The NBA is against schemes of LeBron James and Rich Paul – Stephen A. | First Take

The NBA is against schemes of LeBron James and Rich Paul – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says Anthony Davis going to the Los Angeles Lakers is unlikely because the league doesn’t want to see LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul help trade a player before his contract is up. While Max Kellerman says the deal will happen because the Lakers are offering a deal the Pelicans can’t refuse.

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110 Responses

  1. Bearboy193 says:

    The Pelicans could’ve stole half that Lakers team if they accepted the trade offer. ?

  2. Black Shady News says:

    Pelicans want Magic to give them the cure to aids before they trade AD

  3. chris barlow says:

    They don’t want to see the scary duo they are afraid on what they will do to the nba they are afraid of the duo of the king and the brow

    • MysticMech says:

      +El Rey Del Dinero ??
      Comma’s. Periods at the end of a sentence.

      And i’m stupid? LOL!!
      That’s funny.
      Anyway, Warriors know how to beat James.
      It’s about more than just scoring.
      Warriors have proved that already.
      It’s all about winning. James has lost 3 finals to this ONE team, but somehow… they can’t stop LBJ?

      OK. Dude.

    • MysticMech says:

      +Murk Did dat Beat productions LOL!!!!
      Not winning shit, with just 2 players, while giving up your whole team.

      Sorry. You people are just delusional.

    • Jerry Lockhart says:

      With the Brow and the American werewolf of Houston (Harden); they still won’t beat the Warriors. I hate them mfrs, but that’s where it’s at in Oaktown!

    • DJ ActavisBestFrien says:

      well itll make for a good potential wcf matchup between la & golden state if ad ever gets to lakers.

    • MysticMech says:

      +DJ ActavisBestFrien maybe in 2-3 years.
      If the Lakers give up everything and picks too… they have nothing but LBJ and A.D.
      That’s not enough in the West.
      Not even close. This isn’t the East.
      The Suns are the only team, that’s expected to lose every night in the West.

      In the East, take your pick!

      Atlanta (playing better)
      New York
      Lakers are not winning anything, with just 2 players. Not. Going. To. Happen.

  4. Danny Hawk says:

    I think the reason why LBJ. Took so much time off cuz he knew A.D was going to demand a trade. He needed to let his teammates to show case

    • Last King says:

      julian What’s funny is you thinking all this of this shit is real… you can’t play with them big boys they control your every move and they sat em down for talking too much . Realistically speaking lebron’s career could be over he’s no longer the best player in the league anymore , we can forget about him just like we forgot about Kobe.

    • Twelve K says:

      +Last King Lmao you got proof? Ok

    • TheBlkzenki says:

      200 iq

    • Last King says:

      Twelve K yes valid and the fact that people are even saying it’s fake is surprising to me, but also should raise some eyes brows I means when’s the last time a player was accused of faking an injury. On top of what I said, listen to what Stephen A was saying in the beginning .. “the owners , management , etc. are against lebron James and rich Paul”

    • Kung fu Kenny says:

      Rohan Davey let me stop your lies right there✋? This is actually the least amount of minutes he’s played IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER with 34.8. No need to make shit up ok buddy Lebron faked his injury

  5. Lil Dagga says:

    If the trade doesn’t go through by the deadline we not making the playoffs, I can almost guarantee the young guys won’t give a 100% no mo they been involved in all these trade scenarios mentally that’s taxing

    • The one Above all says:

      Oso Arrogant exactly, right I wouldn’t even risk injury

    • Nate Cruz says:

      they havent been giving 100% anyways. Too busy being clowns and trying to be “cool”. Especially Ingram

    • King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me says:

      +I’m a GOD yall not making the playoffs

    • Jay Feely says:

      Having lebron period is taxing. I don’t know why ppl give this man so much credit. That’s why these young millennials are entitled today. They follow these type dudes that don’t put in hard work. They just can bail out and get their way without any type grinding it out or learning. Microwave era.

    • Richy Rich says:

      StudioSJS man shut up. How would they be motivated when they are on the trade block every single day. You don’t think that’s draining mentally? That’s not healthy at all

  6. GunsGiftsGalleries says:

    The Pelicans are going to request Magic put on a pair of shorts and include himself in the trade package next , what a joke.

  7. hockeyguy515 says:

    This league is a joke. People are pissed when Lebron might get one other star yet GSW literally has a starting lineup of all stars.

    • Melito T says:

      That’s the Michael Jordan effect. If LBJ wins a couple more rings to finish at 5, then he’d be the goat.

    • The Ballad of Mia Yim Guy says:

      They build that team


    • That big one says:

      +Alpha Beta beta male

    • The Ballad of Mia Yim Guy says:

      +Teezy untrue

      Cave were drafted honey

    • Mr Manhattan says:

      The difference is that L3-6ron is a self-proclaimed GOAT whenever everyone knows he’s far from that, yet, he needs help trying to get to the playoffs. This L3-6ron character is a real joke.. on the other hand, GSW is an organic-made team that meshes well together. Look at the Lakers, it seems like players are water and oil with one another, too many egos on the court..

  8. God pigeon says:

    Y’all know that scene from Star Wars when Anakin Skywalker shows up to the room where all the young Jedi And we all know what happened, that’s what LeBron basically did to The Lakers young core when he signed with LA

  9. Jermaine Greene says:

    But didn’t kyrie do the same thing he had a year an a half on his contract y’all don’t talk bout that ?

  10. Alen Ajradinović says:

    Pelicans want prime jordan,prime kobe,prime lebron,tom brady,messi……For AD!!!!!!

  11. Andre Riter says:

    Lol with Randle already on the Pelicans this finna be last years Lakers in New Orleans. At least they gonna have instant chemistry.

    • MsMrapplepie says:

      Pascal Spicy P Siakam Pels could sign him to a contract he wants since they’ll free up cap space by dealing AD and letting Mirotic go in FA. They’ll turn randle into their franchise player. Dude has been balling.

    • Julius jeaN baptiste says:

      +MsMrapplepie seems like Randle & Russell have been balling since leaving LA. What does that say really?

    • MsMrapplepie says:

      Julius jeaN baptiste LA is a toxic environment with too many distractions. Basketball isn’t the number one priority there.

    • Julius jeaN baptiste says:

      +MsMrapplepie exactly. The Knicks are a distraction too but Brooklyn is not and they’re on the come up. Basically rising from the dead after getting robbed for years.

    • Enzo Rossi says:

      Imagine Lonzo Jrue Ingram Kuz and Randle
      With Mirotic or Okafor of the bench

  12. Andre Riter says:

    At this rate Magic gotta include the HIV cure in the trade for the Pelicans to accept

  13. MrShyste says:

    Lakers office must be full of smoke ain’t no way they sober right now trying to trade the whole core ??‍♂️

    • DJ ActavisBestFrien says:


    • resColts says:

      +KPspeaks FACTS LMAO not really you failing to comprehend salary and legal trades, if you taking Davis/Hill contract that approx 38 mill. You would need to trade Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Zubac, Chandler, Rondo, KCP, just to make salaries match but KCP has trade clause so if KCP can’t be included you now gotta add, beasley, lance, svi, bonga,wagner. So Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Zubac, Chandler, Rondo, Beasley, Lance, Svi, Bonga, Wagner for AD and Hill. Just Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram=15 mill. Rondo=9 mill, KCP=12 mill and AD=25mill you need 10 more mill so Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Rondo, Bonga for AD would work but if they want you take on Hill you now need another 12.8 mill. You can’t get AD without including Rondo or KCP.

    • KPspeaks FACTS says:

      +resColts u know nothing

    • Bro james says:

      Anthony Davis worth it tho

  14. Tiito Motivs says:

    Bro LeBron really controls the league lol

  15. Chamira Humphrey says:

    “This thing is bigger than Nino Brown” ??? Max is for the culture, I love it.

    • grand theft audio says:

      How we ended up on the boat? Negro you better open a book. Blacks sold blacks into slavery THATS “how we ended up on the boat.” AND there is a fucking laundry list of quotables that’s shows Max is “for the culture.” You wanna be woke niggas crack me the fuck up.

    • Trayvon Etienne says:

      Sports Guru. Then why dont you go do something instead of bitching n moaning

    • Da Bears says:

      +Sports Guru stfu what u want max to do join Islam or start a BLM rally lol

    • Sports Guru says:

      +Da Bears I don’t want Max to do shit. I’m just showing simp ass niggas like you that Max ain’t about shit anymore than the lesbians that run BLM are. Talking about a problem doesn’t mean shit or solve shit. That’s what females/bitches do and that’s why it appeals to simps like you.

  16. 1lecher says:

    Wasn’t the story when LeBron signed with the Lakers that he wants to develop the young core ? We all know now that’s not true

    • Mani Wulf says:

      +eazyduzit5150 the bulls were the gsw of the 90s. ANYBODY is gonna thrive when you have EVERY facet of the team (From owner, to gm, to coach, to players) performing at a high level. Anybody with potential would’ve came out better with that bulls squad

    • Anthony Ortiz says:

      Well when Bron goes down and they can’t win basketball games. That’s when it became “not true”

    • eazyduzit5150 says:

      Mani Wulf

      You still ain’t getting it.

      Was Pippen a HOF player from the get go when he got traded there? Hell no. MJ turned him into one. You’re making my point about LBJ not making anyone into a HOF player, you’re over here asking me what HoF player did he get. Um, MJ didn’t either with Pippen.

      So if Pippen was destined to be a HoF, why did Seattle agree to trade him? You got to read up, and do some research even Isiah Thomas laughed at the idea that Pippen didn’t want him on the dream team. He was ok with guys like MJ/Bird/Magic saying it but he legit laughed out loud for Pippen.

      So the Bulls were the GSW of today huh? Man y’all young dudes are tripping. Alright name me 5 all stars that the Bulls had during the first 3peat or the second one? Why didn’t the Bulls win in 94 when they only lost MJ and added pieces? Instead they lost to the Knicks who they were 5-0 against WITH Jordan. Yet fall to them once he leaves.

      How do you expect management to develop young guys or build a core if LBJ keeps trying to create his super teams by trading away players? He has been trying to control the team for over 10 yrs already, Pat Riley wasn’t having none of that which is why he let him bounce and why LBJ doesn’t go to coaches who are established or a team he feels he can’t control bc he knows he wouldn’t be able to run shit. How many chances has he had to go to a great coach like Pop? About 3 times yet doesn’t bc he wants to run shit.

    • Bryan Abrego says:

      Hell no it wasn’t true. It would take too long, lebron is getting old

  17. BKnight7z says:

    No one said anything about small market teams being bullied when the Kings traded boogie to NOLA right before he could sign HIS superdeal. Boogie legit cried when the Kings traded him. and then NOLA didn’t wanna pay him and let a top 3 big in the league and a surefire all star walk because of the off chance of lasting injury. I don’t wanna hear any of this from the Pelicans. They bring back boogie and rondo and likely they’re in playoffs and AD stays smfh with this.

    • BKnight7z says:

      ShrekLiveActionMovie420 bro they use the saints player treatment team Bc they are too cheap or poorly informed of exactly why that isn’t such a good idea? the ownership group clearly doesn’t love basketball as much as they love the saints. They need to sell the franchise and move on. Keeping demps on board this long is the textbook example

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420 says:

      +BKnight7z I guess basketball in New Orleans will never work. My whole thing was don’t help out the god dam Lakers. Let them build a TEAM and vldevelop players for once but looks like they gonna have it their way again

    • Shariq Torres says:

      +ShrekLiveActionMovie420 It’s a business. Tell that to Cleveland fans that burned LeBron jerseys.

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420 says:

      +Shariq Torres that was like 10 Cavaliers fans lol

    • Shariq Torres says:

      +ShrekLiveActionMovie420 that was the whole city ??? get a life and stop lying

  18. Mr.E says:

    When Lebron covers his mouth, something is going down

  19. Mr Smarty Pants says:

    Didn’t Melo do the same thing?
    Didn’t Irving do the same thing?
    Didn’t Kawhi do the same thing?

  20. Dylan Gray says:

    So when does Danny ainge get his tampering fine

    • Lawrence Stefan says:

      Or greg pop.

    • 1life To live says:

      It doesn’t matter the league he doesn’t wanna be in Boston. They are punishing the Lakers because they know he wants to be there.

    • Dylan Gray says:

      1life To live doesn’t matter if the league are punishing them because if kyrie goes the pels aren’t getting a good offer from Ainge and if the young core have a good playoff like the celtics young core last year they won’t get this offer again as their value will be higher and Ad will only have a year left. Not to mention LA will defo get another star in FA so they’re will be less pressure for them to get him

    • Shariq Torres says:

      +1life To live Its does matter. Tampering is tampering. The fact that he’s so stupid to tamper for a player that doesn’t want to play for them means nothing

    • MJ Trace says:

      The Lakers should file these charges and motion to stop revenue SHARING with these same owners!

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