/Getty Images

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73 Responses

  1. Ryan Bergara says:

    Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can’t wait to see you all again soon!

  2. Abbie S says:

    Shane: isn’t scared of ghosts, ghouls, gremlins, or the undead

    Also Shane: is terrified of avocados

  3. chedeng13 says:

    I heard “unbelievable” after Shane said that it’s 2018!!!!! WTF!!!!!

  4. KingBongHogger says:

    “You would know!”
    Oooooohhhhh that spirit maintained his sass!

  5. Kaalyn - OPG says:

    If we learned anything from “Green Needle” / “Brainstorm” it’s that when your brain is trying to make sense of nonsense, what you THINK it will say determines what you’ll hear.

  6. Vivikta says:

    Ok this is maybe too much zizzle !!!
    Ok IS HE DEAD !!!!!!! 😂😂

  7. Vivikta says:

    “What year”??? Ohhhhh that’s 2018 !!!

  8. ᴄᴀsᴛɪᴇʟ ᴡɪɴᴄʜᴇsᴛᴇʀ says:

    I started crying with laughter so hard I had to pause the video and then I saw them crying too and I couldn’t stop laughing, we were all laughing. It was beautiful.

  9. Ahir Bhattacharjee says:

    the ghostbusters had a son — Ryan Bregara
    the mythbusters had a son — Shane Madej

  10. Mclovins Life says:

    They really wheezed from like 3:20 to like 4:45 lmao

  11. Alan Munguia says:

    $1 haunted place vs $1000000 haunted place.

    Worth it.

  12. Aaron Wicklam says:

    Ghost don’t appear to those who are not serious.

  13. Frenz Acc says:

    Im just imagining the ghost looks at them while they are crying of laughter because of his death XDXD

  14. sranice says:

    6:22 glowing eyes in the corridor

  15. Patience Kibblewhite says:

    I’m dying at them dying 😂😂😂😂

  16. Nagarath16 says:

    So basically nothing happened again.

    • Malou says:

      Because ghosts aren’t real. Do you want them to make something up? Maybe you should just watch a horror movie

    • Michael Vargas says:

      Nagarath16 its a good thing though, at least we know they dont fake any evidence. Though, last video at the Sorrel-Weed house finally caught some interesting evidence, not 100% convinced but still pretty good. Another interesting place they should give more time is one of the State Penitentiaries where Shane was the one to hear something weird instead of Ryan.

  17. Saint Meme says:

    18:18 the white paper I assume was on the chair.
    20:40 the white paper was on the floor.

  18. nct bomb says:

    “how did shane die?”
    “oh he just choked on an avocado pit”

  19. Tadashi Stark says:

    but is the cameraman a shaniac or a boogara?

  20. montia larson says:

    So, are ghosts and spirits nocturnal? Investigations are done In the dark in which humans cannot see and our brain makes up things or misidentifies them. #shaniac

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