The Napkin Ring Problem

The Napkin Ring Problem

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Eric Langlay stayed up all night with me so that this video could come out today. MUCH LOVE

Grant from 3Blue1Brown helped me wrap my head around this topic:

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20 Responses

  1. OldRed91 says:

    So, taking this to it’s logical limit, does this mean the exact volume of any napkin ring is equal to the volume of a sphere with a diameter equal to the height of the ring?

  2. Sonic the hedgehog says:

    Who is going to watch the total eclipse?

  3. Taikamuna says:

    But what if the ring is one atom high?

  4. Vladimir Makarov says:

    Math is one hell of a drug

  5. Hazard [] says:

    How do most comments show negativity,whereas this video got 52k likes?

  6. Sagar Patel says:

    comment section finds this video boring well , the reason is MATHS..haha

  7. Kevin Lassberg says:

    I keep seeing a lot of negative comments on today’s video, and I would just like to ask everyone to give Michael a break. He’s pretty busy with Brain Candy so the videos are going to be short and a bit more simplistic than what we’re used to. And yeah he’s gonna push Brain Candy and the Curiosity Box because those are economic ventures for him and he wants a profitable return, but also because he genuinely thinks they’re cool and wants everyone else to experience them as well. VSauce content will improve with time but just give Michael some reprieve right now, guys.

  8. sexy korean girl says:

    why is it called a napkin ring?

  9. Canned Olives says:

    but the cylinder you cut can be different sizes… if you cut two cylinders in the same object with the same width and height but the cylinders take out more area on one than the other, then the areas shouldn’t be equal


    You are a shill by nasa controlled by the elite you know the earth is flat just admit it

  11. Jake Anderson says:

    Doesn’t it all depend on the size of the hole you cut out??????

  12. Adelar Scheidt says:


    …with teeth.

  13. Jazelle me says:


  14. Islam Ahmed says:

    He lost me at “Hey Vsauce”

  15. Mike Teerink says:

    But is math related to science?

  16. Ben Hamilton says:

    You should do more videos with working out maths like you did here in them. Also, was that whole video just the pretense for the “if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it” joke?

  17. nir 731 says:

    this one is complicated af

  18. Adam Bergen says:

    Yay. With teeth😬

  19. Javon Clary says:

    FINE AH LEE!!!!!

  20. Jade Reynolds says:

    Hey Michael! Vsauce viewer here! Have u ever considered doing a video with numberphile? I really enjoyed this change to your normal videos and Id love to see you do more!!!!

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